Titanfall Top 5 Kills of the Week Features Epic Moments

GameVerb writes: Another week, another Top 5 Plays of the Week from Titanfall! Check out these amazing submissions from the Titanfall community as they show off their amazing moves.

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DoomeDx1738d ago

Ah no not this stuff again.. The same thing happend with CoD and BF.

This is a news site ffs.

Are_The_MaDNess1738d ago

cant agree more, + this isnt even good gameplay or good commentary in any shape or form.
looks like the encoding on the uploaders side failed hard aswell as quality is not passable IMO.

if they really want to have a top10 in FPS they need to get on CS or Quake again to see some real players.

KnightRobby1738d ago

How in the hell is this not good gameplay? The number 1 spot belongs to someone that got a PERFECT score with NO deaths.

I knew the reaction would be this way. PS4 owners everywhere disappointed they are missing out on a potentially awesome game.

I love both the Xbox One and PS4 btw. Looking forward to Uncharted 4 over here!

Are_The_MaDNess1738d ago

as a PC gamer at heart i really dont see your point of view. great, he didnt die. its not that bloody hard to not die when most of the teams is bots.
there was loads of times in the beta where i didnt die a round or just died 1-2 times. and i was always on top. people online is slow nowadays. there is little skill in the play of the first play. he is in a bloody titan shooting huge bullets at people that have a AEO.....

watch some of the top plays of CS or Quake and you will see real skill. not this console BS where people use seconds to aim at a guy.

KnightRobby1738d ago

Your comment was more about PC vs console than anything else.

"Refuse to comment I do, for the dark side lingers in this one. Hmmmmmmm."

- The words of Yoda

And btw, I love PC gaming too. So here's a virtual campfire and a virtual s'more. Let's get to know what another through song. *extends hand* lol

BitbyDeath1738d ago Show
Pandamobile1738d ago

95% of the stuff on this site isn't actually news. Blogs, terrible opinion pieces, "leaks", unsubstantiated rumours, sensationalist nonsense.

Welcome to N4G.

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AceBlazer131738d ago

Can you imagine if cod and bf had this top 5 crap posted every week? Let's just kill this now.

PS3Freak1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

This guy has what might be the nerdiest voice I have ever heard.

Game looks pretty fun though.

Edit: Just noticed it's already been mentioned right below me. Oh well.

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Dudebro901738d ago

This dudes voice is really weird.

CryofSilence1738d ago

Yeah. Even if I wanted to watch the whole video, I couldn't because of his voice/pronunciation.

Insomnia_841738d ago

Weird people play Titanfail and if this are the top five kills....smh I don't even know what to say.

Nothing beats the Battlefield 4 epic moments which actually require skills.

heisenberguk1738d ago

I hoped after the thing came out they'd shut up about it!!!

Hazmat131738d ago

awesome time for 6 billion videos with the title "top 10 titanfall kills!" with a crappy youtube page who's only reason they think there are cool is because of a video they posted 6 years ago. MLG HAXS FAZE TOP SHOT QS TIME ROLL THE DUBSTEP!!!!

BlakHavoc1738d ago

Wish I could play this damn game! I'm not a hater so I can admit I have a PS4 and am angry that I cannot play this game with my friends lol. Of course I can find a way to get my hands on it though, I guess i'll have to settle for my friends 360 version when it comes out, although I feel like i'm too good to be gaming on previous gen consoles still lol.

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