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What Sledgehammer can do to Make Call of Duty 2014 the Best in the Series

In resent gaming news, Activision announced that this year’s Call of Duty release would be developed by Sledgehammer. It was news to the industry that Call of Duty will now be following a 3 development team cycle instead of the alternate cycle of Infinity Ward and Treyarch. With this new three developer cycle each Call of Duty will be in development for a year longer than usual making it much more plausible for the games to turn out extraordinary. Infinity Ward and Treyarch have done a fantastic job making a name for themselves. Prior to the upcoming 2014 release, Sledgehammer only contributed to the development of Modern Warfare 3 which means the studio has a lot to prove. With a few minor tweaks, Sledgehammer could bring the Call of Duty franchise from it’s downwards slop but it would take effort and changes. What are some things Sledgehammer can do to make their upcoming Call of Duty stand out in this best selling series? (Call of Duty 2014, PC, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

TheSuperior  +   537d ago
I like the sound of Sledgehammer getting in on the cycle. This means the games i like could have more time in development and become something greater than just another annual release. Idk how i feel about Sledgehammer as a who cuz i didnt like MW3 much but I have been a fan of other Call of Dutys... just not Ghosts either. So hopefully this can revamp the series.
Neonridr  +   537d ago
What Sledgehammer can do to Make Call of Duty 2014 the Best in the Series?

Not release it.

GraveLord  +   537d ago
Just don't make Modern Warfare 4....
SpiralTear  +   537d ago
I feel really weird saying this, but how about that World War II, Activision?
NarooN  +   537d ago
How about the Korean War instead? Something that hasn't really been done that often at all.

But still, I have no faith in the newer titles except for Treyarch. We'll see how it all turns out.
Chrischi1988  +   536d ago
Or a World War 2 game, from german sight, while retreating and at the end failing.
Meltic  +   537d ago
what about a whole new game instead of call of duty ?. I Think people want to see something new. The old call of duty was the best. My opinion
Allsystemgamer  +   537d ago
NEW engine
Better map design
Less were invincible killing machine crap. It REALLY takes the dread out of the story. "Were doomed" yet one person kills thousands.
Really physics engine
Please PLEASE improve the graphics.

I used to like call of duty but the annualization made it a joke to me.

I've played since the first on PC.
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Gasian  +   537d ago
Make Call of Duty into a dating sim renaming it "Call of Boobies",respectively.

It will sell...One trillion dollars xD/s

Seriously, though make the game a more complete experience. I know they probably can't change the MP but why don't they try a different type of campaign with a deep story, better characters,and story gameplay elements (try to make non linear,character progression,rpg elements.) Probably won't happen but if they were able to change anything, make another experience for people to buy your game. So the people who don't like multiplayer can have a rich single player experience with a great amount of replayable.

I wish for the day when I say I play COD for the single-player and won't be laughed at. Probably won't happen though :(
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Heisenburger  +   537d ago
I would have gone with Call of Booty. But that was your creative choice. :P

I really enjoyed most of the single player campaigns thus far, MW3 being the exception, and Blops being my personal favorite

I skipped Ghosts and will skip whatever is next. Three of my four favorite CoD titles were developed by Treyarch, so I'll be keeping *an eye out for that. If it looks good I'll get it. Otherwise I'm out for good.
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jspillen  +   537d ago
Considering they were only given 8 months to develop MW3 I feel very good about giving sledge hammer 3 years to work on a game. The guy who runs this company is super passionate about what he does and obviously puts every bit of his heart into it.

Great News All Around !!!
iiwii  +   536d ago
I actually HATED MW3 when I first started playing it. I loved the original BLOPS...MW3 was like switching to a really bad MW2 after it went downhill. Then they did a couple of patches, and I suddenly realized I was playing it without the contempt for it that I first had. I actually wound up playing it more than most any COD before that. There were good things added so maybe Sledgehammer can do some magic with the series.

BTW, I've enjoyed every single COD campaign I've ever played - MW, WAW, MW2, BLOPS, MW3, BLOPS2, GHOSTS.. some were better than others, but they have all been a good few hours of fun) I did miss the Spec Ops mode this time... Me and my best friend always run through those in co-op to max out the trophies. Always liked it more than Zombies (which seems to be more popular with the younger crowd).
Smartypants  +   537d ago
Copy and paste COD4,re-use the same graphics engine, re-skin the maps giving them a slightly different name (reserving half for future DLC), and fix the hacker bugs.

From what I hear everything was perfect back in the day /s
SlapHappyJesus  +   537d ago
Them not being the ones to work on it would help.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   537d ago
Go with a futuristic model for everything?
Laser weapons and stuff would be pretty awesome to play with.
Justindark  +   537d ago
how about makeva new game that does not look and play likeva ps2 Game.

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