Kevin Spacey set to play a major role in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

House of Cards' Kevin Spacey will play a role in Activision and Sledgehammer Game's upcoming Call of Duty title, rumoured to be called "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare," set to be officially revealed on Sunday, May 4.

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pat_11_51568d ago

I think Spacey could bring some much needed life to the CoD franchise's story.

The gameplay on the other hand... well I guess that's another story.

LackTrue4K1568d ago

they need to change up there repetitive gameplay,


Giul_Xainx1567d ago

Kevin spacey is a very good actor. Voice acting? Watch house of cards season 2 to get the picture. He is a very dark character. I really think he could bring something to the table.

forcefullpower1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Agree having spacey in this the story could be really good new direction. Hoping they up the game play to. Really liked the trailer and I am not a cod online fan love the single player.

-Foxtrot1568d ago

If true it's probably been done for marketing

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1566d ago

Whaaaa? Really? They got him for marketing purposes?! Nooooooooo. I would have never guessed...

_sleeves1568d ago

Reminds me of tying in Ice T to Gears of War 3

ATi_Elite1568d ago

I hope NOT!

COD has already jumped the shark, no need for it to jump the whale too.

what's next major Hollywood stars and C-list entertainers lining up for a fat payday to ruin COD even further.

Typical Hollywooder "Yeh I play COD all the time, I just love the way Mario Circle strafes and bunny hops while performing a killstreak finishing move"


porkChop1568d ago

There have already been Hollywood stars in COD. Gary Oldman, Ed Harris, Michael Keaton, Ice T, Ice Cube, Sam Worthington, Kiefer Sutherland, etc. Clearly you don't know much about COD.

ATi_Elite1568d ago

you are right as I know very little about COD except that

COD 1 COD 2 and COD MW1 are the Only LEGIT COD games. All that other sheet is CRAP.

pat_11_51568d ago

Here's a question. Why do you need to know anything about the franchise to play a role in it?

porkChop1567d ago

You don't. As long as they're good actors then I don't care if they like games or not. I want more believable performances and quality stories in my games.

pat_11_51568d ago

This game makes me think of a Gameboy Advance.

Kennytaur1567d ago

And perhaps a certain game on said platform? ;-)

TheSaint1567d ago

As long as the gameplay matches the ambition it should be a good game.

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