JRPGs: A Retrospective

Will Parker discusses classic JRPGs from past to present. Is this genre on the decline? Our comprehensive feature examines the symptoms.

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kingdom181539d ago

Its been proven they can sell decently if they are made. And I'm not thinking of more niche titles like Neptunia, or Agarest War and what not. Things like Persona, Kingdom Hearts, Ni No Kuni, Tales of..., they do sell well. Am I wrong? I would love to see a new Dragon Quest on the PS4, it could flourish, I would think.

Jubez1871538d ago

Yea, you're right. Those bigger titles you mentioned sold at least decently in the US.

A new Dragon Quest on PS4 though, that would be....monumental.

kingdom181538d ago

I would cry, I don't remember the last time I played a decent turn based JRPG, it was probably Lost Odyssey.

Oh_Yeah1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I used to be a big jrpg fan as a kid during the ps1/ ps2 days but after final fantasy 10 and the dark cloud games my interest in them fell drastically, because they started to become stagnant, didn't introduce much in game play changes and that's speaking for majority of the genre. The only one I can honestly say that pulled me back and sparked my interest in recent years is ni no kuni. It was like Pokemon but had it been taken in the direction I envisioned it after playing all the gb gba games, I had been waiting for something exactly like it and when I got it, it did not disappoint. I hope to see more jrpgs step outside of the box and learn from ni no kunis game play.

TuxedoMoon1538d ago

There were plenty of great JRPG Last generation, you just had to look for them. Resonance of Fate was really good, so was Valkyria Chronicles, The Last Story, Xenoblade, Golden sun 3, Super robot wars OG saga endless frontier, Ni no Kuni, Tales of Graces, are just few examples.

It just looks like most Jrpgs are heading to handhelds. For example, aren't the dragon quests games now on ds/3ds? Isn't Capcom putting a Breath of Fire game on phones only? Cheaper development cost after all.

Hopefully FF15 could refresh the brand name that FF13 obliterated.

kingdom181538d ago

The next DQ was supposed to be on the Wii U I believe, but after its less than appealing sales maybe they will considering making one for the PS4.

Last_Boss1538d ago

The art style, and bubblegum anime characters, is killing this genre. You pretty much know what characters are gonna do, say, or act. It's like most of these games are made, so kids can cosplay the characters, and they themselves don't even like it.

Hicken1538d ago

Bubblegum anime? The hell does that even mean?

Oh_Yeah1538d ago

They look all soft, fruity and edible ? Like majin boo.

contradictory1538d ago

the genre is kinda stuck in a rut
too many cliche's that re-occur
like the games always being in medieval fantasy world
and the game's taking themselves too seriously sometimes

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