New Yakuza Ishin Screenshots and Artwork Showcase The Secondary Cast

Yakuza Ishin has a very large cast, and besides heroes and villains, there’s also a colorful cast of secondary characters to fill the streets of Kyoto.

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showtimefolks1539d ago

yet we are still waiting for Yakuza 5 and yakuza 1-2 HD collection

come on sony/sega

here is a question why not add english subs right at launch during development so fans who want it can buy it from international sites? does it cost a lot or add that many man hours to add english subs?

KonsoruMasuta1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

They probably just don't add them because they don't have any intention of selling to western audiences. Let's be honest here, Yakuza games don't really fly off of the shelves in places other than Japan.

It does suck though. I speak Japanese so the language isn't a problem. It's the goddamn price of importing, I'm paying way more than I need to.

showtimefolks1539d ago

Yakuza 3 and yakuza 4 sold pretty decent in the west. I am pretty sure they made a profit on both of those

dead souls i also bought new but wasn't as successful sales wise

I am pretty sure that if they do release Yakuza 5 here it will sell well enough to make a profit

but you are right man buying these games isn't cheap. Most of them don't drop in price fast

Hicken1539d ago

Looking at that image, all I saw a fat Martin Lawrence.

I REALLY wanna play Isshin. Gonna have to get my PS4 before it comes out.

johny51539d ago

I'm dying for a Next Gen Samurai game!

PS4isKing_821539d ago

Someone needs to start a petition to get Sega to bring this and yakuza 5 to America asap!! I need these games so bad as I'm sure a lot of other gamers do too.