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"Yakuza is one of the best action RPG series around, but these games are criminally underplayed. In the first episode of The Best Video Game Podcast Top SEO Search Result on Google, we give an overview of the series that will educate and fascinate newbs and time-hardened mafia bosses alike." -Best Video Game Podcast Top SEO Search Result on Google

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knifefight1182d ago

Yakuza is a great action RPG series. I'd love to see Sega bring Yakuza 0 to the West and actually GIVE IT SOME HYPE!

_-EDMIX-_1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

I actually think they just need to put it on PSN, subtitles and call it a day. They don't need to spend money marketing it. The series is well known by gamers, it has many, many, many entries. I don't believe Sega should market it much if at all in the west and they will be fine. That money should be saved.

I'm at the point where I don't really even think that the game will sell more based on being shown more, its already a niche series here in the west . That money might be better used to just port over other Yakuza games vs marketing one game.

I would actually want to see them bring over Kenzan too! Even if it was just digital and with subtitles.

akiraburn1181d ago

I have a slightly differing opinion. I actually think this series could be a flagship for Sega, or at the very least it could post closer to the cult-hit numbers that a game like Bloodborne does if they actually did put some sort of marketing together for it and planned out the release dates a little better.

Looking back, Sega hasn't really put much together in terms of marketing a Yakuza title in the west since Yakuza 3, and even then their efforts weren't very substantial. Yakuza 1 is the only one of the group that has had any decent amount of marketing, and that's when Sega and the publications they worked with ran with calling it a "Japanese GTA", even though that is a horribly inaccurate description of the game and created a lot of misconception about what it was.

Although the worst part about their approach has been their release timings. Yakuza 2 released in the west in late 2008, almost 2 years later than the Japanese release date, by which time many had already moved on to the PS3/360 consoles. Yakuza 3 released on the same day as Final Fantasy XIII, which was also within a week or so of God of War 3, Heavy Rain about 2 weeks prior, and a couple other heavy releases right around then. Yakuza 4 released with no real marketing except some Youtube promotional videos, and releasing nearby or on the same day as Dragon Age 2, Ar Tonelico, Homefront, Crysis 2, and the 3DS's launch. You get the general idea.

I think that with a little better planning, and some actual marketing, they could easily be posting double their numbers. I am and always have been a tremendous fan of Yakuza, and if a digital only future for the titles with a quick set of subtitles is what it takes to get localized, I'll take it. I think most Yakuza fans are desperate enough at this point that we'll take whatever they can muster. But as a Yakuza fan, I ideally want more. I'd like others to experience the franchise, and for Nagoshi's series to be the same kind of hit in the west that many others (like Tales, Souls, etc.) have been received.

But I really don't understand what Sega are thinking for each of the Yakuza releases. It's like they've wanted to see bad numbers. And they keep ignoring opportunities for good release times and situations. Heck, they passed up a tremendous opportunity early this generation to get Yakuza: Ishin localized while there was still a bit of a games drought. That would have sold solely based on people looking for new games to play. I can only hope that they and/or Sony (since they are now directly involved through Gio Corsi and the third party group) have a really solid plan for Yakuza 5's release and any possible movements beyond that.

_-EDMIX-_1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Bloodborne is very much the exception and not the rule. Japanese titles rarely get the numbers on both sides of the world. Yakuza 3 did about 500k in the USA which isn't really bad.

What makes Bloodborne doe well in sales is due to the known team, also the souls IP, Demon and Dark Souls are known games that did pretty good prior to Bloodborne. I don't think its merely due to marketing, its just a very, very unique game and I can't say marketing had much to do with it. Demon Souls is legit a great example of sleeper hit.

"easily be posting double their numbers" that is an easy hell no. I really, really doubt that. Gaming has shown over the years that regardless of "hype" or "marketing" if a game isn't isn't going to sell. Not that Yakuza isn't good, merely that marketing won't push such numbers.

Mind you, the marketing budget would be to not only market Yakuza...but to rebrand it as its already they much use more money to get in new gamers that already know about Yakuza, but haven't bought.

Mind guarantee is it that it will double sales. Japanese niche games don't just do numbers like that.

"But I really don't understand what Sega are thinking for each of the Yakuza releases"

That think is why we still have a Sega and Yakuza has many, many entries. Its only on 1 or 2 systems, many times...only in Japan and when for the West....its subtitled and now only on PSN.

That sounds like smart, risk free business to me. Marketing a game HUGE doesn't always mean success, that is like thinking a HUGE team will equal big success, yet look at Square with Tomb Raider and look at Capcom with RE6. They got in a lot of hot water for trying to do such a thing and on Capcom's side, the actually were open to selling IPs it was that bad.

Sega knows they make Japanese games, they know the west doesn't always take too well to those type of titles, but they are basically treating the Yakuza fans in the west with the best respects they can really give without wasting too much money. Its still made with integrity, its never been made to be a "GTA" game, its Japanese dubs have remained part of the game etc.

The Yakuza games have lots and lots of text, its not cheap to localize games and on Sega's end, they don't want to keep wasting money assuming the whole WORLD wants the title. This is a situation where business wise...I back Sega, as a gamer of course I want Kenzan, Zero etc though. I do think Sony should at least pay for part of that localization at least to help out Sega in the west and get the fan base growing like it is in Japan, but I don't fault Sega for not wanting to just bring every entry over.

and btw I LOVE the plan they have with Yakuza 5 too! That cuts soooo much cost for them and allows fans to get the series even though they don't have a hard copy, they would have never gotten the game otherwise.

I feel Sega's moves as of last gen have been extremely smart business wise and its really starting to show a lot this gen. Buying Relic, buying Creative Assembly, buying Atlus and the numerous Yakuza games, jrpgs etc. Not only that, but not rushing to bring EVERYTHING to the west is what really helped them in the long run, they choose to save money on certain titles and not bring over and other titles they brought over. Though as a gamer...I want all games they make lol, but as a business man...I understand that is likely why Sega even had the money to even buy Atlus.

TheColbertinator1181d ago

Still need to finish Yakuza Dead Souls

Neo_Zeed1181d ago

I can't praise this series enough.

Germany71181d ago

Finally i've played a game from the series with Yakuza 4, and it was a wonderful surprise, great game with a lot of things to do, great side-quests as well.
Just waiting now for Yakuza 5 and 0

DualWielding1181d ago

I'm really happy Sony gave Yakuza 4 in PS+, that gave me the chance to become fan.... Yakuza 5 is now my most anticipated game

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