Japanese singer GACKT’s Game Center videos are back for another year

Last year, Japanese singer GACKT teamed up with Nestlé for a year long series of YouTube videos that saw him attempt to play (emphasis on 'attempt') video games at his home game center. The videos were so popular they garnered over one and a half million hits and thanks to the many requests for the series to continue, a second season started on September 1st 2015.

The first game GACKT will tackle in season two is, to his absolute horror, Megaman X. GACKT doesn't have a happy history with the Megaman series. Last year he struggled through Megaman 2 for 6 months, and accidentally wiped out his progress before the final battle in Megaman 3.

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ameliabaz902d ago

Wow 1.5 million views? It boggles my mind that these videos are so popular! Good for him, I guess.

eddieistheillest902d ago

I Wish they were subbed in English. I think its subbed i french.

Unlimax902d ago

Since Gackt has his own gaming show in Japan , i think they should consider a western version for Andy Biersack , i mean i'm not gonna lie he really looks like him and both of them has the same personality TBH :)