A Plea for Penis - Striving for Realism and Maturity in Games

CJ Melendez writes: Nudity in video games has been a mostly one sided affair – with the amount of visible female anatomy far outweighing that of men. Video games have featured women completely nude, breasts and groins exposed. Similarly to the movie industry, men - pardon the pun - get the shaft and rarely have their parts visible on-screen even during nude scenes within mature-rated content...

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1637d ago
SilentNegotiator1637d ago

Incoming Havok article....

"Havok: Developers are Very Happy that PS4/Xbox can take Full Advantage of Penis Physics"

mydyingparadiselost1637d ago

Next Gen devs will take full advantage of hardware power with the new Windmill Engine. The first game to use the new engine will be Chip N Dale, a story of two squirrelly friends and their nuts....

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FunAndGun1637d ago

I clicked for the penis, but as always, was disappointed.

GusBricker1637d ago

I'm still trying to get past the alien vagina doors from Prey.

StockpileTom1637d ago

I completely agree with this, not only developers but society in general needs to get their shit together.

sdozzo1637d ago

Stockpile... your glitch added like 100 more hours of fun for me. Thank you.

StockpileTom1637d ago

I got bored so I borrowed some of your stuff while you were out. I learned how to hyper-mode firespray.

mayberry1637d ago

The reason there is rare male nudity in movies is because the actuall sex glans in women are internal, (clitoris), and externall in men, glans,(penis head). So, to be equal in nudeness, women would have to be spread eagle with their clitori showing. Most frontal female nudity usually just shows bush, so no actual nudity. I read about this some years ago... don't know about games though.

Heisenburger1637d ago

Very true. The only character that I've seen hang dong is Dante, from Dante's Inferno.

It really caught me unawares. O.o

parentsbasement1637d ago

Yeah , I played that and got to the end and was like "WTF????".....but give the devil his due......

SilentNegotiator1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Seems common sense to me. Plus dongs wobble and jiggle and change girth...much more stimulating visually. FEAR THE DONG.

webeblazing1637d ago

LMAO dont mean to laugh but the spread eagle for equal nudity is hilarious

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