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History of Dragon Age with Bioware Lead Writer David Gaider: Dragon Age 2 Retrospective

40d ago - The business of making games often seems like a petty and illusive beast to the general gaming... | PC

History of Dragon Age with Bioware Lead Writer David Gaider: Dragon Age Origins

66d ago - VGS continues our Bioware interview session with the former lead writer of Dragon Age Inquisition... | PC

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Age of Ultron is coming to Blu-ray. And we have something special in store for it's arrival. Come find out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

BioWare Writer Talks Gay Romances and Sexual Diversity in Gaming

99d ago - "I remember hearing about when they made that decision to put it in and I was floored," Gaider to... | PC

BioWare lead writer talks gay romances, LGBT characters, and Dragon Age sales

109d ago - Destructoid: "Fellow bearded brethren and radio personality Andy Borkowski interviewed David G... | Industry

BioWare's David Gaider Wants to Make a Star Wars RPG

122d ago - "David Gaider, the lead writer of the Dragon Age series of games at BioWare tweeted today express... | Culture

Diversifying your team will only lead to better games, says Dragon Age writer

752d ago - GamaSutra - David Gaider serves as the lead narrative designer for BioWare's Dragon Age franchise... | Industry

BioWare’s Gaider On Dragon Age II’s Flaws, Dragon Age III

888d ago - RPS:, Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider and I talked about the ups and downs of Dragon Age II a... | Culture

More romance in BioWare games or less? Writer discusses

962d ago - BioWare adventures are known for their romances. It's one of the first thing players talk about w... | PC

Dragon Age Writer Snubs Romance in Video Games

963d ago - Dragon Age Writer David Gaider has recently gone on record against romance in video games. What’s... | PC

Save Game: Interview with Bioware's Mike Laidlaw and David Gaider

1417d ago - We get to talk to Mike Laidlaw and David Gaider about the upcoming Dragon Age comics! | Xbox

An Open Letter to Mary Kirby and David Gaider

1419d ago - BH: "A recent thread on the BioWare forums caught my attention, one in which a young trans person... | PC

David Gaider on Player’s Propensity for ‘Optimum’ Choices in Dragon Age 2

1581d ago - Lead writer for Dragon Age 2 explains why Bioware chose to structure the "All that Remains" DA2 q... | PC

HippoCast -- Episode 2

1587d ago - In episode two the crew discusses David Gaider, Tropico 3, the PlayStation Network, Portal 2 and... | Culture

Bitmob Interview: BioWare's David Gaider on writing for Dragon Age 2

1596d ago - Bitmob - I recently had the chance to ask David Gaider, head writer for the Dragon Age series, so... | PC

GayGamer voices support of David Gaider against petition

1622d ago - In light of recent events, culminating in a petition directed against Dragon Age 2 writer David G... | PC

'Gay Gamers' Call For David Gaider's Dismissal

1623d ago - According to several threads on the Bioware forums (and, tellingly, one or two threads on /v/), a... | PC

Dragon Age 2 Lead Writer Blasts Homophobic Fan

1624d ago - A disgruntled BioWare fan, who accused the studio of neglecting the "straight, male gamer" with t... | PC

Gay Relationships In Gaming: David Gaider Speaks

1625d ago - There's been a fair bit of debate around discussion forums and gaming hubs recently about the rec... | Culture
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