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Submitted by TheParanoidSurvivor 678d ago | news

China will BAN "hostile" games

China now intends to ban any game that is hostile towards their culture. This is happening right after the 13-year long ban of all video-games in China. (Battlefield 4, Industry)

KrisButtar  +   678d ago
"For those of you who don’t know Battlefield 4 bases it’s campaign around the story of a rouge admiral that plans to overthrow the Chinese government and conquer the World."

Makes me wonder if we played a Chinese Admiral to overthrow the American Government if it would be allowed in China? Would the American Government handle the release of this game any different?

I say this because I play Shooters and I always seem to be an American, why not have a campaign where we fight America while being another Country. Be a change of pace.
FRAKISTAN  +   678d ago
" Makes me wonder if we played a Chinese Admiral to overthrow the American Government if it would be allowed in China? Would the American Government handle the release of this game any different? "

We already know the answer to this one,don't we? We can't even handle the name Taliban in a game and lets not forget the "six days in Fallujah" controversy.

The Hardcore pornographic sex scenes of mass effect also
b163o1  +   678d ago
I really don't see developers altering there stories to cater to a specific market, and I'm speaking of the BF, CoD, Halo, etc. But hey, the director of "2012" cut out a scene where a Muslim temple was destroyed, cause he didn't want to offend any Muslims so I could be wrong...
minimur12  +   678d ago
You know what's going to happen now, is that loads if games are going to be banned and for a few months n4g will get Spammed with 'this game is banned in China'

And I'll be effinh annoying lol
SilentNegotiator  +   678d ago
That's an absolutely idiotic comparison. An outright government ban is not anything like some controversy or a controversial game having trouble finding a publisher.
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ChipChipperson  +   677d ago
The Europeans and Canadians couldn't handle the Taliban controversy of the 2010 Medal of Honor either and government officials from those regions wanted a ban, so about you lump them into that too like you are with the USA. And get your facts right about Six Days in Fallujah. Konami decided not to publish the game and it doesn't have a publisher still. If they had stuck with their guns to making the game and ignored the flak they got, the game would have been released and not banned. And what do you know, Europeans also criticized the game, so lump them into that one like the USA. You don't seem to understand how Constitutional law works, despite you living here FRANKISTAN.
UltimateMaster  +   677d ago
Wonder how hostile is hostile in China.
Are we talking Teen, Mature, Adult Only or just Duke Nukem or Manhunt?

Ok, I know the latest Duke Nukem is rated M for Mature but it really lacks of any Maturity. ; )
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Naga  +   678d ago

The American government would be obligated by constitutional law to handle the release of such a game differently. The right to produce and create a game where roles were reversed is well protected under the 1st Amendment.

But that's the government - no studio would be stupid enough to create a game like that, as the public backlash they would face would be of such magnitude that it could almost drive a company completely underground. The most cursory overview of recent gaming controversies proves this multiple times over. And beyond that, such a game would potentially alienate a large number of hard-earned fans in the USA in an attempt to earn new ones in China - a zero sum effort at best.

As much as it may be a change of pace, we won't see a game like that for a long time - at least not from a AAA developer. What we *will* see are more China-friendly games which paint the nation in a more positive light. The Chinese government has effectively secured that with this move.
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KrisButtar  +   678d ago
That is a shame really, It seems more of a case of they can dish it out but can't take it because of the public backlash, all over a work of fiction. If every country does what China did, wonder what would happen to shooters then?

Very few games let you play as the villain. Infamous and Fable come to mind, maybe that is why I think it would be a nice change of pace.
Sam Fisher  +   678d ago
And people always wondered how the hell is dynasty warriors still making money, they have no competition >:D lmao
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WeAreLegion  +   678d ago
Technically, in Civil War games you're fighting America.
xActionBasturdx  +   677d ago
We would still get the game but not without a ton of contraversy...remember what hapoen on MW2 with the 'No Russian' mission when you killed innocent people at a terminal and it still went to sell millions of copies worldwide
KingDadXVI  +   678d ago
Did anyone not expect this?
Naga  +   678d ago
Stories like this remind me to be appreciative of the freedoms I possess.
Chrisgamerguy  +   678d ago
the communist life of china
Parasyte  +   678d ago
Then why un-ban video games at all?
weirdo  +   678d ago
china disgusts me. they should ban cruelty to animals
Parasyte  +   678d ago
There is a lot of things that China (and some other Asian countries) do that should be banned.
isa_scout  +   678d ago
True, but there are also a lot of things that America and European countries do that are also highly questionable as well.
OrangePowerz  +   678d ago
Of course they will, it's a country that blocks non chinese websites because it could "harm" (aka they could find out about all the freedom in other countries and that the Chinese government isn't exaxtly popular with other countries) their citizens if they can access websites like facebook.
cyhm3112  +   678d ago
i guess if bf4 is about the chinese army destroying the USA army and its places. See what the USA government will say about that.
NeoTribe  +   678d ago
They would say nothing... america doesnt care about crap like that. Theres been games about russians invading and destroying america. Gov didnt care, i didnt care, nobody cared. We also have tons of movies about america being destroyed or invaded. What exactly do you think the us gov would do, ban it? Were not human slaves over here like china.
xActionBasturdx  +   677d ago
Exactly...I love the movie Red Dawn because of the fact that the US got well as Olympus Has Fallen...both which are good movies so yea not sure what cyhm is talking about
shuuwai  +   677d ago
American don't care, and very open. if it makes money they'll try to ad and it as a product. That's why their laws are mess up, one law overwritten another law, and that another law is overwritten by another and etc. China is united, and if you don't like it, you go to jail. USA is every man and women for themselves.
pyramidshead  +   677d ago
LUL. hmm, what genres does that even leave viable?
Dark_king  +   677d ago
Racing,RPG's,Action Adventure,RTS,Sports,FPS and any other as long as they don't have anything negative about China in it.

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