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Hands-on Impressions of the Kinect 2.0 and Its Features

Microsoft’s Kinect motion-control device was the butt of many jokes during its last-gen run, not too unlike Sony’s Move controller. Many gamers dismissed the technology as a gimmick, and most game developers never figured out the perfect way to use the Kinect to enhance their game’s gameplay. With that being said Microsoft has believed in the device since its release, and continues to push its benefits on gamers whether they like it or not. Microsoft is so in love with the Kinect that they decided to make it a mandatory pack-in item with the Xbox One, which released on November 22, 2013. (Tag Invalid, Xbox One)

PSVita  +   398d ago
Any games "better with Kinect" yet?
Sitdown  +   398d ago
Sports rival.... I personally can attest to the Wave Runner game.
HumanAfterAll  +   398d ago
Well I just beat Ryse today. And with that I can say it's fun yelling "Fire Volley!" or "Archers, Cover Me!" when in the heat of battle =D It just kind of adds to the experience.

And I haven't really used the Kinect in game for Dead Rising 3 (because I haven't started past the intro yet) but I set up my options and started a new game really without touching the controller. It was neat to use.

So is it twice as amazing with Kinect? no, but it's quirky and fun at times =)
Smootherkuzz  +   397d ago
I dont have a xbox one yet but the kinect for the 360 works great with the last mass effect. The ley to kinect is setting it up correctly you may have to do this more then once and If you remove it from the system its best to set it up again. I can almost control the voice command with a whisper, when theres more noise in the room you do have to speak alittle louder. If 2.0 is better then it has my vote.
DOOMZ  +   398d ago
Yep, its awesome!
MRMagoo123  +   398d ago
Its very functional...............after a 4 week course on the subject of "Kinect 2.0:how it works and how you need to change to make it happy" , along with refresher courses over the course of the consoles life span................at a mere price of only $49.99 a month. /jk

I all honesty i havent met one person that i have talked to about the xbone that have said the kinect works properly, they mostly just dont use it at all.
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rainhell77  +   398d ago
Well you have idiots or stupid friends! Pick one
Sitdown  +   398d ago
That's probably because you don't meet a lot of people in general....
Bigpappy  +   398d ago
Obviously, that cam on the ps4 is not kinect
lawgone  +   398d ago
Sure MrMagoo, I bet you've talked to lots of xbox one owners since it came out 3 days ago. And they have told you, I'm those 3 days, they mostly don't use it. Uh huh. Nice try.
MightyNoX  +   398d ago
Here is your friend's problem, they're not using THIS Kinect.


Will Kinect 2.0 EVER be good as the first Kinect? :(
Nipples  +   398d ago
The kinect 2.0 ruined my life! Everytime I turn on my xbox one to play my sexified kinect 2.0 my nipples become irrationally pointy in anticipation, causing my t shirts to obtain what I call nipple holes. These nipple holes leave my shirts practically unusable. Since I got the kinect i have had to replace my whole wardrobe and have been forced to use pylons to cover my nipples. Now I am broke and unable to use my kinect. Thanks a lot Microsoft.
lawgone  +   398d ago
Honestly, I didn't like the original Kinect. It seemed like something that was mostly for kids. But I'm really liking the Kinect on the Xbox One. It's worked really well so far. Sure, there is a little learning curve but it's not bad. The major stuff is intuitive and the rest you can learn later if you want to use it.
IanVanCheese  +   397d ago
New kinect is great, but it shouldnt be the focus of a game. It adds to games like Ryse or Dead Rising but stuff like Fighter Within is always going to fail.

use it to add to the experience, don't try to create the experience around it.

Also voice commands are sexy.

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