Nintendo Files New 'Eternal Darkness' Trademark

8CN: Nintendo has filed for a new Eternal Darkness trademark, abandoning the previous one they extended last year. While this certainly isn't confirmation on a new game, it does show that Nintendo is at the very least keeping a close eye on the property.

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ifritAlkhemyst1767d ago

Give me this, a new Zelda (naturally), and a new Metroid (hope the series isn't hibernating for another console generation) and I'll be a Wii U much sooner.

Venox20081766d ago

there's a big chance that new Metroid gonna me made, since Retro Studios are finishing DK: tropical freeze

JohnnyTower1767d ago

Don't be joking around now Nintendo. You better get on this ASAP.

TheOtherVitaOwner1767d ago

You know Nintendo's pathetic use of nostalgia to try and keep there core fans from drifting to other consoles is really starting to bug me. It really seems like they've lost the ability to create original, innovative titles for actual gamers

Hicken1767d ago

I agree they sometime rely too heavily on a handful of brands, but Eternal Darkness is one of those IPs people have been wanting a new game of for quite a while.

The original was very good, though horror games care the poop out of me, so I just watched. I'd do the same with this one, too.

Yodagamer1766d ago

This ip never got it's fair shake, to say this would rely on nostalgia is not fair. This is one of those game not very many people played and if nintendo could do it right a ip like this is what a lot of people want for the horror genre.

allgamespc20121766d ago

and yet their games are better than the crap fps and tps we get on those so called "hardcore" consoles of yours BRAH....

SpiralTear1767d ago

God, Nintendo, knock it off and just make the game already.

WiIIiam1766d ago

This is the kind of game the Wii U needs to broaden its appeal to gamers seeking a more mature experience, myself included. I happened to love ZombiU and think it's a tragedy that Ubisoft dashed any hope for a sequel. Hopefully Eternal Darkness can fill that void and put the GamePad to good use while it's at it.

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