Jessica Nigri Cosplays as Mad Moxxi from Borderlands

Anyone who has played through the campy post-apocalyptic first person shooter Borderlands will have been entranced by the alluring hostess Mad Moxxi. The steampunk style mixed with foxy curves was a winning combo, and when thrown on the queen of cosplay it's my favourite character she's modeled.

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Ezz20131484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Mad sexxi from Bordergasem

Reverent1484d ago

Coming from the guy who calls himself Quagmire lol.

RBlue_Desire1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )


Boy, she is really hot.

annus1484d ago

Isn't this months old? Or did she dress up again?

rodiabloalmeida1484d ago

Yes, its very very old, from months ago.

Lazybutt1484d ago

I have a "special" rifle for her ;)

insomnium21484d ago

With special bullet I recon. Ones that will cause swelling in her belly and lots of pain after 10 months or so.

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The story is too old to be commented.