Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 vs PC Graphics Comparison

Watch a new video showing a graphics comparison between the PS4 and PC versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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AirHype1869d ago

Personally... I would like to wait until BF4 or some other multiplat to be compared between PS4 and PC. I want to see what the PS4 can really do up against a good computer. Cod is too easy.

kataloni101869d ago

PS4 vs PC is Like 360 VS ps4 so please man ,,, be realistic

AirHype1869d ago

I am saying Cod isn't showing much of difference because the graphics are shite. But in a game like BF4, there would at least be a comparison.


decrypt1868d ago

No point comparing COD, every platform will be looking alike. Since the bar is so low lol.

BF4 is a good start PC will start differentiating it self from the weaker platforms. However BF4 is still a game designed to work with current consoles, hence isnt really pushing limits.

Once we start getting true next gen games which dont make it to the current consoles, that is when devs really start pushing graphics and i believe that will be the time PC again starts pushing ahead of the new consoles. I would think this will start happening a year from now.

Hell once real next gen games start running out it is highly likely Xbox one plays those games in 720p or below. While PS4 is pushing between 720p and 900p. PC would be doing 1080p and later 4k as it becomes more affordable, probably with the arrival of Maxwell 300usd GPUs will easily be handling 4k resolutions.

ABizzel11868d ago

The PS4 holds up well, but that 8xMSAA on PC :D

UltimateMaster1868d ago

Pretty much the same.
But this is COD we are talking about.

IRON883 1868d ago

Yea not really the ps4 is so much better then the 360 ur just stuck in PC land

inveni01868d ago

PC will always have the AA edge. But it will also always depend on the rig.

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fluffydelusions1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

What why? We already know PS4 version is locked at 900p. That right there should be enough to tell you which is better. Not sure the point of debate here. You can buy GPU's that cost more than a next gen console. PS4 is a great bargain for what it is. These comparisons are silly.

Autodidactdystopia1868d ago

In reality Its all about How much YOU want in terms of horsepower.

1 costs this much and gives you this much
and 1 costs this other much and gives you this other much

except for the one which for some reason is still 500 dollars.

IRON883 1868d ago

Pretty much equal only thing I see is that the PC version is a bit brighter

MrZkaar1868d ago

I am sure we'll get PC elitists saying how superior the PC is and to be honest it is if you can blow hundreds on a top end rig, but for £350.00 the PS4 is a beast.

I can't wait for the 29th. 'Greatness Awaits'

decrypt1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

You dont need to blow hundereds of USD on a top end rig to compete with any console. That can easily be done within the price range of a console.

Later on dont forget consoles have hidden costs:

Pay to go online,
Higher price per game,
No mods in favor of DLCs,
Higher maintainance,
No BC,
No MP3 DLNA support,
List goes on.

A platform backed by a corporation looking to make profit can never be cheaper than an open platform. If cost effectiveness is the goal PC will always be cheaper. If high end no holds barred on the funds is the goal PC will do that too, there are no limits PC is very flexible on both spectrums.

SlyFamous021868d ago

"there are no limits PC is very flexible on both spectrums."

Except for having any games worth mentioning.

MrZkaar1868d ago

I respectfully disagree. ;)

decrypt1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )


Funny you mention that. PS4 at launch hardly has 30 games.

PC has about 30 years of games from any genre you can think of lol, including console emulations. There is no comparison lol. PS4 in its life time would be lucky to reach the games library Steam alone has today nevermind the rest of the PC gaming universe. At launch PS4 or any other console essentially looks like a barren waste land in terms of games in comparison to PC. Please try harder.

When do you think you will get a portal game on the PS4? or maybe a Fallout game or maybe a elderscrolls game, or maybe a decent fighting game lol.

If anything its the next consoles that dont have games, not the PC.

Yea sure you may get that 1-2 8 hour exclusives a year that you may like but thats pretty much it, btw every platform has its exclusives. 90% games released are multiplatform and run better on PC.

girevik1868d ago

consoles have higher maintenance?

AndrewLB1868d ago

Don't forget about the fact that you can actually make money with a PC. My PC's primary use is for work, which makes the cost tax deductible as well.

And best of all... I play all my games @ 1200p/60 with far higher details than console versions of the same game.

decrypt1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )


Consoles fail more often. I know people who have gone through 2-3 Xbox 360s and maybe 2 ps3s just to get over the gen. This is due to the restrictive casings these machines come in. There is no where near the airflow you see in a PC tower case. Hence consoles dont last as long.

Hell even when a PC does fail, you dont have to throw the entire PC out. You replace the part that went bad. With console its throw the entire box, get a new one. PC is def cheaper in maintenance.

AndrewLB1868d ago

Sly- I'll keep that in mind next time Im looking for a game to play while browsing 25 years of PC games that are all still playable, or any NES, SNES, TG16, Genesis, Neo-Geo, PS1, PS2, N64, etc game ever made.

... man it sucks having no games to chose from worth mentioning

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Linwelin1868d ago

A PC does not cost that much any more, wish people would stop saying it takes thousands to build a top end gaming machine, it doesn't, not any more. And add that games are so much cheaper too! + free online play + biggest games collection + MMO's + Free games. But the consoles have some good points too, cant wait to get my PS4, but PC will always be better, for me.

The_KELRaTH1868d ago

I just wish the PS4 started off with options to choose HD size as 500GB means there's already an added cost of an upgrade.

AD7051868d ago

I get more pissed off when I hear how I have to upgrade every year or 2 or how pc online is filled with hackers.

I've been pc gaming since the snes and only have done 4 upgrades and it never was over 1000 dollars. Any person who was hacking in an online game was banned immediately for hacking. On consoles you're just stuck with hackers on pc you can kick them out.

console gamers are always syaing pc gamers are elitists yet all console gamers seem to do is hate on one another to prove which console is better, and everything they say about PC gaming is a lie. Most console gamers have never gamed n the pc. That's the reason why the whole "1000 dollar gaming pc" stereotype exists!

console gamers know nothing about pc gaming nor will most of them even give pc gaming a try. They just make bullshit up about pc gaming and spread those lies around to everyone they know just to keep people away from it. All pc gamers do is correct them and inform them about what pc gaming really is like.

deadie1867d ago


" console gamers know nothing about pc gaming nor will most of them even give pc gaming a try. They just make bullshit up about pc gaming and spread those lies around to everyone they know just to keep people away from it. All pc gamers do is correct them and inform them about what pc gaming really is like."

Yeah cool story bro. Ive buildt and played on PC's for about 20 years - and i prefer consoles.
Just because YOU feel the need to show YOUR arrogance to everyone who might enjoy playing on a different format it doesnt mean YOURE right - does it?

Ppl like you are the very reason ppl hate "PC elitists".

Wake up kthx.

ElementX1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Sales on PC software more than make up for the price of a PC. I've bought hundreds of games/dlc since the end of last November. Steam, Desura, Greenmangaming, Gamersgate, etc. all have excellent sales every day. Also once you build a decent PC, you can keep using the same case, power supply, HDD, RAM, monitor and just upgrade the graphics card every few years. The price of the PS4 would buy an excellent video card which would probably be overkill for quite a while. I bought a 660ti for $260 a year ago and it runs everything I play like butter. I spent $700 total on my system which includes $100 for Win 8. I am using a monitor I bought a couple years ago.

Add me on Steam!

kratos_TheGoat1868d ago

pc looks better end of story even though all cod are the same expect for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare goty

Are_The_MaDNess1868d ago

something like Watch_dogs or GTA 5 would be alot better comparison IMO.
its just a matter of time before they are on our systems here.

Shnooze1868d ago

Watch Dogs really would be a nice comparison to see, I myself can't wait to get my hands on it to stave off the craving for a PC version of GTA V.

SlyFamous021868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

The bar will be set when KZ:SF comes out and then again when ND brings out there game.

snipab8t1868d ago

Don't get me wrong, KZ SF looks fantastic, however the actual details aren't that great, mostly just lots of glowing objects and depth of field to make it look futuristic. Much more detail in a game like BF 4.

thehitman1868d ago

You must not watched the latest kz gameplay vid. It definitely out performs bf4 on console. Not to mention kz is King of animations I never seen animations so real on any shooter.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1868d ago

You should've kept that eye exam appointment

dolkrak1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

@snipab8t : I disagree. I think KZ SF is more impressive than Battlefield 4. Possibly because the latter is multiplatform, so they can't optimize as much as Guerilla does on PS4.

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