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Call of Duty: Ghosts Lowest Rated COD Game of Generation

GR said, "After years of solid review scores, the Call of Duty franchise has finally seen a bit of a slip in the form of Ghosts." (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

FITgamer  +   667d ago | Well said
Rikuide_Furame  +   667d ago
Unfortunately the game will still sell a huge amount of copies. Until CoD fans vote with their wallets, Activision and the development teams will have no real reason to seriously upgrade the game.
FITgamer  +   667d ago
I'm one of them i've owned every COD since the OG Xbox. Not buying another one until they use a new engine. Using the same engine since 2003 across 3 generations is lazy as hell.
abzdine  +   667d ago
must be the fish AI
LOGICWINS  +   667d ago
Nah it wasn't the fish. Reviewers are CLEARLY prejudiced against dogs.

...I'm calling Al Sharpton.
Evil_Abed  +   667d ago
Logic, I think you mean Al Satian. Now there's an industry watchdog who will take this seriously! http://www.google.com/image...
TheFallenAngel  +   667d ago
I don't know if it will sell more than other cods because a couple of guys were cancelling their pre orders last night. I didn't see much hype or pre orders this year either. I could be wrong.
FunkMacNasty  +   667d ago
@ Rikiude_Furame,

I don't think the largest percentile of CoD fans, at this point anyway, are serious gamers like us. At this point, CoD has become a pop-culture phenomenon, and it's just en vogue to own it and play it right now, because everyone else is doing it. That's where the sales numbers are coming from.

Sadly, the hardcore gamers--the most vocal community in gaming--is also the smallest minority of people who own game consoles. In other words, Activision and IW are aware of the complaints against CoD, but also know that hordes of dude-bro's and frat boys will still run out and buy it on day one. That's how Activision has gotten away with recycling the same game every year. They know that CoD has attained pop-culture status, and they know they no longer NEED the support of serious hardcore gamers to be successful each year.

It's sad and it's shitty, and we can "vote with our wallets", but that will sadly mean nothing. CoD's popularity has attained a point in it's popularity where it is now just a game for sheeple. The same thing happens with most game franchises/genres, book franchises, movies, music and bands.. They do something really special until the world catches on--then they "sell out" and leave all their true fans in the dust.
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FragMnTagM  +   667d ago
I was expecting a decent sized line just because it is CoD, but there were literally just 15 people in line for it last night. Last year there where over 200 for Black Ops 2 at my work.
JokesOnYou  +   667d ago
Yep I knew it.

Like I said, its been rushed because IW is trying to get it on every platform with not enough time, same for BF4, I'm not impressed with either 4hr campaign and the multiplayer for next gen are not fleshed out, its just throwing things into the pot "like hey we don't have time to make any fundamental changes for next gen, so lets throw in some aliens" or "well now lets blow up a skyscraper" but none of it feels like it has any depth as far as new gameplay from its last gen predecessors.

These are not sports games where you basicly just have to refine the animations, up the graphics, and add each teams new player rosters, because it still football same rules same exact purpose, no story....these are war games/shooters where you can actually change quite a bit to the gameplay, story, mechanics, weapons, modes and still stay true to the franchise but they did none of that with the golden opportunity that next gen consoles bring.
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TheGrimReaper0011  +   666d ago
Yeah, when will they add ai birds?
Or make a revolutionary step forward and allow us to interact with dogs?
Then it'll be true next gen -__-
Honestly, Activision straight up lied to our faces! At the XB1 reveal, they said they made a new engine, but like you said, as long as they make money, they dont give a rat's ass
inveni0  +   666d ago
But…don't the reviewers realize that the fish move out of the way when you come close? /s
llMurcielagoll  +   667d ago
About freakin' time.
venom06  +   667d ago
this is EXACTLY what happens when you dont get a BETA!!!
FunkMacNasty  +   667d ago
This article is using metacritic as it's source for low review scores--probably not the best source, since much of it is user contributed and we've all seen how easy it is for people to manipulate scores on metacritic by posting their own low score.

Other articles posted to N4G this morning, have IGN rating it 8.8 or something, and a reveiw I aw yesterday gave it an 8-point-something..

any kind of 8 is still a great score for a lazy game
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hildegain  +   663d ago
@JokesOnYou "These are not sports games where you basicly just have to refine the animations, up the graphics"

If only these "Next Gen" games even didn't that. It's mostly just copy-pasting of previous games, upping the resolution to 1080p (still 30fps in most cases) and then showing pre-rendered cutscenes and saying "actual gameplay".

What do we expect though when the new consoles only have the equivalent to a low-budget level PC and it means that most developers still don't have to put much effort into showing anything good off until their competition does so.

Where do we see the good graphics? In the new software and new engines, where developers are showing the capabilities of the new software (mostly running on PCs). We hardly see a new game running being shown off with such a vast improvement though.

Take BF4 as an example. The game was being developed to release on the "next-gens" and yet looks 99% identical to BF3. Not much improvement was necessary but there is certainly ROOM for it. CoD on the other hand NEEDS improvement and we still see none.

Unfortunately, we wont see the money being put into making the "next-gen" games much better until the companies have to in order to compete. (Wait until another twitch shooter like CoD comes out, with no learning curve, with no skill required and with more shinies, then we'll see a graphics improvement by Activision).
Themba76  +   667d ago
it's about time.
FogLight  +   667d ago
Yep, sooner or later the cow will give you the rotten milk if you milked it too much.
Evil_Abed  +   667d ago
F science and realism right?
Detoxx  +   667d ago
Let it die out
Mills93  +   667d ago
If COD died BF would follow the same path COD has went down
Detoxx  +   667d ago
As long as Battlefield releases every 2 years with awesome additions, I'm happy.

If BF would do the same thing as COD (Release every year, no changes, etc.) I would gladly wish BF the same.

DICE won't let that happen though, so no worries.
JeffGUNZ  +   667d ago
Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't COD on a 2 year development cycle, but releases yearly due to two different developers making the game?
Detoxx  +   667d ago

You're wrong mate.

COD has a development cycle of less then a year.

If they would combine Treyarch and Infinity Ward to develop a COD game every 2 years, you would get an amazing game.

But instead they're just milking the COD franchise untill it's dry. And trust me, we're going to see COD die out.
windblowsagain  +   667d ago
I think you meant, let it bleed out:)
Mills93  +   667d ago
Could give them a kick in the ass to pull their finger out and produce something better next time
R0n0rve  +   667d ago
I imagine how it'd be if they made a new engine from scratch and set it back to World War II. Just a thought.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   666d ago
They said they'd make a new engine .. fucking liars -_-
However, realy don't want a WW2
Something different, give me a reason to be excited for your game!
I played 100s of hours of COD4 multiplayer, it was awesome!
Now, the biggest innovation is dogs and ai fish (yes, we can mock them forever for this)
Iltapalanyymi  +   667d ago
Good thing. COD needs to die anyway.
Kratos0289  +   667d ago
I'm amazed it took critics this long to rate the CoD games for what they truly are
strigoi814  +   667d ago
quaneylfc  +   667d ago
its funny. after all of the compaining... we want better graphics, longer story, new mp options etc and all of the strong sales and good reviews. they actually make a CoD game that is different and it gets the backlash from the last 7 games. people are backwards.
staticdash22  +   667d ago
what changes? LOL
76erz24  +   667d ago
New multiplayer perk system, new squads mode, new extinction mode, new customize a solider options, 30 new guns, I can keep going.
xHoii  +   667d ago
Have you even played it?
Got the game 5 days early and it has the best story of any cod I've played..
Changes? The whole map design have changed, the smallest map in ghosts is the size of one of the bigger maps of COD..
The changes in the perks them self have changed the way the game is played.. the leveling up system got an overhaul.. so many improvements and so many additions.. But it's not perfect, the only thing hurting it here are the graphics, yes it does have Shit graphics, but those millions who buy the same game every year are not stupid you know.. maybe some but not all, they find the excitment in cod which they can't find anywhere else.. everyone just bashes on COD for BF.
Tell me what's new in that game?
Shit campaign.. and a falling building? Oh the graphics :O those graphics are just a huge improvement for next gen players not those who had a great pc, tell me what are the improvements for them?.
New guns? C'on... Don't judge something before u play it..
I can I've gotten both games early and 8 trophies away from a platinum in BF4.. am a fan of both but I hate seeing people hate on one thing.. for gods sake let people buy and play what they want, how does it hurt you?
staticdash22  +   667d ago
The reviews certainly show that there's new stuff in the game LOLOLOL

Lowest rated game in the series, even being given a 5/10 by some sites. GTFO with this COD is new, there's nothing ground breaking about this release.
SpideySpeakz  +   667d ago
All those 'new' changes are just re-skins.
christocolus  +   667d ago
hmmm..is this really shocking? activision messed up big time..hope they sit up now.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   667d ago
Campaign was poor, I hoped for something similar to Red Dawn, MP is okay but it's not breath taking. Certainly one of the weaknest COD titles to date
vinamas  +   667d ago
Good goood
venom06  +   667d ago
This is EXACTLY what happens when you dont get a BETA!!!!!
Dan50  +   667d ago
COD is the sports game of the FPS genre. Barely any change. Still 60 bucks!
Bhuahahaha  +   667d ago
try a cat next time
jjb1981  +   667d ago
The game looks worse than the first black ops.
fxa5209  +   667d ago
It must be the dog? Or maybe the fish?

Hell of innovation Activation, you get what you deserve!
xHoii  +   667d ago
No it must be the old jokes.
sevilha82  +   667d ago
Just like i personally expected(and several other people of course)...

And about time as well this franchise deserves better ,if it needs to die to come back in glory a few years after so be it.

It´s insulting how it´s the most ugly ass game in the next gen,and this company tryed to praze it to the heavens like it was the most beutifull game ever created and innovative of all the ip´s coming in the next couple of weeks.

Rip Cod about time.
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ELpork  +   667d ago
I can't say I'm shocked. IW Games have been getting worse and worse sense MW2... Not to mention the amount of stress being put on the team/project for the shear amount of consoles this thing was being put on. Even with outsourcing...

Missed opportunity IMO, I'm sure the talent there is better then what came out.
SpideySpeakz  +   667d ago
C'mon baby, please... don't get my hopes up. Let it die!!
MightyNoX  +   667d ago
It's time for the franchise to revitalize itself ala what Modern Warfare did to the series. Either go into the future (Future Warfare?) or back to the WWII setting because people apparently are getting bored.
GraveLord  +   667d ago
Still generally positive reviews. This year its mid 70s. The next it could be mid 60s if they fail to impress.

Glad they're finally getting called out though! Even though I love Call of Duty, the devs needs to step up and deliver something that amazes us. Do something with those billions of dollars you've earned.

(Anyone else notice how the PS4 version has much more reviews than the Xbox 360 version on Metacritic? Seems like this is the copy Activision is sending to the media)
quenomamen  +   667d ago
Anybody else saw the MP video of the map that looks like a Scottish Castle with stone walls and stuff ? They got the same Godamn exploding white pickup truck from COD4, and MW2 and probably MW3. Least they could of done was give the thing a paint job to try and fool people. Guess they where too busy giving the fish brain transplants. Laziest Devs on the planet.
rammstein91  +   667d ago
ps2 like graphics copy paste animations textures,as long as gamers pay for this game they will develop and sell these carbon copy games
aLiEnViSiToR  +   666d ago
Burn it with fire before it lays eggs... oh wait which CoD was this 9th, 10th oh well too late just nuke it... wait that might create Call of Mutants O_O oh god help us all.
Disagree  +   666d ago
Didn't know ppl took COD reviews seriously...

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