Haze - Korn music video

Ubisoft announced last fall that Korn would record a track for Haze, and here it is. The video more importantly features gameplay segments from the game.

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SUP3R3859d ago

The ads on this track are gonna be sick!
Haze you R mine!!

niall773859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

korn...... :(

Storm233859d ago

Pretty good song. Not their best for sure. Haze looks sick though. Can't wait to get that game.

nutjuice3859d ago

hope the game is better than the song

socomnick3859d ago

Korn is pretty good but cant say the same for this game.

gambare3859d ago

The game isn't out yet, so, how do you know?

socomnick3859d ago

Yes if you wish to live come with me.

PSMonster213859d ago

I hope you meant the reverse of what you said. Game= GREAT SONG=OWW MY EARS

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The story is too old to be commented.