15 Worst PlayStation Exclusive Games of All Time

PlayStation’s strong and impressive lineup of exclusives is probably the biggest edge it has over its direct competition in the market- a fact that has been true for as long as anyone can remember.

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TheEnigma31347d ago

Ridge racer for PSP was actually good and shouldn't be on this list. I think I'm the only one that enjoyed Haze.

Mr Pumblechook47d ago

When GamingBolt have to dig up PS1 & PS2 games you know Sony is doing something right.

PygmelionHunter47d ago

The list is about the worst Playstation exclusives games OF ALL TIME...

Why wouldn’t they include PS1 and PS2 games?

Kun_ADR47d ago

That’s right, only PS4 games should be on the list of the worst Sony exclusive games of all time. /s

Dragonscale47d ago

As much as I like PlayStation, there are plenty of stinkers just like on all platforms tbh.

hulk_bash198747d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Haha you completely missed or are willfully ignorant of the intent of this article. It clearly says worst PS Exclusive Games of All Time.

UltraNova46d ago

A Haze 2 or reboot would be nice!

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NonShinyGoose47d ago

RR on Vita made the list, not the PSP version. RR on Vita was severely lacking content.

Knushwood Butt47d ago

They tried something new and it failed.

The initial price point was low but a large amount of content was locked behing DLC

These days you often pay full price up front and get the same concept.

Darkwatchman47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Didn’t the list just have ridge racer on Vita? Because the Vita ridge racer was a dumpster fire at $40 with next to no cars or tracks. It was such an incomplete experience. As the article states, it felt more like a full priced demo than an actual game. Psp ridge racer had so much more to it.

SierraGuy47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

All early ridge racers had next to no was great because of its graphics, controls, fun factor. Nothing could touch it on PS1.

mrdeli47d ago

When this piece of flotsam indicated that "Being a clone of GTA shouldn't be that hard" I just closed the window.

TwistedV47d ago

HAZE in Coop was mad fun!

TheEnigma31347d ago

That game gets a lot of unnecessary hate. I think the hype did that.

Lord_Sloth47d ago

Everybody just expected more from it because of the team behind it.

The_Jackel47d ago

it was the only way to play it.
sp by yourself was mehish
but coop made it awesome to play

Stogz47d ago

I'm with you, I had a great time with friends on that one.

execution1747d ago

It getting touted as a Halo killer which rose the expectations pretty high, was still a fun game to play on coop and online tho

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Liqu1d47d ago

The most disappointing game I have ever played.

madforaday47d ago

Socom 4, I guess you could say that was an AWFUL/TERRIBLE Socom game. BUT it was an okay game if it didn't have the word Socom in the title.

Gardenia47d ago

To save you from clicking those annoying slides:


solideagle47d ago

thank you for the list. I believe he should listed PSVR titles as VR....

yeahright247d ago

I love when people do this to sites that try to artificially up their clicks by forcing one click per entry. But I will say maybe let's leave off the first entry so they get the one click. Both so N4g gets whatever they're due for pushing traffic to their site and to send a message to the site that you only get one click.

Gaming_1st47d ago

Well everybody should have gamingbolt blocked anyways.

Dragonscale47d ago

Don't need to. I avoid it like the plague regardless lol.

Hardiman47d ago

When certain sites have articles on here I just look at the comments.

FinalFantasyFanatic47d ago

Sites are lucky if I click once or twice, half a dozen or more clicks is more effort than I'm willing for a list that may or may not suck.

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Gaming_1st47d ago

I feel Knack or Ridge Racer shouldn't be on there.

Dragonscale47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Maybe not knack but it's understandable, its not the best game tbh. Dunno bout ridge racer.

SierraGuy47d ago

Ridge racer should never be on a worst list. FU gaming bolt crap.

Stogz47d ago

Cant argue with Bravo Team, that game really did suck.

GBG_Jason47d ago

Bless. I stopped after 1 because of it.

KwietStorm47d ago

Have to say that is a pretty crappy list. I remember being so pissed with Twisted Metal 3 after TM2.

Xavi4K47d ago

I loved Twisted metal 3

OffRoadKing47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

You're doing Gods work. Many blessings upon the house of Gardenia.

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