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Crytek: Xbox One's Architecture Allows Faster Prototyping, Praises DX11 Support

Crytek Producer Mike Read on Xbox One's architecture and Kinect commands in Ryse Son of Rome. (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

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malokevi  +   660d ago
That's because Xbox One is the best thing since sliced bread... sliced bread having been invented the previous winter.
thrust  +   660d ago | Well said
It will do alot looking forward to it.

i love features and the xbox one has some great ones coming am looking forward to what sky do!
NewMonday  +   660d ago | Well said
"Xbox One's Architecture Allows Faster Prototyping"

they way the headline is written insinuates a comparison to the PS4

according to various 3rd party developers the PS4 is the fastest and most easy to develop for

also most 3rd party games are demonstrated on the PS4 much earlier than on the XB1
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PFFT  +   660d ago | Well said
Various unnamed and under Sony payroll developers you mean.
darthv72  +   660d ago | Well said
@new...if it had said 'faster prototyping than PS4' then i can see where you would think that.

But in reality it just insinuates faster prototyping as in faster than previous methods/platforms.

The PS4 is not part of that insinuation other than by your own admission.
LonChaneyTV  +   660d ago | Well said
"they way the headline is written insinuates a comparison to the PS4 "

????? and where was ps4 in the statement?

The sole purpose of Xbox was to implement direct x to simplify pc to console deployment........this is NOT a stab at other manufactures. and it is not a stab at other manufacturers to say direct X is commonly used, it's been around for nearly 20 years.
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schubacca  +   660d ago | Well said
@NEWMONDAY, Seriously?

What you think the words mean, and the actual meaning of these words are two massively different things I am afraid.

Yes, the PS4 is great and powerful. Greatness Awaits. Wonderful.

But please stop with trying to make this a console war issue...
BallsEye  +   660d ago | Well said

I'd like to get a real source for that. Link to articles or anything else from third party devs (no sony indies please!) confirming ps4 is stronger or is faster to develop for. So far the only one who said it was People Can Fly former dev that said " I HEARD FROM OTHERS" . Anyone who post this nonsense like you just did should provide real sources or never speak again about it.
gamertk421  +   660d ago
Putting the defensive in Sony Defense Force, lol
GrandTheftZamboni  +   660d ago

No Sony Indies?

loulou  +   660d ago
lol gamingbolts one-a-day
Sono421  +   660d ago
and in other news the sky is blue... ofc it's going to be faster than previous consoles... do we really need a whole article telling us so?
sync90  +   660d ago
Im buying a next gen console to play games on.
NewZealander  +   660d ago
@ newmonday, links please, what devs say ps4 is easier to develop for? unnamed? yeah believe everything you read on the net if you want, unless its something good about the X1 then its a lie huh?

well it wouldn't be a X1 article without a sony troll in the mix i guess.
NewMonday  +   660d ago
@PFFT & @BallsEye & @NewZealander

you want some statements from multiplatform 3rd party developers? OK here are some links..


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Gekko36  +   660d ago
@All... This article is nice to read. I'm not surprised that Xbox One is easy to develop for, because the Xbox 360 was easy to develop for.

Mind you the comments from Sony Fan Children saying that the PS4 is easy to develop, I have to say "ABOUT BLOODY TIME!" I'm sure Sony were high when they decided to use the CELL processor in the Praystation 3. Thqnk god they all saw sense and went X86 / X64 this time round.

So I suppose XB1 is easiear than Xbox 360 (though 360 was a breeze for devs) and PS4 must be an amazing breath of fresh air following the PS3 (PS3 while powerful was a B@stard to code against)
Armyntt  +   659d ago
@Newmonday, hahah your own links dont even prove your point. First link was an "anonymous" source and the second link implied a PS4 vs X1 comparison but in reality he only said how easy the PS4 is to develope not that its easier than X1.
mewhy32  +   659d ago
Devs the world over have stated that the PS4 is the easiest to develop on. But I'm sure that the bone is easier than the 360.
Septic  +   659d ago

You might want to read the links you posted there mate...
MazzingerZ  +   659d ago
Faster maybe compared to X360 or compared to what?
us_army  +   660d ago
Its Crytek, they have an X1 exclusive launching on the platform, what else would they say?

Ill stick to the masses of devs, both indie and AAA, multiplatform or exclusive commending the architecture of the PS4 for now.
malokevi  +   660d ago | Well said
But the article is about Xbox One, not PS4.
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CRAIG667  +   660d ago | Well said
Who gives a toss, I am purchasing next gen consoles to PLAY games NOT DEVELOP them!!!
All the fanboys on here somehow think it will personally effect the outcome of their lives if console A is easier to develop on than console B.
WAKE UP!!! Multi plat games are going to be all but identical, only the nerdiest gimps and fanboys out there are going to pick apart the minuscule disparities - SAD.
Get over it and enjoy gaming people.
Elit3Nick  +   660d ago
the devs of which you speak are also making exclusives for the PS4, your point?
DeadManIV  +   660d ago
@Craig, you dumbass. If a console is easier to develop for, we get games quicker - with better quality.
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tigertom53  +   660d ago
nothing hear on PS4 vs X1 all he said was One of the big advantages over "previous" console generations is the graphics capabilities. So that is Xbox 360 and PS3 and how it great to have X86 having effectively a PC architecture for the CPU side of things....
CRAIG667  +   660d ago
@DeadManIV - That wasn't called for! I'm looking at PS3... Both next gen consoles are leaps and bounds ahead in terms of ease for developers...
Carry on being a hate filled fanboy though, you'll go far like that mate.
osprey19  +   660d ago
Well they could be comparing it to the 360. They never say which platform its faster than and ryse was originally intended to be a 360 game.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   660d ago | Well said
Wow, and yet Sony fans still haven't learned from the You Tube incident. Thanks proving your fanbase are compiled of no life psychos and fake of the fakest gamers lol.
Thunderhawkxbox  +   660d ago
The one Sony paid them to say it and who would trust a company which make lots of AAA games or indie devs which they make $10 game typical Sony fan boys praising ps4 and bashing Xbox one not first time is it ? Nope
BlackTar187  +   660d ago

I'm clapping on my end of the computer at how you're showing them LOL

you're do a disservice to your point.
badkolo  +   660d ago
like a true troll, if sony devs say it then yes its true and when x1 dev says it then its false
buynit  +   660d ago
Lmfao i knew it wouldnt be long before i scrolled down and see a comment like yours.

Its all lies all of it because they have an Exclusive! /s

I guess its only true if a dev. Isn't working on the console to state how the console really is, i guess i should wait for Santa Monica to tell me how easy or hard it is to work on the xb1...
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DeadManIV  +   660d ago
Often times I find you fairly logical, so why say that?
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malokevi  +   660d ago
It's a Simpsons quote, lol. Couldn't help myself... plus why can't I lay down some praise for the console in question? No harm in that. After all, I am looking forward to it, as much as that irks the community.

People around here seem to hate humor/laughter/happiness/light heartedness... When it has to do with Xbox, anyways.

that's OK. mmm disagrees, NOM NOM NOM! :D
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   660d ago
I'm glad to see this news didn't make your head hurt this time around.

malokevi  +   660d ago
lol awww, looks like I have a fan! It's alright sweetie, there's enough of me to go around!

FlyingFoxy  +   660d ago
I see you've played knifey spoony before..
malokevi  +   660d ago
lol. this guy gets it.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   660d ago
@Monday The headline isn't insinuating a damn thing. Its the difference between 360 and PS3.

You really need a life, no where in the article did they mention PS4 or any Sony console. Don't you have some Xbox You Tube video's to go bash with the rest of your Sony fanboy mob somewhere?

Honestly you guys are literally the ONLY fanbase that have a do or die mission, an agenda a brigade. And manage to out crazy any fanboy in gaming history ever.

People exactly like you ruined a campaign that Toys R Us was promoting for X1.

And I bet you feel happy about that.

Its really hard to enjoy gaming with your fanbase ruining everything at every single single second of the day.

I never listen to fanboys, but this marks the day to NEVER EVER listen to a single Sony fan ever again. Whenever MS post news I'll listen to them and completely ignore any Sony fan yelling "fake" "not real" or any of the sorts, I'll ignore Until you guys check yourselves into an insane asylum for a year.
MetalProxy  +   660d ago
LOL this "sony guys are the worst" is complete bullshit! The more and more you guys do this the less and less I can take any of you guys seriously...seriously.
sync90  +   660d ago
Your 'sony gamers are fake gamers' comment is immature and shows you to be a fanboy.....how pathetic.
BlackTar187  +   660d ago
yea the world is against vibe from some people is old and sad
LogicStomper  +   660d ago
@ Sync90

"Your 'sony gamers are fake gamers' comment is immature and shows you to be a fanboy.....how pathetic."

I'm sorry but, how does that make him a fanboy? You clearly lack the intelligence to even comprehend the definition of 'fanboy'. Where in his comment does he show a sign of superiority towards a console? If you had the brains, you'd notice that his subject is 'fanboys', not consoles. It shows that you can't even refute his argument using a logical and valid argument.

How pathetic.


"yea the world is against vibe from some people is old and sad"

It's not old and sad if the trash-talking has forced a toys company to disable it's comments and remove the video AND, have articles written about the situation. I actually find it sad that you're trying to minimise the situation.
SonyAddict  +   660d ago
Dude just wow...lol give yourself a facepalm!.
Underworld  +   660d ago
Oh please, all fanboys are just as bad. How many years did Xbox fanboys attack the PS3? Hmm? Oh, let's pretend they weren't that bad.

You're not going to listen to any Sony fan because of Sony fanboys? How stupid. Stop mixing the two together.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   660d ago
@Underworld And yet another guy saying "Remember when MS fans were just as bad. Good god yeah we know. Why you you all keep bringing it up?

Both fanbases are terrible but its clear which one is WAY more psycho, than the other FACT.

But tell me this whens the last time MS fanboys took down a PS ad?
Imalwaysright  +   659d ago
LMAO I've been here since 2007 and PC fanboys, PS fanboys, Nintendo and Xbox fanboys are all the same. You're all guilty of doing the same things over and over again. Anyone saying otherwise is definetely not impartial.
Magicite  +   660d ago
I hope its a sarcasm.
Nocando  +   660d ago
I see garbage comments like this on every Xbox One article, especially positive ones.
Bathyj  +   660d ago
The guy who invented sliced bread also wore an onion on his belt. Which was the style at the time.
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smugbullfish  +   659d ago
pearls of wisdom there
showtimefolks  +   660d ago
in other news ND love sony and praise ps4

crytek i respect your studio and your game engines a lot, but please deliver a proper story,interesting gameplay before start talking

for as great as crysis looked it was a bore fest and the story was average, so please with RYSE make story and gameplay the most important aspects and not just graphics
buynit  +   660d ago
What does your opinion on their games have to do with their opinion on working on the xb1?
ALLWRONG  +   660d ago
PS4 and Sony are not even mentioned anywhere in this news. It's just this http://n4g.com/news/1371027... all over again.
ziggurcat  +   660d ago
xbox fanboys flocking to trash talk sony/PS4? you certainly got that right...
3-4-5  +   660d ago
lol nice mal
Hellsvacancy  +   660d ago
So why has it been downgraded? http://n4g.com/news/1363024...
PraxxtorCruel  +   660d ago
I'm quite sure PS4 couldn't of handled it any better. Besides look at DriveClub, it's still throwing 30FPS. I acknowledge that the PS4 is more powerful but it isn't either having a walk in the park regarding fps and 1080p.
thrust  +   660d ago
Its only a couple more fps more powerfull.

it nothin like what some believe on here!
Drekken  +   660d ago
Killzone SF is arguably the best looking launch game and it runs 1080P/60FPS in multiplayer. Recognize!
PFFT  +   660d ago
"SOMETIMES" at 60fps. Shadowfall doesnt run at a stable 60fps.
pete007  +   660d ago
i agree with you, and by the way i believe all of those fanboys have skipped ps3, because i guess they only buy the easiest console to develop to, XBOX ONE never had any comments such as gabe newell did in regards ps3, remember? and not only him, most third party and still the disaster survived til today, i dont see xbox any worse than ps3, its basically the same as 360 with a pc cpu, the radical change was on sony side, demonstrating ps3 architecture a complete failure, dev wise.
a kiss from your GOD
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Kayant  +   660d ago

So what games run at locked 60fps even in demanding situations?

They just explained it how it is.
Drekken  +   660d ago
@PFFT MOST of the time.
Funnymonkey013  +   660d ago
Trust me any games on X1 is bound to look better on PS4 as it's easier more powerful to develope games 4. Plus 1080p at 30 is great consedering that it does more things then forza 5 like night time and soon weather effect I mean I don't c any added features on froza like night and weather effects and DC will still look a lot better then froza 5. And one last thing killzone SF is 1080p at 60 in MP and the best looking game so far 4 a next gen console. Plus one more infamous SS is open world and I heard its 60 and also at 1080p as well. I mean come on killer instant a fighting game is 720p at 60 really laughable.
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   660d ago
Because they figured a lower poly count would make for smoother game play? Developers often have to balance things to make the game play better. I am all for lowing the already outrageous poly count if it means smoother animations, a solid framerate, etc.
Yodagamer  +   660d ago
Not so much downgraded as most of the polygons were places you wouldn't see so they rebalanced graphically with better shaders, no lod and more realtime physics. In all Honest i'd prefer the new option as changes in LOD always drives me nuts.
#2.3 (Edited 660d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Kayant  +   660d ago
This again... Sigh... Yes it's a downgrade in the numbers they sold us with but is it such a downgrade visually? No because arguably it has improved more (Skin texture, shading, etc) than it has been downgraded (Armour detail). At the end of the day does it really matter? Not really since it looks just as good.
BOLO  +   660d ago

It's simple...They wanted to achieve "dat balance".
gaelic_laoch  +   660d ago
Sounds like Crytek got a scolding from M$.

M$ @ Crytek "Now get out their and big us up to the max" as they kicks them up the arse out the door!
Pogmathoin   660d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
Pogmathoin  +   660d ago
Edencross, your a big rat... oooh how is this not flagged mommy dearest..... gulp...gulp.... Sorry gaelic, looks like I brought more disa's on ya... bunch of whining cats here... pathetic...
gaelic_laoch  +   660d ago
You brought the zombies to my safe house dude!!!!

ROFL Ur some Boyo!:)
GiantEnemyCrab  +   660d ago
My neighbors are going to be wondering WTH is going on when they hearing me yelling for archer support on the 22nd.
tigertom53  +   660d ago
do you really have to yell? Kinect was noted as having better noise cancellation and voice recognition during game play..
Big_B0SS  +   660d ago
Its not about yelling...its about sending a message.
Trekster_Gamer  +   660d ago
Don't be a dork... The fun is in the yelling. It's immersion..
GiantEnemyCrab  +   660d ago
haha I guess I don't have to yell but yeah I get into it like that.
wages of sin  +   660d ago
Look at the first few comments. Typical.
Trago1337  +   660d ago
It's good to see that Crytek enjoys developing for Xbox One. I can't imagine how the final product will turn out.
FlyingFoxy  +   660d ago
Who cares about Crytek, they can't even release games that run decently on good PC's @ launch.. Crysis 3 ran at what 30-40fps at best at launch? not even 60 for an average framerate.. when will developers learn.
Lovable  +   660d ago
Let me guess Crytek..are you gonna 180 again next week?
Stuntz  +   660d ago | Well said
i love how when an ACTUAL Named developer that is making the best looking game for next gen, actually says something everyone thinks its false you guys are the biggest group of tools ever. O let me listen to that rumor that "anonymous" Devs said about the power difference. All of you PS riders take out sony's **** from your mouths and have your own opinion on stuff. SONY IS NOT PAYING YOU, stop being so damn commited.
Lovable  +   660d ago
Well maybe, we'll believe them when THEY STOP LYING AND TAKING BACK THEIR WORDS!!!
Trekster_Gamer  +   660d ago
Liars like Sony did when they removed features from the ps3??? Or when they lied to customers for a month after there system had been hacked???

Is this the type of bad, dishonest stuff you speak of????
Lovable  +   660d ago

Not sure why you brought Sony, but
Maybe you should read the TOS before buying ANY kind of electronics. A little bit of knowledge can go so far...

Want me to start saying all the lies by MS? It might beat their Financial report when it comes to volume.
-Foxtrot  +   660d ago
"actually says something everyone thinks its false"

Maybe because they've had their hand up Microsoft's backside for so long and the fact an exclusive from them is one of the Xbox Ones main launch titles...I mean what are they going to say, they won't criticize it will they, they want as many sales for Ryse as they can get.
BOLO  +   660d ago
Ryse is essentially M$FT's God of War attempt without the gods or graphics for that matter.
srd4484  +   660d ago
Exactly. A real Dev with a NAME comes out and says something positive about the XB1 - They must be lying. You can't do that.
A anonymous dev comes out and says something positive about ps4 - This is awesome! We believe!
#9.3 (Edited 660d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
christocolus  +   660d ago
lmao...so true...dude ignore these guys.they will always keep finding ways to bad mouth anything good about the xbx one.anyways im getting ryse day 1 and have you guys seen the new trailer at gamespot? this games story line may just be what ive been hoping for...there seems to be some inclusion of dark magic and sorcery..you should see the trailer...nov22 will be the day i loose my next gen virginity....awesome
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SonyAddict  +   660d ago
Crytek...90% graphics 10% game play!.
mkis007  +   660d ago
Not trying to further this stupid topic of discussion(frankly the vitriol that comes from the Sony and Microsoft fan-boys makes me angry) but technically speaking there are plenty of named developers who have said positive things about the ps4. This is the first real developer with a name to do the same to xbox1. Just saying.
DanielGearSolid  +   660d ago
Honestly theres two ways to look at it...

If guerrilla games comes out saying "ps4 is the best OMG"
Then you're like "duhh, wat else are you gonna say you work for them"

Same goes for Crytek(ryse is exclusive to xb1)

Its a different story if a dev working on multiplatform titles praises one over the other
Stuntz  +   660d ago
I agree with you, BUT no devs making multiplats has come out and said well you know this console is better. Im pretty sure everyone knows that Dx11 is going to help graphically. People also seem to claim that the "cloud is a joke" but many MANY devs have came out and said that it can be a HUGE game changer. I played X1 at the tour and let me tell you the games look amazing, DR3 thousands of zombies on the screen at once and the game is still so smooth. Ryse looks literally like its real world, how amazing the graphics are. Forza is just amazing that speaks for itself. Killer Instinct, is another one how smooth the game runs is incredible. The games look great, but then again that is just my opinion.
DanielGearSolid  +   660d ago
some of the ps4 praising devs were anonymous.. So I wouldnt know if they were multiplat or not

Anyway, I think the point is, no fanboy should jump out of their seats when a dev praises a console their working on exclusively
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   660d ago
Stuntz + 8h ago
i love how when an ACTUAL Named developer that is making the best looking game for next gen, actually says something everyone thinks its false you guys are the biggest group of tools ever. O let me listen to that rumor that "anonymous" Devs said about the power difference. All of you PS riders take out sony's **** from your mouths and have your own opinion on stuff. SONY IS NOT PAYING YOU, stop being so damn commited

Wow you think ryse is best looking next gen game :O shoulda gone to specsavers.
Underworld  +   660d ago
It is not the best looking next gen game!
GraveLord  +   660d ago
Crytek, you make bad games. Your opinion doesn't matter.
Considering your pedigree for at least making pretty games, I'm surprised you went with the Xbox One. I'm not complaining though!
Jeedai Infidel  +   660d ago
Everything but the last sentence is a complaint smart guy.
cybervike   660d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
DanielGearSolid  +   660d ago
If you read the article its a actually more about Xbox One advantages over current gen... I think the title made ppl assume its in comparison to ps4
#12 (Edited 660d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
GodGinrai  +   660d ago
You know people only read the headline round here, then let their imaginations do the rest! lol
CyrusLemont  +   660d ago
Why is it people interpret that any positive talk for a console implies a negative statement for the other one. Good for Xbox One. Negligible for PS4.
GodGinrai  +   660d ago
It only happens on this site. still waiting for my posting privalidges on the gaf then im outta here! ;)
Dlacy13g  +   660d ago
I gotta say I like the pattern I am seeing from developers regarding kinect. That is "using it where it feels right or makes sense" for the game they are making. There is no pushing from MS like we saw with Kinect 1.0 and that is because its not an add-on. On top of that MS is implementing Kinect into the base architecture of the system so its uses will be applied out of the box with things like player recognition, controller swapping and voice navigation of the system and isn't needed in all games to push the system.
GodGinrai  +   660d ago
Hey, N4G...Is it Ok for me to be somewhat pleased to hear this?
BigShotSmoov007  +   660d ago
GodGinrai  +   660d ago
BigShotSmoov007  +   660d ago
This website is just getting worse and worse with the way these fanboys come out in packs just bad mouth a console they don't like and support for whatever reason. None of us get a paycheck from either Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft and yet all of you'll want to make a fool of yourself over stupid spec numbers, exclusives & sales you won't see a dime of. Real gamers know it benefits us if they 2 companies exist cause it gives us more and more options as to what we want and better games over time. Sony and Microsoft spending all this money to please us is the best thing that can happen for us gamers. A company comes out a praises MS and the console they make and it's like all the fanboys on here act like sharks smelling blood and are ready to attack MS and Crytek when you all know if they were making a game for Sony you'll would be the first to defend them against any and everybody. It's just pathetic now.
Trekster_Gamer  +   660d ago
I am enjoying N4G much more since I have started hitting ignore on every Sony troll here. It takes a while but soon you start enjoy the replies.
BigShotSmoov007  +   660d ago
I'm going to start doing the same thing myself. I come on here to interact with gamers about what we love which is games, not to read the trash and bias comments from fanboys all the time.
MightyNoX  +   659d ago
You could, you know, run off to the Microsoft website. Pretty soon you'll end up a sad little boy talking to an echo in an empty room.

Now, please stand in the corner. The adults are talking.
Flames76  +   660d ago
Just another reason i have my Xbox One pre ordered
JohnS1313  +   660d ago
For a lame game you mean? That game looks boring.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   659d ago
Opinion does not equal fact.
TechMech2  +   660d ago
Ps4 fanboys make me cry
arbitor365  +   660d ago
your tears are delicious
TechMech2  +   660d ago
I also should have included all fanboys.
JohnS1313  +   660d ago
Crytek needs to shut up already. Stop coming up with lame excuses for making an Xbox 180 exclusive. We all know it's about a check from Microsoft. The PS4 is way easier to develop on so making a prototype on it would be easier too.
BobBelcher  +   660d ago
What normal people read:
"Crytek: Xbox One's Architecture Allows for Faster Prototyping, Praises DX11 Support."

What fanboys see:
"Crytek: Xbox One is better than the PS4 in every way."

***************************** ****************************

**Then goes on to bitch and moan about the Xbox One.
**They scream 'victory' as if this was the 'official'
Xbox Wins statement.
Caleb_H  +   660d ago
The title implies it's faster than the ps4, but the article says it's faster than the 360.
Hufandpuf  +   660d ago
I don't see anywhere that inplies it's faster than the PS4 in the title. Stop grasping at straws.
ziggurcat  +   660d ago
this is N4G - there's almost always an implied dig towards the competition anytime anyone submits an article here.
arbitor365  +   660d ago
nowhere in their statement or in the article itself is the PS4 even mentioned. they are talking about the leap from xbox360 to xbox one.

Hint for fanboys: PS4 is Directx11 as well
Ulf  +   660d ago
"Hint for fanboys: PS4 is Directx11 as well"

Um no, it's not.

The chipset in the PS4 _supports_ DX11, which is a software API. The only operating systems that can actually use DX11 are MS Windows-based products, which the PS4 does NOT run, and the XB1 does.

Sony uses an OpenGL-like 3D API, bro, and uses their own OS and SDK, which are NOT on Windows, Linux, or any other development environment.
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clevernickname  +   660d ago
Can we not just let the games speak for themselves?
Ulf  +   660d ago
The ignorance in this thread is astounding.

Here it is, the truth:

* Take ANY 3rd party developer, and have them create a crossplat game for XB1, PS4, and PC.

* The developer will develop PRIMARILY on the PC, which uses *drumroll* DX11 and Windows APIs as the primary software interface.

* The XB1 ALSO runs Windows, albeit a streamlined version, with full DX11 support.

* The PS4, just like the PS3 and every Sony console before it, uses a CUSTOM OS, with a CUSTOM API and tools, and an OpenGL-like 3D API. It is DIFFERENT from Windows development. (although honestly, this isn't really that big a deal, except when maintaining the Sony-specific rendering engine, or Sony-specific GPGPU code, or writing the app framework in the first place... or the networking APIs, or.. hmm maybe it is a big deal)

The end result is that developing on XB1 is indeed easier, when transitioning from PC, than the PS4 is. It's the truth. Deal with it -- there is no arguing around it. Despite the fact that the PS4's architecture is now much easier to utilize (than the PS3 or the PS2), the API is *still* harder to utilize than the XB1's, for any dev not doing a PS4 exclusive. It's even different enough from the PS3 to make PS3/PS4 crossplat development harder than XB1/X360.

Go ahead and disagree, if you like, but know full well that you are totally ignorant, or a complete Sony tool, if you do so, and not a REAL gamer (who shouldn't be biased in any way, based solely upon irrelevant hardware detail) at all.
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arbitor365  +   660d ago
get your facts straight you desperate, desperate xbot


are you going to argue that sony doesnt have "cloud," next?
wishingW3L  +   660d ago
do you even understand what he said? Because everything is true. DirectX might not go as deep as Sony's low level APIs to take advantage of the hardware but it is a fact and a very obvious argument to make that DirectX should be a more streamlined API compared to Sony's PSGL with its bunch of random extensions.

I think Sony has like 3 totally different interfaces while MS only has one, DirectX, and everything developers need in in there. Meanwhile Sony has openGL ES 1.1 with some 2.0 extensions (BTW 1.1 libraries are useless for modern GPUs since they are like 20 years old). It has Nvidia's CG. And finally their own developed libraries in the form of PSGL + libgcm for low level shader programming.
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wishingW3L  +   660d ago
and my bad, it's openGL ES 1.0 libraries with some 1.1 extensions, not 2.0.
Ulf  +   659d ago
"get your facts straight you desperate, desperate xbot"

If you had been on this site at all over the past 7 years, you would realize that I have been one of Sony's biggest supporters, and the PS3, in particular's, biggest fans. The fact that I see a lot of Sony's new posturing, with regards to the PS4, as BS, should be pretty informative.

They gloss over the problems, and highlight the positives -- classic marketing, which is almost a direct contrast to their PS3 stance of honesty, which I really appreciated. It's almost like they hired a whole new marketing team, and they came from the tobacco industry or cola industry or something. Or from a pharmaceutical company, and because the PS4 won't kill you if you use it, they don't have to bother with telling you all the disadvantages it has -- instead, you have to see them for yourself, or trust in the intelligence of "random people" on the internet who do understand.

I'm not a fanboy at all. Well, a fanboy of the truth, maybe. The comments in the article are completely justified, and your link, which states how Sony is providing some extensions to an existing (DX11 graphics only) FEATURE set (not an API) go a long way to demonstrate just how uninformed your viewpoint is.

Try to learn something from what I posted, rather than making some crap up, in the name of fanboyism. Your post reminds me of the actual Xbots who claimed up-and-down, when the PS3 was released, that the Cell was just a crappy single core with a bunch of "DSPs" and that it was not really a powerful CPU at all. What a joke that was, to anyone who knew better.
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pop-voxuli  +   660d ago
Forgive me if I take anything Crytek says with a grain of salt.
marcofdeath  +   660d ago
This is a pretty credible developer as far as their loyalties lie. They are a third-party developer making a first party game.

As time goes forward in this new generation most will learn that once again Sony has twisted their facts about their architecture, for instance the 14+4 balance, or not being full HSA and picking a GPU architecture that is not equipped with future technologys, but with that said from a marketing standpoint 1.8 Tflop, GDDR5 175 GB/s, and 18 CU's sounds good, right up to the point we find out the details.

I said it once I'll say it again there's nothing on this planet that is 50% more than something else but you can't tell its 50% more or 30% more and oh yes they are in financial trouble.

Go to AMD's HSA web page from start to finish the article explains that Xbox one is in fact full HSA and has a performance increase of 2.3%. Someone has been honest with us all along and someone has been playing games with us all along. like "Mantle".
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t3rrorc3ll  +   659d ago
Really. You really talk a lot of shit. Devs have had time with both. Plenty is being said about the ps4 being more powerful. Stop clutching at straws and what ifs. The gpu in both consoles is fully custom. People clinging to this super custom Xbox one gpu need to pull their heads out of their arsed.

Btw here's a simple show of the 30-50% difference in power

Ryse 900p solid 30fps
Killzone SP 1080p 30fps

That extra fidelity comes from the extra power available to the developers. and if the xbox one could actually run with the ps4 then we would see Ryse at 1080p even if it's still only at 30fps, being crytek they would have pushed for the best they could possibly achieve. And don't bother with Ryse looks better than killzone, because that is simply a load of crap. And yes I've seen them both. They are both impressive. But the power difference and fidelity is showing
swerve121  +   660d ago
Here we go again. PS Fanboys stay off Xbox conversations damn. Its like it a race soon as we hear something postive about the xb1 boom here comes the haters
beereal360  +   660d ago
good god if the playstation is so good why are all the fanboys surfing and trolling the web and not playing ps3 uhmmmm because it sucks.
Erudito87  +   660d ago
If dx 11 was so good (which it isnt) why is steam making its own gaming os? and why is amd making its own api(which they are allowing nvidia to use too)? dx 11 is crap ms has been the bane of gaming for gaming for too long
annus  +   660d ago
You basically answered your own question. AMD and Steam want some of the gaming market, instead of it primarily belonging to MS. That has nothing to do with how good it is or isn't. DX only works on platforms that MS wants since it is proprietary software, which is why many devices don't use it.
Erudito87  +   659d ago
dx 11 is crap. Ms uses it to keep control of the market and force os upgrades on its users. It also doesn't give devs that much hardware level access to the end machine so performance is nowhere near where it should be.
annus  +   659d ago
DX is fine if you want to build 3D applications fast, which many do. It has massive amounts of support, documentation, and libraries. Also anyone who is developing a game will know that you can actually write wrappers that allow for low level programming that will then work within the games anyway.

DX is also on the same 'level' as OpenGL so don't expect much to change, unless you actually believe the PR pitch that Mantle is 10x faster than both.

I use linux, I prefer OpenGL, and I hope for the downfall of DX, but I understand why people use it.
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