Guerrilla Games: PS4 architecture is "really cool" and "easier to develop for"

Guerrilla Games talks about PS4 architecture and the challenges of developing Killzone: Shadow Fall for the new console.

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MajorAly1687d ago

Well GG did help them develop the PS4. PS4 has been hearing nothing short of praises all around. Even Carmack praises the platform.

PoSTedUP1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

i need sleep...

on topic. ya we know this, and im glad they are being put to the challenge and are succeeding really well.

nukeitall1687d ago


This is Sony first party, of course they are going to say that!

Ezz20131687d ago

yeah, it's better not to listen to them nor any 1st/2nd/3rd party dev's which pretty much saying the same thing

and listen to that Xbox1 dev about ps4....because he know better than the rest...right ?! /s

also do you have any link to any other dev who is saying other wise about ps4 ?!

black0o1687d ago

we need to listen to MS devs right? and ignore everyone else that matter

malokevi1687d ago

"Easier to develop for...." than what?

The only thing they have to compare to is PS3, and that console was notoriously hard to develop for.

This interview makes my head hurt.

Outside_ofthe_Box1687d ago


You act like GG are the only devs to say that!

Hicken1686d ago

Yeah, cuz first party devs are the only ones who have said this.

Oh, wait.

I seriously don't get it. How long are you and your buddies gonna ignore the facts right in front of your faces? How long are you gonna pick and choose what you believe, even from the same source. Even if it's the most reliable source you can have on the subject, like AMD talking about GDDR5 versus DDR3.

Don't you get tired of looking like a fool?

FlameHawk1686d ago

@malokevi, that is what they are talking about.....

Joe9131686d ago

@malokevi did you read the article he is clearly talking about current gen to next gen. Did you think he was talking about the X1?

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DiRtY1687d ago ShowReplies(4)
hazardman1687d ago

Seems to be what most devs who get hands on with PS4 say! Which is why I'm going with PS4 1st. GG/Killzone have come a long way since PS2 and im happy to continue play their game. I want to know what the new game is!

Festano1687d ago

This time the architecture of sony was made good and easy to use.

ZHZ901687d ago

Definetly it is easy to develop for.

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