Ryse downgrade officially confirmed by Crytek CEO

Earlier, it was reported that Ryse had faced a possible downgrade from 150k triangle count per character to 85k triangle count per character. Crytek’s CEO has confirmed this downgrade in a tweet adding that it was their own choice.

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Muerte24941517d ago

but as long as they were able to lcok in the framerate, I think it was an acceptable trade off.

PeaSFor1517d ago ShowReplies(78)
WarThunder1516d ago

Yeah lol!

What do expect from a console that has a GPU similar to a lowend card like the HD7790.

Freedomland1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

It's not about polycounts, actually before these titles were running on high end pc with nvidia cards and now on XB1. It's simple as that.

solar1516d ago

WarThunder is right. both XB1 and PS4 runs off the same tablet CPU and low end GPU.

scott1821516d ago

I haven't heard much about Killzone sf update wise on the graphics. All I saw was the updated enemy model

I wonder what else they are adding to the game? I wish they would update us.

KazHiraiFTW1516d ago

Who didn't see this coming? First M$ uses PCs to show off Xdone games at E3. That's right, they didn't even use the damn console they are promoting. Next, games that were advertised are now getting downgraded because the console is not powerful enough. Shocking.

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come_bom1517d ago

Lot of trolls in here... moderators must be sleeping. They usually sleep a lot in news with comments related to X1 and X360!

As for Ryse, first the 900p downgrade and now the downgrade triangle count per character... this is not a good sign for the X1's raw power. Hope at least that the game is good.

shivvy241516d ago

True, its pretty disappointing for a console worth $500

pixelsword1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

You can't help but to be a troll with news like that because to respond to any of it will require you to address the consistent downgrading of xbone games, which in doing so will make you appear to be over critical of the xbone; but in reality, the xbone is showing a backing-off of the graphical standards that made their games either stand out or be competitive with PS4's games...

..and that's serious in terms of microsoft saying that the xbone is a technological contemporary of the PS4.

G20WLY1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

^Shivvy24, I agree, but 'worth' and 'costing' are not interchangeable terms; I would suggest 'costing' would have been a better choice to make your point more accurate... :)

monkeyDzoro1517d ago

TBH I don't really care if it's downgraded or not. I'm not buying an X1 now (maybe in 2016/17) but I guess it will still look good.

However, the thing is, MS and their guys have been bragging lately about how PS4 isnt that much powerful compared to X1. And, now you have all those "great" launch titles downgraded : KI, DR3, Ryse... It really makes you wonder if statements claiming PS4 is 50% more powerful than X1 isnt actually TRUE.

And mostly when you see stunning IPs like KZSF running at 1080p native (and achieving 60fps in MP), and OPENWORLD (yes, in caps) inFamousSS at 1080p.

MS should learn to STFU sometimes and admit they're behind. Because they really are.

clouds51516d ago

They should have stopped after saying graphics dont matter so much^^ And its true. Graphics do not matter too much on consoles!
But now they are contradicting themselves. First saying graphics dont matter anyway and now they come out with these arguments that their games look just as good as ps4 and cloud power and and and...
Its bad publicity. Not that the xb1 has a slighty less power. That's not the issue imho. Its what they say to the public and contradict themselves.

SegaSaturn6691516d ago

I'm just glad they ramped it down enough to be run on the original xbox.

vandal GAB1516d ago

They ramped it down to run on next gen console specs, I wouldn't expect miracles from Crytek even on PS4 and I don't on my PC.

Magicite1516d ago

lol and consoles have very little time till launch, they still havent finished launch games.

Azfargh1516d ago

I don´t like MS but I liked a lot Ryse... and downgrade for a smoother fps and Vsync worth any time.

Besides, doing impressive things with lesser resources shows the skill level of a dev team.

Still, I rather have a PS4 ONLY.

N4realGMRZ1516d ago

Dam! even with half the Sh!t turned down Ryse still looks better than KZ!

Reverent1516d ago

Ryse never looked better than KZ to begin with.

BOLO1516d ago


nosferatuzodd1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

ryse look better than killzone lol very funny i almost believe he's serious when he said that or its sarcasm.. Ryse look better than killzone, i don't know witch detention you're looking from but what ever you're smoking i want some

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Nachoman301516d ago

@ Joke

I hope you realize you sound desperate with your triangle versus triangle bullshit. Last time I checked the devs only mentionned the main character beeing 130 K traingles ( now 85 K). Factualy, all character models in KZ are rendered in 40K polygons with HD textures. Hence technically KZ might allready be pushing way more polygons on screen, not to mention an impressive maryade of Partical systems From what I've seen from ryse is not impressive in the least bit, all NPCs appear to be rendered in a low polygon count with muddy textures. Plus poly count is not everything, GOW 3 was pushing 30 K for Kratos and it looked on par with this game, not to mention GOW ran at 1080p

PLASTICA-MAN1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Why would they announce a downgrade while many devs are proud to show their engines lifting up?

I thought the XBone got an overhaul in power and this is an exclusive game. I hope multiplats won't suffer (well sadly they will).

Gimmemorebubblez1516d ago


JokeSONYou........hahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahah the biggest Xbone fanboy has SONY in his profile name.

Forgive me for being immature.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Thinking of downgrading from ps4 to xbone.. Need an extra $100 though lol damn


gamer78041516d ago

Wow talk about poor reporting. Its not a downgrade if they merely lowered triangle counts and upped lighting shading to give the game an overall better look, I wish people would stop trying to create controversy where there is none. I trust cryteks judgement with graphics

starchild1516d ago

Don't expect the clueless fanboys on this site to understand anything like that.

Hate, hate, hate.. is all these people know how to do. I'm not even getting an Xbox One, but the way these people act is just shameful.

dragon821516d ago

The problem is that there are a select group of users here who were using the triangle count to demonstrate the Xbox One's edge over PS4. Now that the official triangle count has drastically lowered it has rendered that argument invalid and thus is a downgrade.

gamer78041516d ago


yah i saw that, but you have to look at the bigger picture, lowering one aspect graphically to raise another, to achieve ultimately a better visual and performance not a downgrade, if anything its an upgrade. Crytek wouldn't have done it if it didn't result in a more positive visual experience.

SilentNegotiator1516d ago

@gamer7804 and starchild

"merely lowered triangle counts"
"Don't expect the clueless fanboys on this site to understand anything like that"

Obviously you guys know absolutely nothing about 3D modelling.

rainslacker1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

There's always a trade off between lighting/texture quality and polygon count in any game. People on the "opposing side" may do well to show a little restraint, because there will be times when it will happen mid(or near end)-development with any game.

In the end, better lighting and texture can make up for higher poly count in a more impressive way. Basically the shaders have to do a bit less work since there are vertices to process. Higher poly count is usually more desirable when you see a model close up, and while I'd normally say that you wouldn't get that close up in a game, Ryse does look to have a lot of cinematic camera angles doing just that.

It is possible to make a model that has 40K poly's look amazing with the right shaders, but again, it all depends on a lot of things, and at some point there has to be a trade off.

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Consoldtobots1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

MS is a classic study of being first to market and having a near monopoly for almost 30 years. Now that they actually have to compete in markets they don't own and control it becomes very clear that this corporation couldn't launch a wet fart with a truthful presentation or spec sheet.

BOLO1516d ago

^This. They don't have a year head start or RROD console sales boost this time. Even Steve Ballmer is complaining that Google is a "monopoly"...Irony at it's finest. The only thing keeping M$FT afloat is their Windows OS cash pile from the head locked monopoly attained on the PC market.

lawgone1516d ago

Yeah, XBOX and XBOX 360 have been huge failures /s Biased much?

admiralvic1516d ago

@ Lawgone

Consoldtobots never said either were a failure, though the Xbox didn't do as well as the PlayStation 2 did last generation and the 360 was first to launch (giving it a headstart, which was their whole point), though even that had the RROD.

Consoldtobots1516d ago

oh and PS....
you have to be certifiable to invest in a joint venture with this coporation when it comes to anything creative or innovative.

otherZinc1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )


You guys are getting all hyped on Ryse when its going to wipe the floor wipe the floor with Deep Down.

Then you try and say Forza5 will be downgraded also...No!, it's the ONLY next gen game running 1080p "native" @ 60fps!

You guys should be worried about Killzone:SF, as it's:
Single Player:No "Campaign Co-op"!
STILL not 1080p "native" @ 60fps!
Multilayer:struggling to maintain 60fps!

And, GG is an in-house SONY exclusive...

WarThunder1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

LOL! are your serios? your comparing a linier racing game to a semi open world game? HAHA!

The damage control is strong here!

- Killzone: SF is 1080p Native.
- Killzone: SF MP runs at 60 fps ( a lot of the time)

- Forza 5 is 1080p and runs at 60 fps but FM5 doesn't have particles and effects like KZ:SF... FM5 isn't a semi open world. FM5 is Arcade races so the physics are not that much advanced to affect the FPS. FM5 has no dynamic lighting, no Global illumination, no Dynamic weather and no Day/night cycle.

So of course its 1080p and runs at 60fps...

DigitalRaptor1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Oh wow. The delusion is imprinted into your DNA or something?

You just said: "Single Player:No Campaign Co-op" - Single player. Single player. SMH!!!

How is KZ:SF not native 1080p?? How is it struggling, when it's admittedly 60fps most of the time and looks insanely good? Are you asking how a linear non-dynamic racing (Forza 5) game with pre-baked lighting is running at 60fps, whilst a dynamic and open-world style shooter (KZ:SF) with insane particle physics is not running at a locked 60fps?

What kind of world do you live in?

Pogmathoin1516d ago

Developers just trying to get to grips with the architecture of X1. In any other place it would be similar to PS3 cell struggles, but as this is N4G, lets call it a disaster...

Awolvie1516d ago

Just played it today at Eurogamer Expo... The frame rate was terrible.. Was very disappointed

Cernunnos1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Another thing that is very noticable with Ryse is the extremely short distance you can see the full poly chars, before they get downgraded to horrible LODs.

garos821516d ago

Forgive my ignorance but what is lods?

Dee_911516d ago

LOD means level of detail.You have high level med level and low level or just high and medium or low.The closer the object get the higher the detail.A system literally every game this gen and some last gen uses.Its are really noticeable in GTAV.
With that said I'm not quite sure Cernunnos knows what it means

rainslacker1516d ago

Apparently this poly downgrade was to give better LOD's and better lighting.

Most people take LOD for granted, because they don't know what it is, but it's one of those things when it's bad, it's pretty noticeable. When it's good, you don't think about it...which is the way it should be.

Cernunnos1516d ago

I do know what it means Dmarc. All the way back since trying to mod the LOD distances in Morrowind. They are quite noticable in Ryse.

Dee_911512d ago

Okay.I wasn't sure.Because when you said "horrible LOD'S" it kinda makes it seem like you don't know exactly what an LOD is.But I'm assuming your saying low LOD model

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marcofdeath1516d ago

I find this funny, Killzone only has 40,000K polygons per character at low LOD level I, but no one here criticizes Sony for having such a weak spec in game. Here this game is doubling plus that count of 40,000K per character and all I hear is is how underpowered Xbox one is, well how is that? People are you stupid, he just told you that there will not be a LOD that means that your characters on screen will carry the highest polygon counts at all times. Please point out or post a link and show me where PS4 has shown that it can do this type of computational work.

Beastforlifenoob1516d ago


How the F**K do you know 40,000 polygons is equal to 80,000 tris? The amount of tris can not be higher than the amount of polygons, because a polygon counts all shapes (quads, tris, ngons etc).

It's like saying there are 10 shapes in total but there are 15 triangles its impossible. Triangles ARE polygons but so are Quads and N-Gons. You are a totally ignorant person who takes s*** out their bakside and tries to feed it to the poor.

XBOX ONE SUCKS, RYSE SUCKS, PS4LIFE (The final comment in order to not get disagrees for stating a completely true fact)

rainslacker1516d ago

You wouldn't have n-gons in a game model. They do wonky things with shaders and lighting and meshes. When talking game engines(hence games) counts are always in tris because that is what game engines use natively as they are the simplest form of geometry to process.

When actually modeling, the artists will typically use quads and tris to get the desired results. Quads are fine, because a quad can easily be split into tri's without affecting the mesh(the quads stay flat), and as far as I know, all game engines do it for you.

If the dev said they are using 40K polygons, then they are likely using 40K tris, unless stated otherwise.

donman11516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Damn yet another gut punch to the bad PR machine called the XboxOne.

Evilsnuggle1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Im sorry xbox fans but MicroSCAM have invited all this scrutiny on xbone. With all bragging on how great the launch game look . The problem is MicroSCAM has a alot of P.R spin master used car salesmen and no mark cerny. Yes games look great on pc window 7 titan card that a their new game debut on ever game on xbone looks different now for the worse. MicroSCAM got caught up in the PS4 hype of most powerful graphic. The fact is that PS4 is more powerful graphicly than xbone 50%-30% more. The more microscam PR Department talk about power it keeps making news. Microscam should focusing on xbone one 80 strength not its weaknesses. If microscam should get the conversation of the PS4 strength and on the PS4 weakness. Microscam should focus on xbone game play and fun not graphics. The xbone has a real advantage over the PS4 and its there cloud service. Not the P.R bull crap they are lying about i mean the real advantage cheaper dedicated servers. Before you comeback that sony also use dedicated servers on first party games and have a partnership with rackspace for dedicated servers on PSN. Microscam owns a cloud service and can offer cheap dedicated servers to third party game developer. If i was microscam i would put a spotlight on online multiplayer gaming and stop trying to out sony sony. Nintendo don' t try to compete with PS4 on graphics they use their strength game play and better first party games. Microscam had a big advantage last gen online games in the start of the last gen that put them a head of PS3.

kenshiro1001516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

This is supposed to be a next gen console and there's downgrades to games already?


Wow @ jokesonyou. That damage control can't be good for you.

red_HULK1516d ago

This ain't good. Looks like ps4 and steam box for me.

Persistantthug1515d ago

I really don't have anything nice to say....

So I think I'll just stay silent....

And laugh.


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black0o1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

before we start spinning facts and using some screen shots before and after

take a look at this:

and lets not forget that MS always makes some statements then gve us clarification on another day

Flutterby1517d ago

Funny thing is that the other article about this had therealness user saying it was confirmed on GAF his new fav site that they didn't downgrade but it was only when he wasn't in armor , I wonder what the bullcrapper has to say about this lol, every person defending MS ends up looking like a fool we have a giant list of xboners that look like complete idiots now after all the recent MS news E.G the ones that thought the xbone had dGPU like elite24gamer, georgenoob, frigid, thetruth, edonus and richie007bond and about 12 others I can't be arsed typing because I am on a phone, then you had some guys saying that the games aren't getting down graded and that turned out false as well, it seems all xbone fans do is eat their own feet all day long.

abusador1517d ago

Those guys u mentioned continuously eat their words but they are so blind thy just go on to another hope and lie, get proven wrong and on to the next. Just be happy we will be enjoying the best next gen system and not supporting the constant liars, anti consumer, egotistical and avarice Micro.

neoMAXMLC1517d ago Show
devwan1516d ago

@neoMAXMLC When even they don't dare mount the defense, you know it's a lost cause lol

n4rc1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Ever think people just don't care?

Its the Sony faithful that try to make a big deal about every little thing they can find.. its called game development, this isnt news and its only reported on to stir the pot.

CernaML1516d ago

^^What is it with you Microsoft defenders always twisting the truth? Are you implying that Sony fanboys are the only ones to blow bad news way out or proportion? Give me a break...

Oh, and "people" don't care? Lol right. They all conveniently stopped caring once a nice heaping bowl of crow was served.

n4rc1516d ago


No... Its a common occurrence in game development... What makes it utterly hilarious is you think no ps4 games did the exact same thing..

Its only reported on because ps4 fans are more concerned with the x1 then they are with the ps4... Its flamebait

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gaelic_laoch1517d ago

M$ have been writing cheques the XBone can't cash since day one!

Is it even fit for purpose at this stage?

GiggMan1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Sooner or later the truth was bound to come out. I mean seriously this was originally an only for Kinect game for 360.

It's main focus was graphics and now as it get's closer to launch that's fading away...

DEEBO1517d ago

agent phil just had a press conference about ryse.he said that the downgrade did happen but only because the xbone was not connected online.but when MS connected the xbone online to use their cloud power the count went back up to 150,000.
power of the cloud!