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Toys R Us Xbox One Video Removed Due To Comments

Toys"R"Us was forced to remove its Xbox One demo video from YouTube today due to the enormous amount of obscene and racist comments. The video highlighted the Xbox One as part of the company's "Fabulous 15" list but was quickly besieged by angry PlayStation 4 fans giving it thumbs down votes and users leaving profane and racist comments. (Culture, Xbox One)

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daggertoes83  +   777d ago | Well said
I'm gonna be honest. I can't stand the xbox or Microsoft but I would never stoop to this level. People can play what they want to play and I'm fine with it. Makes me sad to be a gamer when I read crap like this.
TomShoe  +   777d ago
Only fanboys can be both hilarious and offensive at the same time.
PoSTedUP  +   777d ago
it doesnt sound like that comment wasnt meant to be racest! its true!!! he was referring to XBL. (im talking about the comment they showed, if you guys clicked the link). the word he used may be offensive but thats how XBox Live IS. even tho it is comical, in a way it is warning parents on what their kids will be hearing All The Time when theyre on XBL (its really sad). due to Everyone having a mic. the Toys R Us demograph is like kids from 1-10 y/o!! this person coud easily have been from an african or hatian decent.

as far as all the actual racest comments go, well, that is just youtube for ya. coulda been ps4 fans or xbox fans or both, Everyone is angry with MS at this point. it doesnt make it right tho.
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TomShoe  +   777d ago
I'm not saying that I was offended by it, by "offensive" I meant to the general public. I thought it was funny as hell. Little kids are going to be swearing at CoD, and I find that funny.
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PoSTedUP  +   777d ago
doesnt sound like that comment was* meant to be racist*, sorry, typo.

@tom, nah i know im just saying ingeneral. that comment was funny, and true. XD.
AgentSmithPS4  +   777d ago
I'm offended that the PS4 allegedly wasn't part of this "Fabulous 15."

Oh dear, people saying terrible things over the internets... it's easy to mute people so it's not a big deal.

The thing that might be a big deal is the millions of kinects echoing, picking up background noise, etc, I wish the xbone buyers luck.
ZodTheRipper  +   776d ago
It would have been a similar reaction if the X1 was missing from that list. People are passionate about their opinion if that opinion is very well founded, and the decision to buy a PS4 is very well founded these days. Microsoft screwed X360 owners in the last couple of years by not supporting it's platform properly and then they tried it big-time with the initial Xbox One - I can definately understand the criticism for them in general but this time people really were going too far.
NatureOfLogic  +   776d ago
I had no ideal people disliked Xbone this much. WiiU can up selling more It's so bad.
denawayne  +   776d ago | Well said
Seems like only negative comments coming from Sony fans. I think they love/hate MS more than anyone else. Quite sad if you ask me.
j4re  +   776d ago | Well said
Yeah quite the classy bunch. Kind of makes me wonder what I'm getting myself into with the PS4. Played mostly on xbox this gen with PS3 being used for exclusives. Have only had a couple situations where someone was being an ass on live. As far as I'm concerned more than half of this site is filled with rabid sony fanboys who sure seem like assholes. We shall see. And yes this is directed at you. Yeah you, the one with your mouse on the disagree button. Grow up and stop treating gaming like it's something that truly matters. It doesn't.
shivvy24  +   776d ago
Omg that youtube comment ! You win sir !
ChrisW  +   776d ago
Aren't Sony fans darling!!!
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Kingthrash360  +   776d ago | Well said
xbox fanboys are just as bad as sony fanboys..i remember as recent as this time last year the sony "doom" articles were coming every 5 min. ms fannyboys were jabbing sony fannyboys all the way..they stopped when the reveal date was announced and ms flame articles began when the leaked rumors of x1 having drm (which turned out to be true) and got over boiled into where we are today. now sony fannyboys can talk and spew jabs at ms fans.

its all a stupid ball of dumbness no matter who's jabbing who. just enjoy games. leave the politics foe sony and ms worker who make money off us.

that said toys r us has had a hard on for x1 i wonder if money is involved...ps4day1xb1'15ma ybe
Hydrolex  +   776d ago
you know they could disable the comments ??? Dumabutties
thechosenone  +   776d ago
That's nothing, check out the comments for XB1 BF4 vid. lol
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Insomnia_84  +   776d ago | Well said

Really? Remove the video? Why not just close the comment section??? Nope! Too many dumbs down too right? Can anyone think a bit for themselves??

If it was really the case that the XBone deserved the "fabulous 15" spot, if it was the what people want, shouldn't it be the other way? Dumbs up and positive comments??? The case here is REALITY Vs MICROSOFT'S MONEY!! Toys R Us is being paid to promote the Xbox One as the best console and it turns out the response to the video shows all the opposite in comments and dumbs down votes...REALITY!

Everyone has had enough of Microsoft's briding and this is just gamers talking here! Letting the world know with their voice and votes that THE XBOX ONE IS NOT THE HOTTEST CONSOLE AND DO NOT DESERVE TO BE IN THE "FABULOUS 15" LIST!!

This is where the "billion in gaming" Microsoft says is going, briding companies to mislead the public of reality, THIS is what everyone is tired of, and I woudn't call them fanboys, these are real effing gamers with more brain than any of those who call them fanboys! Because of these "fanboys" Microsoft decided to change their effed up policies and all of you brainless XBone supporters will now have a "better" console from what they showed first (at least for now).

If not being a tool, not being controlled, and seeing things how they really are is being a fanboy, you can call me that.
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MazzingerZ  +   776d ago
Amazon's polls, pre-sales figures, youtube thumbs downs...everywhere shows how well the PS4 will be received, yeah T'R'U could have disabled comments but too many thumbs down just doesn't look good
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ChrisW  +   776d ago
With all due respect, this seems prevalent because not many people know what other gamers sound like on PSN...
johndoe11211  +   776d ago
@ daggertoes83

Agreed, that was shameful, but also expected. It can be considered false advertising but still that was uncalled for.

@ PoSTedUP

I agree with you when you say that the comment was not meant to be racist and that is actually what happens online, but, that comment should not have been made in the first place. The guy that posted that should have known better. The comment was funny I must say but highly inappropriate.


This right here is where my problem lies. Everything you stated is absolutely true yet you have as much disagrees as agrees. The hatred that everything xbox is receiving right now is because of microsoft. Any one who chooses to be money handled by microsoft better know what they are in for.

They keep doing and saying things to piss off more and more people and their fanatic followers absolutely refuse to see this.

Current preorder sales alone will show that most gamers, even former xbox supporters, are sick and tired of microsoft and their attempt to turn gaming into a marketing tool for advertisers and trying to make us feel that we were too stupid to realize or care.

Since the two systems have been revealed Sony has done everything right, microsoft everything wrong and yet we are called fanboys.

I would like someone, anyone to show why sony does not deserve the support and praise they have been receiving since the two systems have been revealed.
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AngryTypingGuy  +   776d ago
Eventually, one would hope at least, these kids will grow up one day and realize how stupid it is to get caught up in the console wars. It's perfectly acceptable for anyone of any age to not support a company because you don't like their policies or maybe you think they're always trying to nickel-and-dime you, but to stoop to that level because you like one console more than the other is stupid.
Gamer1982  +   776d ago
I dont agree Toys R Us are pushing one console over another (obviously on MS payroll) but the comments are just obscene and jst show immaturity of gamers.. I am embarrassed to be put in the same bracket as some of those people.
Cueil  +   776d ago
there are Sony Fanboys like daggertoes83 and then there are Sony Ponies and those are the insane sony fanboys
stiggs  +   776d ago | Well said
@ Insomnia_84

"If not being a tool, not being controlled, and seeing things how they really are is being a fanboy, you can call me that"

Insomnia_84, you are the very definition of a fanboy. The majority of your comments are based on speculation and misinformation which is filtered through a partisan perspective. Here are some of your comments from the last few days:

"The Xbox One has to be the worst console in history"

"If what's happened since the Xbox One reveal is not enough for you to give them the middle finger, what happened with the 360 won't be enough either"

"MS keeps copying everything"

"Xbox One DRM Will Return"

"They are rushing everything for the XB1 and it's going to be bad news, it's like they didn't learn with the 360"

"They keep copying every word and every move Sony does."

"Xbox got owned by PS2 last gen. 360 got owned by PS3 this gen."

Insomnia, you go WAY beyond fanboy...you actually sound like a psychotic stalker. Take a rest, pal. Your obsession with all things XBOX must be exhausting.
FunkMacNasty  +   776d ago
@ j4re - "As far as I'm concerned more than half of this site is filled with rabid sony fanboys who sure seem like assholes. We shall see. And yes this is directed at you. Yeah you, the one with your mouse on the disagree button. Grow up and stop treating gaming like it's something that truly matters. It doesn't. "


Have another bubble for that well said comment..
Gozer  +   776d ago
This is a good reason not to go with Playstation. Its obvious their fanboys are pure crazy. I would be ashamed to call myself a sony fanboy. There is no excuse for behavior like this.
dmeador  +   776d ago


Whats ironic is the comments were people who claim to not be a fanboy, then create a perfect example. Also these comments get backed up by others, and complain that everything they say is fact.

There is starting to be a slight swing, were at least more sensible people are calling them out for not knowing the difference between a fact and an opinion, as well as Sony fans that are having discussion worthy comments and not throwing more into the crowded fanboy pot
Chrischi1988  +   776d ago | Well said
Did anyone even really read the article? They pushed the Xbox1? They pushed both consoles, yet only the Xbox1 got this kind of treatment and as a Wii U defender I know for sure, why it is this way, because PS4 fans just cannot accept, that others might not like their beloved console so much as they do and if it were a dictatorship, this people who dislike your console need to die. This is really the picture now.

PS4 fans have become the worst of their kind, BY FAR!

On every topic now, it are always PS4 fans bashing others, calling you names, trolling, act like people who defend what they like are neat little babies. This is what goes on in the industry right now. Gaming is no gaming anymore, it is hating and hating, not fun, hating. Sony fans are the leaders of it right now, you dont play for fun, you play for hate, trolling, bashing others and acting like what you say is all that counts and anyone who has a different meaning, should get cut their tongue out.

This is like dictatorship, with every little fan being their very own version of a gaming dictator and that is what is sad nowaday. If you dont like a console, dont buy it and be done with it, but people feel the need to do stupid things like when the petition came out for GTA V should not be released for PC, this is how far it goes. Today is a sad day again and somehow I do not wonder, that yet again, it were Sony fans.

There were times I might have acted like this, when I was about 12-15 years old and my life other than school and friends were consumed by gaming. So, this tells me actually, what the average age must be, of those people, who do something like that.
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SilentNegotiator  +   776d ago
"Toys"R"Us was forced to remove its Xbox One demo video from YouTube today due to the enormous amount of obscene and racist comments"

So they don't know how to close the comments section?

They sure have some top notch people in the Toys R Us marketing department! /s
malokevi  +   776d ago | Well said

So true. Every word of it.

that's why, come nov. 22nd, I'm going to be so happy to leave all these negative nancies behind. I never even knew this was a problem until I took to the internet in search of some people to talk to/news to read as catharsis for my crazy anticipation for next gen consoles.

What I found was disgusting. Finding N4G a few months back was like tapping into a cesspool of unchecked hatred. Rather disconcerting, when initially I was nothing short of optimistic and happy (and assumed every other gamer felt likewise)

It's crappy to think that something that I have been looking forward to, for what is essentially my entire life, can be the source of so much contention for so many people, simply because some of us are genuinely just in it to enjoy videogames, regardless of all the noise.

A lot of people around here should be ashamed of themselves, though I doubt many have the mental capacity to recognize when they are being nothing short of childish.

November is an amazing month for every single one of us... and yet all I see is endless hatred for NO GOOD REASON.

"but... but... DRM scandal... I hate MS... blah blah blah" does anyone here actually play videogames anymore?
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Tuviejacalata  +   776d ago
@imsonybitch_84 aka insomnia_84

WTF is briding?


Silly fanboy.
Death  +   776d ago
I've witnessed every "console war" since they started. I fought on the Sega side and my buddies fought on the Nintendo side when I was younger. At the end of the day we were all winners since I would go to my friends house and play on their NES or they would come to my house and play on my Master System. This went on until we either had no time or could play online much easier. Back then it was never brutal like it is today. It was all in fun. I couldn't wait for the original Playstation to launch. I had it prepaid for months before I finally had it. Talked my brother and all my friends into buying one. Today, I really can't believe what I see with Playstation fans. I'm platform agnostic. I buy every system that comes out. I follow the games. On N4G I am labeled an Xbot because I don't think the Playstation brand is the only viable gaming platform on the planet. I take pride in being called an Xbox fanboy because I do not want to be associated with the Playstation fanbase in any way. You see the responses here, "well you would do the same if it happened to you". Not even close. No other fanbase is as immature and hateful as the Playstation fanbase. Granted it doesn't cover them all, but for whatever reason, the mob mentality they posses is second to none.
Syntax-Error  +   776d ago
You dumbasses are a joke. Everytime you read an article about something positive about MS you always hear they are on the payroll. GROW THE F-CK UP!!!!!! Like MS is just handing out check all over the industry and Sony is flying sky high off their own merit and because they care about you. How old are you people?
scott182  +   776d ago
A Sony fan doesn't need to act that way... Microsoft troll themselves enough and say ridiculous things every week! They don't need help looking like crap to the consumer.

And to people speaking so highly of Xbox fanboys and Saying Sony fans are so low. I guess you weren't around last gen with the aggressive, trashy, awful remarks(such as racist comments towards the Japanese) made by Microsoft fans every day on here. I guess it's not so fun when the tables turn and your company of choice is criticized in the press.
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ShinMaster  +   776d ago
Have none of you ever been on YouTube before?

There is some insane stuff coming out of Xbox fanboy's mouths no better than what PS fanboys say.

Also, this is news coming from a website who implied that Ratchet & Clank would come exclusively to Xbox One.
Chrischi1988  +   776d ago

And this is the reason, why you can behave like a mere child, too?
Good reasoning^^I do not tend to defend any fanboys, but wh dont you tell me, why it only happens with Sony trolls? On every side are trolls and children, but somehow PS fans opened up a kindergarden.

The sad part is, that those trolls trolled like 7 years ago, so you had 7 years to grow and still behave like the trolls back in the day because they bashed your console.

Definition of child behaviour: You did it to me, so I do it to you.

Difference is only, that you are older than 7 years ago.

MS fans could easily troll on every segment of the Wii U, but somehow they dont, with few exceptions, but really, on EVERY Wii U article, you get a Sony troll and you know what? When did Nintendo fans actually bash the PS3 in the past 7 years, so they bash them the whole time? You must feel really dumb by now and if not, you really are still a child.
scott182  +   776d ago

Where did I say Sony fans are doing the same thing or that it is ok to do so. I said the tables are turned and Microsoft is getting bad PRESS, I didn't say Sony fans are now the ones acting that way. In fact I think it is much more mild than last gen all around, and Sony fans are nowhere NEAR as immature and snotty as the Microsoft camp has been. I just think it's funny that those same people are the ones calling foul now, grow the hell up if your living in such denial.
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dantesparda  +   776d ago
Its funny how MS fanboys really think you're any different than the Sony fanboys.

And to have people who play on Live on a regular basis b*tch and complain about racism and class, is just amazing. MS fanboys are delusional and hypocrits
Eddie20101  +   776d ago
This has more to do with them Showcasing the less popular console instead of the more popular console because of money.

Not all the made comments were Sony fanboys Many were Xbox fanboys that converted to the Sony camp or Nintendo camp or any other camp for obvious reasons, Microsoft trying to go communist with there console, DRM, always on, Forcing you to buy Kinect, among other things, and the fear that they may try to implement them in the future or that they suggested doing those things at all.

We wouldn't even payed attention if it weren't a ToysRUs video to begin with.

This kind of stuff happens all the time on all sides of the console war. The Xbox fanboys can be equally as offensive when protecting there console or trying to justify there decision to get one.

The racism and rude comments are wrong on all sides of the gaming circle and we should try to control this kind of behavior, but don't even try to pretend it is just a Sony thing.
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Sono421  +   776d ago
wtf? How are they turning this into a race thing? have you even even been on live?

That word and faggot are like every little kids favorite words to say on live.. the comment itself is NOT racist.. idiotic journalists blowing this out of proportion.. not to mention there are racist and homophobic comments on literally every Youtube video..
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P_Bomb  +   776d ago
[QUOTE]Yeah quite the classy bunch. Kind of makes me wonder what I'm getting myself into with the PS4. [/QUOTE]

Umm, why? You control your own friends list. Youtube isn't indicative of anything other than Youtube. Keep the internet in perspective
dantesparda  +   775d ago
Woah, woah, woah, I finally got to read the comment (cuz i couldnt get into the site before) but to anyone acting like this is some Sony fanboy being racist. You people are completely and utterly crazy. What this person said is completely and utterly true! Anybody, and i mean anybody who has been on Live, knows what a pack of racist bastards they are on there. The person making the comment is not the racist, but rather the people he is referring to are.

You people act all offended, like he (the so-called Sony fanboy) is the vile, racist person, yet never say anything or complain about all the racism being spewed on Live on a regular basis. The guy calling out the racism is now being called the racist by you MS fanboys. MS fanboys are definitely quickly becoming the worst fanboys of them all. And this is coming from someone who's own both Xbox and 360 since day one. You people are phony! Now go sweat MS some more
Muerte2494  +   777d ago | Well said
I don't think this is simply ps4 fanboys here. I think this is was community still being pissed @ Microsoft for the "anti consumer" console back in May. I know a hardcore Microsoft fan (loved his 360), still doesn't plan on getting an Xbox One after all the changes. Even till this day Microsoft is having to backtrack or "elaborate" on their comments.
MRMagoo123  +   777d ago | Well said
Nah its always the ps4 fans lol no one else in the entire world dislikes MS/s , in fact if you go by some of the ppl on this site like edonus and frigid, sony fans have taken over the world including the government.

I know plenty of people that dont use consoles at all that hate MS , i see them everyday in my pc repair shop.
torchic  +   777d ago | Well said
why are you getting so many disagrees? Microsoft tried to pull the screwjob of all screwjobs and people are rightly still peeved.

do people really think the world is being overrun by PS4 fanboys because if you do (and disagreed with the above comment) then you're incredibly delusional and must go to therapy for that.

not all angry people are PS4 fans.
TheBurger29  +   777d ago
that and they made a next gen console that is pretty weak compared to ps4, im getting an xbox one but was hoping for a next gen with 1080p at 60fps for most games, a shame
rainslacker  +   777d ago | Well said
As we all know it's only the Sony fans that have been in hiding for the past 7 years waiting for the moment we could pounce on MS with such zeal. That's the only possible reason...not that there are a lot of gamers angry in general over what MS tried to do.
akbennyewu  +   777d ago
Your one friend clearly demonstrates a large enough sample size to be considered an accurate representation of the rest of the gaming world.
Mystogan  +   776d ago | Funny
Nope, definitely Sony fanboys. They always take things to the next level. With their hivemind thinking. You never see Xbox fans do these things.

Sony fanboys begging for MGS,Devil may cry and Final Fantasy to stay PS exclusive with petition.

Never saw ONE petition for Mass Effect or Bioshock to stay Xbox exclusive.

Xbox fans are much more mature in general than PS fans. Sure there are many fanboys too. But you don't see Xbox fans going on Playstation videos and Articles to downvote and bash Playstation. We stay on our side and we actually PLAY our games.
That's why our exclusives sold better. Not because we had less.

See we don't really care about PlayStation. We don't care about your God of War and your Uncharted. We stay on our side, we don't care what happens on your side.

if only they could separate the PlayStation fans from Xbox Fans in here. It's really sad that this needs to be done.
nukeitall  +   776d ago
I have seen fangirls from all walks of life, that includes just about any product you can think of such as iPhones, Android phones, Nintendo, Nike, or whatever, but the most obnoxious ones I have ever met are the Sony/Playstation fangirls.

The next closest thing are Apple fangirls, but at least they talk about how awesome their product is instead of doing what Sony fangirls are doing, constantly telling you your product is sh!t!

It's like sports, you can cheer for your time, that is called good competitive spirit. Once you start calling the other team sh!t, that is bad spirit!!!
coopman300  +   776d ago
I for one was all for the xb1 was in the beginning. No used games=cheaper games, just look at steam. Just because ms wanted to go with a steam-like model doesnt make them anti consumer. Steam is very successful and you get insane deals. So much for getting that on a console. Only thing i woulda changed would be the addition of an "offline mode" for if you bring your console somewhere with crappy/no internet.
joefrost00  +   776d ago
Lol really
Listen one thing I know from being a gamer for a long time
We sometimes take ourselves to seriously
Its not the majority that play games alot and certainly not that many gamers/ real gamers arent fanboys
I always hear xbox fans are the same way ok lets see
Xbox fans arent ranting and getting upset cause there console is on some list that isnt that important anyway
Xbox fans havent signed one petition to have any sony game on xbox and n4 g and neo gaf I rest my case
Of course there are xbox fanatics but not in the same ballpark as sony fans
And the comment on the link was meant to be offensive I know this is going to sound funny but look at the spelling no person white or black that meant it in a none offensive way would have spelled it like that
And as far as the sony fans with the with the comments
I never understood people commenting on news or articles that have nothing to do with there consoles
Ju  +   776d ago
Yeah, I can see it. The XBox one fans are so much better...that's why we have this article in the first place. Because all that crap that MS pulled must be PS fanboys. Of course.

Really??? Why would I care...I don't like MS...but seriously, there is more in my live than giving a crap what MS does. MS is trying to buy it's way out again. Nothing special here. MS being MS. As usual. But blaming all the negative press on Sony/PS/Fans is a bit ridiculous. This crap was home made.
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limewax   776d ago | Off topic | show
johndoe11211  +   776d ago
@ akbennyewu

No, preorder sales do.
MELMAN26  +   776d ago
I don't think that it is ONLY PS4 fanboys but I do believe that it is MOSTLY PS4 fanboys.

Sony fanboys are the most rabid and vocal folks on the internet, it's borderline cult mentality.
bigboirock  +   776d ago
i don't see why it was "anti consumer" they thot it was going to be the next thing but allot of people didn't like so they changed it so that kinda opposite of an anti consumer
awi5951  +   776d ago
I been here since O7 The sony fanboys chased out all the xbox fanboys years ago. They conspired to team up on them in groups and debubbled them all. The sony fanboys in the site are just like the republican party they were outnumbered at first but found a way to rig the bubble system in their favor.
#1.2.15 (Edited 776d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(7) | Report
ziggurcat  +   776d ago
@ mystogan:

"You never see Xbox fans do these things"


that's one hell of a rock you're living under because the xbox fanboys here are the worst.

"you don't see Xbox fans going on Playstation videos and Articles to downvote and bash Playstation."

again, giant rock.

of course, you don't see it because you're blinded by your own fanboy bias.

"We stay on our side and we actually PLAY our games."

then what are you doing here? go play your games if all you do is stay on your side.

"See we don't really care about PlayStation. We don't care about your God of War and your Uncharted. We stay on our side, we don't care what happens on your side."

which is why you're constantly in PS articles trash talking PS games, right? because you don't care?

go home, troll...
True_Samurai  +   776d ago
@Mystogen freaking well said! I have my firefox bookmarked n4g.com/xboxone and i go no further than the x1 tab. I have no desire to know what the competition is doing
rainslacker  +   776d ago
I honestly think arguing over which side has the most obnoxious, worst, stupidest, smelliest, most arrogant, etc, fan boys is one of the funniest conversations on here. Seriously, you could take any of these statements, replace Xbox with PlayStation(and vice versa), and the argument would sound the same.

What's sad, is that those arguing over it don't even realize that both sides are making the same damn argument, and which side you agree with is going to be the one that you have an affinity for.

Here's the truth. All fan boys(read not just fans), are obnoxious, arrogant, stupid, idiotic, worst, and likely the smelliest, of their respective groups.

What's worse, is that with all these arguments, at no time has either side actually addressed any real topics of debate. Simply spent all their time dismissing opinion and discussion because you can't be bothered to respond with something constructive...whether positive or negative.

I really can't count how many people that like the X1 have completely dismissed the argument that there are very real 360 fans that are angry at MS to date. Not a single one seems willing to address that. It's always Sony fan boys. No other possible explanation.

Cheers to all.
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trouble_bubble  +   776d ago
you said "Xbox fans are much more mature in general than PS fans."

you followed it up with "We stay on our side and we actually PLAY our games. That's why our exclusives sold better.Never saw ONE petition. We don't care about your God of War and your Uncharted. if only they could separate the PlayStation fans from Xbox Fans in here."

LOL! oh the irony. Alanis approved!
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Blaze929  +   777d ago | Well said
people are shouting out "fanboys" no, it's you 'SONY' fanboys that are the problem.

You don't see this insane sad amount of xbox fanboys running to ever playstation 4 video and thumbing it down talking about nsa this nsa that. You DO NOT SEE IT.

It happened with the NFL Featurrette for Xbox One. Happened with this Toys r Us feature. Happened with Kinect Fitness. When do you all just stop caring?

It it literally, and only, you sony fanboys. I think that is just pretty sad yet so funny how clearly messed you all are about something that does not matter at all lol. It's freaking video games.

Sony fanboys at their finest. To where Microsoft can't even market their product properly anymore without it being tarnished for NO reason besides childish envy. Sony fanboys are looking like some reeeeal childish people this generation.

Makes being a gamer just really, sad and dorky again. People need to grow up.
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Godoftheweek  +   777d ago | Well said
I saw it everyday when PS3 was teh doomed (daily articles written about this) in the 1st 3 years of it's life. Way, way worse than what is going on today now that the tables have turned. And there is valid criticism that Sony fans use, not so much in those early years of PS3 when not just Xbox fanboys had their heyday, but publication after publication, website after website. Kotaku, Joystiq writers were rabbid Xbox fanboys.
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Ketzicorn  +   777d ago
Its fanboys on both sides doing it. Theirs Xbox fanboys thumbing down PS4 articles and calling people fags and using racial slurs in the comment sections as well. Their may not be as many of them but you shouldn't be covering up for any of them because it's all disgusting and they all need to stop although it never will.
Xsilver  +   777d ago
@Blaze Xbox fans attacked Sony Fans when they saw the PS3 had a Bad start and Now Sony fans are doing the same thing and now Xbox fans are catching feelings are you serious MS screwed themselves and it became open season on their asses, get over it your console comes out next month if you're excited about it then why are you upset about comments on the youtube section i think you need to grow up. and almost everyone had a PS2 so everyone was a Sony fan.
KwietStorm  +   777d ago
Short term memory. Seriously short term.
Flutterby  +   777d ago
Yes it's def only Sony fanboys lol either you are in complete denial or flat out lying your stupid face off , check YouTube then select vids about the ps4 then try and find one vid without an xbone fanny in the comments, you are kidding your self blaze , but that's what to expect from an xboner such as your self, I'm guessing you wherent saying this stuff when the ps3 had doomed articles and no games articles and straight out lie articles , you probably was one of the hate band wagon leaders. IMO MS deserve everything they get and I'm glad ppl aren't just taking up the arse anymore like you die hards.
punisher99  +   777d ago
"Sony fanboys are looking like some reeeeal childish people this generation. "

Now I know a lot of people tend to have very short memories. But this reminds of 2006, right after the PS3 had launched and the 360 fanboys on the internet were constantly bashing it saying things like "PS3 has no games" "PS3 online sucks" PS3 is just a 600$ BD player" Playstation gamers know all about negative hype and bashing, because they went throuh it all in 2006 and 2007.
marcelliuss1  +   777d ago
@Blaze...I agree with you. I think it's really sad that the so called hardcore gamers (Sony fans) have to stoop this low. Its really sad when you have to go to any and all major sites just to bash and make raciest and offensive comments about a console you claim you will never buy in the first place. Its funny how Sony fans think this kind of behavior only happens on Xbox. There has always been stupid and raciest people on PS3, the only problem was you couldn't hear them because Sony did't include a headset.

Then they only thing i hear from Sony fans to justify this behavior is..."Well back when the PS3 came out and almost failed Xbox fans made fun of it too!" This right here is the lamest excuse I've ever heard. Even thought it's true that some Xbox fans did make fun, they where still out numbered by Sony fans since the Xbox didn't sell to well and it wasn't half this bad. Sony was still able to market and turn the PS3 around with very little to no trolling. So why can't Microsoft have an opportunity to do the same? This sh** happened almost a decade ago and it's sad they held a grudge this long. Plus Xbox fans wasn't going to major retail store websites like Sony fans are just to try to make the PS3 and Sony look bad.

So Blaze i feel you. These lame ass fanboys need to go away and let the people enjoy whatever console they choose. This is the reason why gaming will never grow up and why other forms of media will never take us and gaming seriously.
awesomeperson  +   776d ago | Well said
My God.

No, it is not a problem with "SONY" fanboys. Fanboys in general are just as bad as each either.

Seriously, how could you possibly come to the conclusion that one group of people, taken from the same random population as another group, could possibly come out as so much worse?

Sure, the fanboyism is bad. The only reason why things like this happen, is due to the sheer increase in number of Sony fans stemming from Microsoft mishaps.

You don't see this same extent on Sony videos because there isn't the same amount of Microsoft fans less.

Go on any video on the Playstation channel though, you should find some Xbox Fan commenting pretty quickly.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   776d ago
Funny thing is I remember it being the same way here on N4Xbox last gen.But it was MS fanboys being the problem.
Back-to-Back  +   776d ago
tool has a short memory and doesnt remember the 360/ps3 launch.
Bowzabub  +   776d ago | Well said
I'll tell you what, I've never seen YouTube videos of Sony gamers running out to buy an X-Box just to destroy it, but I have seen Xbox fans do it to PS3s.
Care to explain? Probably not...
kickerz  +   776d ago
Why dosnt this $hit surprise me
SniperControl  +   776d ago
BS, I remember the old days when PS3 was released, it got hammered on here by xboys and I mean hammered big time, I stopped coming here for a long time because of it.
Xboys on here have got real selective memories, I'll know I will get a ton of disagrees, but it's the truth.
This is coming from a man that owns a PS3, PC and 3 360's.

I still remember the George Foreman PS3 grill that some xboy made.

#1.3.13 (Edited 776d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(9) | Report
pixelsword  +   776d ago


I agree that those childish and racist comments were by sony fans, and they deserve all the scorn anyone can heap on them. I have also seen similar things by Microsoft fans, and of equal measure; not just on videos, but on this very site.

Hip Hop gamer was the only big, actively Pro PS3 site out there for a long time and he was the only one that was banned from N4G. Everyone else puts out bullcrap, every single thing that people tried to pin on HHG everyone else was doing as well, but he was singled-out and banned from here.

If Sony fans had any control on this site, Kotaku would have been gone, plain as day; as well as some others who have plainly lied in articles and reviews and have been caught, made videos to intentionally use PS3 footage as x360 footage and been caught yet none of them have been banned.

What MS fans are missing is their past entitlement on this site where mentioning anything positive about the PS3 got people de-bubbled, if not censored outright. That is not happening anymore, and now MS fans this this site is engorged with Sony fans. All anyone has to do is search the past on this site and all will be made clear. None of the people who make these claims will do that because it won't support their re-imagining of history, white-washed and overwritten.

HHG was insulted many times with obvious racial overtones, and lesser minds with greater numbers prevailed.
#1.3.14 (Edited 776d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(10) | Report
Blackdeath_663  +   776d ago
now that the tables have turned in sony's favour sony fans are the bad guys right? what you see here isn't even a fraction of the xbox fanboyisim that went on during the launch of the ps3 not just xbox fans but microsoft itself. what you see happening here is what went around is coming back again and you don't like it. believe me the xbox fans are just as bad if not worse they just don't have anything to shout about at the moment
coopman300  +   776d ago
I never owned a playstation iteration. Owned every nintendo since nes and had an xbox since the original.
CommonSense   776d ago | Trolling | show
ALLWRONG   776d ago | Trolling | show
Majin-vegeta  +   776d ago
people are shouting out "fanboys" no, it's you 'SONY' fanboys that are the problem.

I'm sorry do you have proof to back this statement up or did you just pull this sh*t out of your arse?

Sony fanboys at their finest. To where Microsoft can't even market their product properly anymore without it being tarnished for NO reason besides childish envy. Sony fanboys are looking like some reeeeal childish people this generation.

Once again let me ask you do you have proof it's only Sony fanboys?*Gasp* Oh you don't??That's what I thought.

I've met plenty of xbox fanboys who are chill.Yet most are jumping ship to other systems all cuz simply M$ tried screwing them.M$ brought this upon themselves.Now they are feeling the wrath of everyone.Maybe if you took those M$ goggles off you would see it's not only Sony fanboys but other fanboys as well.

Do you think if Obama tried lowering minimum wage people would stand by??No his @$$ would be impeached and he would be voted out of the office.




Wish there was a bubble down option for dumb comments like this *sigh*.
Chrischi1988  +   776d ago
"IMO MS deserve everything they get and I'm glad ppl aren't just taking up the arse anymore like you die hards."

this is ridiculous. They deserve^^ perfect reflection of an absolute complete fanboy statement.

"I saw it everyday when PS3 was teh doomed (daily articles written about this) in the 1st 3 years of it's life. Way, way worse than what is going on today now that the tables have turned."

You know, in a war, at some point, were the damage is on both sides, it doesnt matter anymore, who startet or who did not, it only matters, what happens nowaday. Doing the same thing, doesnt mark you any better as they were back then ;)

I as a Nintendo fan am used to trolling on every article about Nintendo. Yet if I remember the trolls, it like almost always are Sony trolls, not MS ones. This is what people meant, when they said, staying on their side. I dont go troll Sonys articles or MS articles, MS fans most times, other than the die hards, do not troll on the Nintendo articles, but on every nintendo article, there is a whole swarm of those Sony fanboys and this is no coincidence. Sony fans talk about mature games, but really are the most immature.
maniacmayhem  +   776d ago
The best part about some of these arguments is the:

"Xbox fans did it to us (PS3 fans) now it's our turn to get them back"

If that's not the very definition of childish then I don't know what is.

It seems Sony fanboys have had a grudge for EIGHT years and have been waiting to get this out. You mean in those EIGHT years no one has matured and moved on? This isn't some middle east war or something else that is deep and stained in blood, this is video games we are talking about.

Any one who uses that excuse is just as sad as the fanboys who make gamers look bad.

Time to grow up people, no problem discussing your favorite console of choice but when you purposely troll, bad mouth and just a straight up d*&k just because someone did it to you years ago then I think professional help is needed.

Turn off the internet and try the game of outside life.
ALLWRONG  +   776d ago
Show me where Nintendo, PC, or Xbox Fanboys has ever done anything like this? Just one. Like I said "This kind of thing is exclusive to Sony fanboys" So bubbling people down, banning people, and marking comments for trolling isn't going to stop it from being true. This has already gone viral, good luck trying to bury it.
#1.3.22 (Edited 776d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report
ziggurcat  +   776d ago
@ awesomeperson:

well said. all these people crying about sony fanboys need to do is go to misterx's blog to see that it's just as bad in the xbox camp.
ziggurcat  +   776d ago

"Show me where ... Xbox Fanboys has ever done anything like this?"

go to misterx's blog, read the comments there.
#1.3.24 (Edited 776d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
hellzsupernova  +   777d ago
This is ridiculous
aawells07  +   777d ago
I'm so over the gaming community its rare to find mature gamer's anymore. I rarely comment like i used to anywhere on the net as no one seems to wanna have a discussion without acting like they're 10 yrs old. This site has a horrible following along with most sites anymore but this and Youtube seem like the worst.
Pintheshadows  +   776d ago
I actually don't think N4G is that bad compared to the likes of IGN and Gamespot for example.
rainslacker  +   777d ago
Using profane and racist comments was uncalled for. They could have flooded the comments asking why the PS4 wasn't there given it's popularity, or some other such stuff. Sometimes it's better to give positive criticism. In this case, I doubt such actions are going to endear parents into wanting their kids playing with PS4 fans.
aawells07  +   777d ago
Well said.
JackStraw  +   776d ago
agreed. this is exactly why gaming is looked at as a hobby for kids. pure immaturity.
Mystogan   776d ago | Spam
Mystogan   776d ago | Spam
Redgehammer  +   776d ago
To me, the PS4 seems like a great game console. The X1 seems to be that and more. I wish Sony a good rebound, something needs to really make it some steady money. I will be getting a X1, at some point, but as long as the 360 is supported I all be on it, still having a blast. The petty, spoiled, and tasteless people that "besieged" Toysrus , should come to N4G, they'd fit right in. ;D
Seriously, indignation should be expressed without harsh language, or demeaning words and threats.(I am not sure, if that applies to the male, 12-25, demographic) and it should always be civil. Tempers flare, squash the fires with reason; however, and true debate can take place.
Izzy408  +   776d ago
what is it about the xbox or MS that you can't stand?
Majin-vegeta  +   776d ago
Don't like Microscam in general and the fact they hide everything behind a on the x1 paywall.When the competition has nearly the same things yet aren't unlocked behind a paywall.

Good enough for you?
Majin-vegeta  +   776d ago
Oops meant to say *locked* not unlocked.
CRAIG667  +   776d ago
Says more about the mental attitude of playstation fanboys than it does about xbox1
2cents  +   776d ago
This is just pathetic.
There is no excuse for behaviour like this.
No one other than ps fanboys would have made these comments and again it highlights the unsavoury behaviour that is rampant over every Xbox announcement, briefing or event.

To all the defenders of this behaviour, don't. It doesn't help nor does it do anything for your own credibility.
abradley  +   776d ago
I agree with you, though some of it is the companies fault. The PS4 wasn't even on the list, how does something like that happen? Oh yeah, money endorsement thanks to MS.

So although I agree with you on the fact that people shouldn't have written raciest or insulting remarks on the video, I also don't like the fact that Toys R Us were not honest when making there top 15 products this year. If Xbox is number one, most people would have expected PS4 to be a close second or at least in the list. To not be there at all means someones lying and taking a bribe somewhere along the line.
5eriously  +   776d ago
Of cause M$ had nothing to do with the shilling fact that the PS4 was not under the 15 best Toy's R US list! (wink)

Tip.: Hail all American!
#1.13.1 (Edited 776d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
CommonSense   776d ago | Immature | show
JohnS1313  +   776d ago
Toys R Us shouldn't lie though. They are right about the Xbox 180 being a toy I guess.
Aceman18  +   776d ago
How sad is it that a stupid comment sets off a stupid flame war on this site? So not surprised by this myself as it seems the usual suspects have nothing better to do than waste their time and energy arguing back and forth like little school girls.
5eriously  +   776d ago
That why you are posting here? Just a simple question regarding your small but simple oversight!
Denethor_II  +   776d ago
"One as part of the company's "Fabulous 15" list but was quickly besieged by angry PlayStation 4 fans"

So you have to be a PlayStation 4 fan to dislike Xbone?
Aceman18  +   776d ago
Apparently so it seems Lol. That site must be a super loyal microsoft because they just jump straight to the conclusion that only PlayStation gamers would make such a comment.

But I'm not surprised by the gaming media its the only way they can get hits for their sites.
Pogmathoin  +   776d ago
I love consoles, gaming on any system. I hate fanboys on both sides. Call me one if you want, I do not care, I just love video games. But what has gone on the last few months, and the same when PS3 launched, just makes this industry seem even more childish than ever. Even Journalism in this industry is horrid. People writing a blog then believing they are veterans in this industry. I have been at this since Atari 2600, Intellivision, vectron (I think) ZX48, C64, St, Amiga, CD32, Various PC's, SNes, N64, Megadrive, Xbox, PS1,2,3, 360 & Wii.... it seems as the hardware becomes more amazing, AI goes through the roof, the fanboys go lower, become more immature.... I do not know how to explain that....
Aceman18  +   776d ago
Amen bubbles for you. As gaming goes further along majority of the gamers become less intelligent.

Sad really
nosferatuzodd  +   776d ago
this is bullshit first they blamed sony for what foxcon doing now ps fans got blame for this
TechMech2  +   776d ago
Psfanboys spend much time on this site ripping on a system their not buying, so it's probably mostly Sony fanboys
schubacca  +   776d ago
When looking at the system on its own at the moment, I do not see why zealots need to attack it. If it is not for you, then don't get it.

However, sprouting nonsense like 50% weaker, DRM, Kinect 2.0, NSA, etc..... is not only tired, it is incorrect.

People are crying like MS tried to steal their first born. They did not. They tried to usher a new business model, and it failed miserably. Now it is back to business as usual, but certain folk want to everything that MS as bad PR....

Again, enjoy the PS4. It is a fine system. It probably is the most powerful next gen system. But crapping on MS is just pathetic at this time. If Sony and MS can have a healthy respect for each other, I am puzzled why cant we?
DeadlyFire  +   776d ago
Thing is everyone knows Microsoft used money to keep PS4 out of this list. That is where the anger is coming from as interest in PS4 is 2>1 against 1BX.
Magicite  +   776d ago
Why is this happening? Because MS are the ones who created such hate. Why theres almost zero Hate towards Sony this time(compared to PS3 launch)? Because they do it right, well at least much better than MS.
pbelmont  +   776d ago
"Why is this happening? Because MS are the ones who created such hate."

So a PS fan posts a racist comment on a YouTube video but it's Microsoft's fault for getting them mad in the first place.

Uh huh
TechMech2  +   776d ago
You seem to be suffering from the stupidz
pkb79  +   776d ago
I agree, I would never get a new xbox cause I prefer the PS system and games but I would not belittle someone for enjoying their console of choice. I mean I'm not a 360 fanboy in 2007.
ATi_Elite  +   776d ago
yeh you can't just blame PS4 fans for this because I'm NOT a PS4 fan and even I know that Xbox live is full of racist suburban snot nose little brats.

Xbox Live is TEH WORST!

Heck I think these comments might have done parents a favor and let them know what goes on on Xbox Live.
GraveLord  +   776d ago
Stoop to what level? All Xbox One and PS4 videos are very hostile. But these other channels have the balls to leave the comments turned on.

This seems to be a case of Toys R Us or Microsoft getting pissed at the negative PR but when you put out such a horrible video like that promoting Xbox One, you're asking for it.

(All I did for the video was give it a dislike, for the record. Sue me)
andrewsqual  +   776d ago
90% of these people of which were the people who were betrayed by Microsoft. I expect the same people to only realise what Microsoft truly is like in 2013, to act this way.
kewlkat007  +   776d ago
Hahaha..funny stuff
Syntax-Error  +   776d ago
Playstation fanboys do that on this site as well and sometimes it's encouraged. Flame War baiting is quite common here. If you want to bubble up...say something nice about Sony or Playstation. Xbox fanboys do their fair share of flaming, but it's nothing in comparison
FunkMacNasty  +   776d ago



What makes you a fanboy is your inablility to be OBJECTIVE, and your inability to understand that not everyone likes what you like. What makes you a fanboy is your inability to live and let live... your need to insult and cast out anyone who doesn't like what you like... what makes you a fanboy is your inability to see faults in your own preferences while criticizing the preferences of others.

All you Fanboys, from any side of the fence, are a bunch of losers and sissy ass bitches anyway, so F8CK y'all
#1.29 (Edited 776d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
daggertoes83  +   777d ago
I hope your not calling me fanboy. I just said which console I don't like. I didn't say I was pro any console.
SonyNGP  +   777d ago
Stay classy, fanboys.
KrisButtar  +   777d ago
People just need to enjoy gaming whatever they play it on and not worry about the other guy. The Fanboyish nature just sucks
Godmars290  +   777d ago
Well that's sad. And stupid.

Mostly stupid.

*foul called on Sony*
GreenRanger  +   777d ago
There are "profane and racist comments" on every Youtube video, no matter what it's about.

Look at the comments the next time you go into Youtube to watch a specific video and end up watching cat/prank/funny/epic fail/fight videos, and you'll see.
Starbucks_Fan  +   777d ago
"Now your child can scream and call people ****ers in higher quality!"

Seems like a normal YouTube comment to me. A bit sad though.
HighResHero  +   776d ago
Sounds more like a joke about some of the jerks who play on live than a racist comment to me.
Again it looks like there is no better way to get people riled up and start controversy though.
#6.1.1 (Edited 776d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report
TekoIie  +   777d ago
I think the difference here is that the racist comments were actually getting upvoted. You never see that on Youtube :/

It gives the impression that the racism is being promoted rather than the Internets usual "condemn but tolerate" approach.
#6.2 (Edited 777d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
nicksetzer   777d ago | Spam
T2  +   777d ago
Bingo , basically any YouTube vid with comments is full of racism , sociopathic comments . if theres a black person in a vid its some comment about monkey , if theres a chick even in the background of a vid its something about her t*ts ...YOuTube is a cesspool
Imalwaysright  +   776d ago
"Now your child can scream and call people ****ers in higher quality!"

Reality is definetely sad. I don't see that as a racist remark. He is just telling it how it is.
Starbucks_Fan   777d ago | Off topic | show
doctorstrange  +   777d ago
Or just turn off the comments...
thebudgetgamer  +   777d ago
That's terific.
wages of sin   777d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Ohlmay  +   777d ago
Sony fanboys at their finest.
Darkfire369  +   777d ago
Yeah, I'm a Sony fan myself (or at least, just the playstation) but I would never stoop as low as some of these people, even though it is Youtube. Fanboys are the worst of the worst...and the PS fanboys are just more vocal.
Ohlmay  +   777d ago
That's the difference between a fan and a fanboy.
FITgamer  +   777d ago
The guys name was Twan, i don't like stereotype, but im pretty sure he is black. So his comment wasn't racist.
nicksetzer   777d ago | Spam
drsfinest72  +   777d ago
Uhh you could be racist toward your own race! Shit is so immature. This is so dumb. I smile gladly when I see interracial couples. Becaus times are different. They would hang you back in the days if you did that. Sad that I won't seed the day when racism is obsolete. Even till this day theres invisible boundaries.
FITgamer  +   777d ago
@nicksetzer I never said his comment is justified or appropriate. I meant the comment seems like he was directing it towards the xbox community, not him dropping a N-bomb at attempt to be racist.

@drfinest Sure you can hate your own race, but technically it wouldn't be racist, i say that's more self-loathing. Also im a product of an interracial(black&white) marriage, so i agree with you completely
Jovanian  +   776d ago
nah dude if you're a member of a certain race that gives you free reign to talk as much racist stuff as you want against your own race

Comedians do it all the time. Its acceptable in the eye of society

As long as you don't go to Uncle Ruckus levels, you should be fine
BobBelcher  +   777d ago
Next time these fanboys start typing away their little dribble, they should just ask their self this:


What Would Yoshida Do?

The only think I hate about the PS4 are the fanboys.
#13 (Edited 777d ago ) | Agree(28) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
meatysausage  +   777d ago
he would ban them from their PS4's haha.
I really hope PS4 has a similar thing to xbox's reputation system
We really need to start finding trolls and put them in their own cages and let the real gamers have their fun
strickers  +   776d ago
Yeah, because Live is a place of tolerance and love :-)
Brix90  +   777d ago
Guess you should hate MS or PC too because they both have fanboys.
BobBelcher  +   776d ago
and I do, but PS4 fanboys are always in your face. I've even seen neutral parties get torn apart for posting neutral comments.
Naga  +   777d ago
Taking the video down is how the terrorists win.

Disable the comments.
#14 (Edited 777d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Trekster_Gamer   777d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
vikingland1  +   777d ago
It sounds like a case of internet bullies. That was not the only offensive comment I'm sure. The people need to let people play what system they want whether they like the console or company or not. How does me buying a console that I want affect anyone else?
srd4484  +   777d ago
Unless they're buying me the console, I will play whatever console I choose. They go into attack mode.
specialguest  +   777d ago
Off Topic
Wow, who else remembers back when Toys R Us stores used to look like the story picture? I didn't want to grow up, but I guess I did, and I'm still a Toys R Us kid!
hyperfire21  +   777d ago
Hmm... why isnt racism a crime nowadays?

Some type of government punishment should be sanctioned!
FITgamer   777d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
hellvaguy  +   777d ago
We really dont need bigger gov to fill up more jails. Have u seen the national defit? Fyi its like 16 billion. More education or something like banning cable accounts would be more appropriate.

@Fit I doubt most repubs are racist. I think your about as guilty of stereotyping as racists are. You do know the republican party were responsible for freeing slaves right? No you clearly didnt because like most stereotypes your logic is based off ignorance.
#18.2 (Edited 777d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
FITgamer   777d ago | Immature | show
WeAreLegion  +   776d ago
Being a racist is not a crime and should not be a crime. Racists are idiots...but they are free idiots. Unless what they're doing is actually harming someone in any way, they should not be ostracized for their beliefs.
Jovanian  +   776d ago
Freedom of speech. We cannot have the best of the freedom of speech without defending the worst of it. That means defending people like the westboro baptist church, racists, and hateful people
GamerRising  +   777d ago
The power of the fanboys wish I could have seen the video not for the comments though
jgrigs09  +   777d ago
I understand people who don't like Microsoft or Xbox. But I hate it when name calling gets involved between fanboys. Same goes with Xbox fans as well. There is zero respect on these websites :/. sadly
edonus   777d ago | Spam
Darkfire369  +   777d ago
Fanboys will be fanboys. I'll never understand them, but they exist...sadly. Gaming should be about gaming, regardless of console of choice. I may not be getting the X1 for a while, but I wouldn't go insulting it left and right.
Xsilver  +   777d ago
lmaoooooooooooooo ya gotta love it im not gonna lie MS has had enough bashing that they deserved but lets stop the consoles release next month let's all chill and enjoy the wait.
srd4484  +   777d ago
Well looks like the sony animals got to the video. Do they realize the video was made for kids and moms? Always have to trash an xb1 article/video. Trash the people in the video and even trash the author of positive xb1 articles. So sad. So immature.
meatysausage  +   777d ago
I dont see the big deal about the ad anyway. Its obviously aimed at children, for all of the cringeness that is has, its not for us. Its Toys r Us for god sake.

So much trolling around the internet for something so trivial
GreenRanger  +   777d ago
I'll just leave this picture here for the people who are calling Sony fans racist: http://farm4.staticflickr.c...
#26 (Edited 777d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
FITgamer  +   777d ago
If that's for real, that's some messed up shit.
GameCents  +   776d ago
How does some Polish ad change the fact that SONY fans were being racist?
I don't get this mentality, "oh but 4 years ago somebody at Microsoft did something racist so this is not so bad!"
LordDhampire  +   776d ago
Who says sony fans did it, maybe they were just realist microsoft fans
Hicken  +   776d ago
... the internet is full of ignorant trolls, and Youtube is home to many of the worst.

Yet, somehow, when something MS related is trolled, it's Sony fanboys, and not the trolls that ply their trade on the world wide web.

And all the typical MS fanboys here are eating up the notion that it's all Sony fanboys, instead.

Go figure.
Drekken  +   776d ago
I like how they left the black hand.
urwifeminder   777d ago | Offensive
awesomeisjayell  +   777d ago
this is sad but nothing in the world is stopping me from buying a XBOX ONE!!!!!!!!!!!
UncleGermrod  +   777d ago
I think the comment shown was a sort of sarcastic take on the truth. TBH its only because xblive has more going on with voice chat. but any console can suffer from this and parents should be privy to the types of interactions children will have when playing these games
MultiConsoleGamer  +   777d ago
I have some very serious reservations when it comes to the Xbox One.

However this is just more proof that the hostile marketing of a certain company has created the most aggressive and hateful fanboys in gaming history. Sad and pathetic. And to all the people who support this kind of behavior just remember all you're really doing is alienating potential consumers and hurting your favorite company.
#30 (Edited 777d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
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