Sony's G.I.R.L. scholarship program is about more than making concept art

GamesBeat interviews Esther Wu, the 2013 winner of the Gamers in Real Life (G.I.R.L.) scholarship who spent 10 weeks as an intern at Sony Online Entertainment.

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Sadie21001755d ago

Where's my B.O.Y. scholarship?

hazelamy1755d ago

yeah, because really, something needs to be done about the dearth of male talent in the gaming industry.

jeeves861755d ago

First sentence of the article: It’s no secret that the gaming industry is dominated by men, but one publisher is trying to encourage more women into joining the field."

So suck it up, buttercup.

darkronin2291755d ago

I'm always amazed with the stuff concept artists can come up with. Must've been great to learn from some of the pros, too.

nosferatuzodd1755d ago

wow that's the way to go Sony.. It's like they're a different company from 10 yrs ago they just keep grinding none stop wave after wave of great stuff...

coolasj1755d ago

Are you very specifically talking about the scholarship? Because it's been going on for ten years. Or are you talking about their PR stance and business choices recently? Or did you very specifically pick 10 years? I'm just confused.

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