Dev of the Day : Cowardly Creations
  Why Indie Games Matter

By Tadej Kupčič, Project Director, Programmer A couple of days ago, I was getting so hyped up and excited for this year's E3, I couldn't even sl...

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Take a look at H1Z1's dynamic weather

7h ago - SOE recently unveiled a batch of images on Twitter, featuring the dynamic weath for the upcoming... | PC

Sony Online Entertainment discuss how H1Z1 will take over America

2d ago - As if zombies hadn’t caused us enough trouble by now, our undead brethren are set to invade yet a... | PC

Sony Trademarks “The Darkened Sea” and “The Altar of Malice”

4d ago - Everquest and Planetside series developer and publisher Sony Online Entertainment filed on July 2... | PC

E3 2014 coverage: Sony Online Entertainment

8d ago - What new MMOs can we expect from Sony's online division? | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

ProSiebenSat1. Games Returning Player Accounts to SOE

23d ago - It has been announced that Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and ProSiebenSat1. Games (PSG) have jo... | PC

PSNation H1Z1 Impressions - A Fantastic Zombie MMO from SOE

31d ago - Josh Langford sits down with Sony Online Entertainment to take a look at their up-coming zombie-M... | PC

H1Z1 to be handled in-house by SOE for European market

32d ago - Current and former players of SOE's worlds that happen to reside in Europe might already be famil... | PC

How Sony could win the console war using a PC developer

32d ago - It’s almost tough to believe that it’s been a whole year since Sony’s “drop the mic” moment at E3... | PC

EverQuest Landmark Preview Interview

35d ago - Sony Online Entertainment previews the new Landmark game and explains how these tools will impact... | PC

Sony Trademarks “Everything’s Game” for the United States

68d ago - Sony has been on a trademarking spree lately, and this time it’s the turn of the MMORPG arm of th... | PC

SoE On Zombie Behavior In H1Z1:You Will Fear Them

76d ago - Multiple SoE developers expand on why H1Z1 will have fearsome zombies, mainly thanks to the emerg... | PC

Everquest Next "a living world" thanks to new AI

79d ago - Gamereactor sat down with David Georgeson from Sony Online Entertainment and Stéphane Bura of Sto... | PC

SOE turns directly to gamers on Reddit and Twitch to promote H1Z1 game

81d ago - GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi interviews Sony Online Entertainment chief John Smedley on the way to... | PC

Porting Planetside 2 UI To PS4 "An Enormous Undertaking"

85d ago - Planetside 2 Creative Director still won't commit to a date for the PS4 version, adding that port... | PC

Gamer makes $100,000 selling in-game items on Sony Online Entertainment Player Studio

92d ago - In a gamer’s perfect world, they are paid for gaming or at the very least, work in the gaming ind... | PC

H1Z1 - Exclusive Gameplay and Interview

92d ago - Game Talk Live debuts never before seen video of H1Z1 -- Sony Online's new zombie MMO,including a... | PC

H1Z1 Not For The Weak, Wouldn't Exist Without DayZ

92d ago - John Smedley just released a ton more details on H1Z1 via Twitter. Among other things, he credite... | PC

PlanetSide 2 Interview With Tramell Isaac

108d ago - Sony Online Entertainment Senior Art Director Tramell Isaac discusses what's new with PlanetSide... | PC

Planetside 2: Operation, The Devs Should Add This (Map Edition)

144d ago - This article explores some things the developers of Planetside 2 could add to the map to make the... | PC

John Smedley Talks EverQuest Next

150d ago - Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley talks EverQuest next in this exclusive interview... | PC

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Planetside 2: One Game to Rule Them All

150d ago - This article explores some of the cool things you'll expect from a game you might have never hear... | PC

Brad McQuaid talks about the secrets of successful MMOs

153d ago - Everquest co-creator Brad McQuaid has turned to Kickstarter to help fund his new fantasy MMO Pant... | PC

Sony Online Entertainment Now Accepting 2014 G.I.R.L. Scholarship Applications

155d ago - Are you a warrior woman, lady and femme fatale behind a controller? Sony’s looking for a few good... | Industry

Planetside 2 Takes As Much Advantage Of PS4 As Possible

156d ago - Matt Higby explains some of the specifics of the upcoming PS4 version of Planetside 2, the free-t... | PC

EverQuest Next Detailed By David Georgeson

156d ago - Sony Online Entertainment Director of Development David Georgeson details EverQuest Next in this... | PC
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