'Project Spark' demos Zelda-esque dungeon, cut-scene creation

XMNR: Team Dakota took to again Friday to showcase more of what can be done in Project Spark, the upcoming game creation game for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows 8 PCs. This includes a little of the Kinect performance plus a dungeon and boss encounter inspired by Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda and an example of how the game's tools can be used to create cut-scenes.

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Bigpappy1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Man! This is going to put a lot of pressure on those indies who like to sell crappy shovelware. This looks better than most of what they have on sale under Xbox-live-indie.

So if I want better free games, all I need to do is have a copy of PJ sparks and go down load what users made from the cloud, or make my own.

Hopefully it is easy enough where my son and I can create cool games with it.

Cueil1499d ago

being able to edit the world and have your name placed as a contributor is pretty cool... I look forward to seeing what can be done by the community... I expect a game with a dick in it within hours

JokesOnYou1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Project Spark is pretty amazing, I don't think these devs are getting enough credit for what they have accomplished here....this looks to be a huge gift to many, many want-to-be-game-creators, animators, hobbyists, un-revealed talented folks who just need a chance/opportunity/platform to show off their talent. lol and for the rest of us just another really cool avenue to create crazy shiii and of course make well you know, like Cueil said.

Gamingcapacity1499d ago

I agree with JOY. This game is looking amazing and I hope the Xbox community embrace this game. You will see a diverse range of content made by gamers, like on LBP. What people have made on LBP is quite amazing?

Cueil1495d ago

why the disagrees... do people feel like I'm underestimating penis game window?

3-4-51499d ago

This is the one game I would have to get for the XB1 if I got one. I could mess around with this every single day and never get bored.

To me, this is better than minecraft, at least for what I'm looking for in a game.

psych1499d ago

If you're tossing up to get an X1 just for this, why not get it for Windows? (assuming you run PC)

They're releasing Project Spark on X1, Windows PC and Xbox 360 for free, though they've said that the X1 version comes with some additional features.

Not trying to talk you out of buying an X1, just making sure you knew about the other options.

B1663r1499d ago


Because the X1 is going to get the exclusive Rare add on content.

Deltaohio1499d ago


If u get it for windows it must be win 8. As far as I can tell that's only about 8% ish of the market. So that pretty much leaves PJS an exclusive to X1 unless u get surface pro or something.

psych1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )


I said the X1 version comes with additional features.

From what I understood having read 3-4-5's comment was that they were only interested in the X1 for Project Spark, and I didn't (and still don't) know if they knew it was free and available on other platforms.

I don't see the point of buying a $500 console if you're only interested in a single, free multiplatform game.

Again, I wasn't trying to talk them into or out of buying the X1, just presenting options.



I didn't even think of the market share of Windows 8, that would indeed factor into things, it is also being released on Xbox 360 however.

B1663r1499d ago


Nothing that you said changes the FACT that you are a PS4 bully troll who in this circumstance is trolling with faint praise, and trying to shut down discussions about the X1 because your mother never breast fed you and your father sexually abused you.

But Kinect 2.0, and the ability to capture mocap and play it back in your game. There is your reason for both Kinect and the X1, in particular as it relates to Spark.

Studio-YaMi1499d ago

If you think that the extra content is the only good factor to hold on to in regards to Xbox1 VS PC then you are delusional.

PC has the edge here,with "MODs",people can make WONDERS with this game.

Even if this game was going to release on PS4 & PC only,I would have chosen PC with a blink of an eye.

You can keep your Xbox1 version.

psych1499d ago


Nothing that you said changes the FACT that you are a PS4 bully troll who in this circumstance is trolling with faint praise, and trying to shut down discussions about the X1 because your mother never breast fed you and your father sexually abused you."


I am not a PS4 bully troll.

I have never owned a Playstation, PS2 nor PS3.

I own an Xbox, an Xbox 360 and have had my X1 pre-ordered for months.

I am a Strong advocate of the X1 (as you may notice from my comment history)

Every time I commented, I was sincerely offering options, not "faintly praising" Project Spark (which I think is amazing BTW)

You were half right, my mother never breast fed me (I was bottle fed), but my father never sexually abused me.

I can understand that the X1 is under attack constantly by real PS trolls, so you may have assumed that I was one of them, but again, as my comment history shows, you are mistaken.

I hope you check my comment history and realize you just attacked one of your own.

BallsEye1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Cool thing about it' it's free ! :) getting it for XO.


It's better on XO definately. With Kinect 2.0.

P0werVR1499d ago

If anything the Xbox One provides extra features because of the Kinect 2.0.

So with Xbox One you can try your own animations and voice-overs.

I hope they add more complex tools on PC version, but I doubt that since it is a community thing.

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showtimefolks1499d ago

i really haven't kept track of this game, is this more like LBP series?

looks cool

Grown Folks Talk1499d ago

No. It's an expanded version of Kodu on Xbox 360.

THC CELL1499d ago

Game looks great but mm are still the pros at create share games, can't wait to see what they have in store for us

_QQ_1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Starcraft 2 actually has much better user created content because the tools are much more complex,I'm a pretty big LBP fan myself but Pspark looks better than LBP imo jsut because its a 3D game,i know that sounds superficial but lets be honest we are all thinking it. I will def pick this up on PC.

B1663r1499d ago

Spark also doesn't have the intense douchbag quality that Sack boy has.

HammadTheBeast1499d ago

LittleBigPlanet 3 or MM's new game has me intrigued, Spark looks sick as well.


Yeah. That just screams "douchebag".

ElementX1499d ago

MM's new game is based on Move tech so I hope you plan on buying a PS4 camera.

GusBricker1499d ago

Kinect One looks pretty damn responsive.

logan_izer101499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

This is the most intriguing game to me on the Xbox One. Maybe I'll pick one up in a year or so.. We'll see

HeavenlySnipes1499d ago

Easily the most attractive thing on the Xbox One

I see it as the next gen successor of a LBP. MS should have made it X1 exclusive tho lol, I'm probably gonna get it for the PC (since its free and the worlds are available on both platforms)

No_Limit1499d ago

You will not have Kinect support on PC so the cool features of the videos like facial and voice animation, and full body animated cut scene are exclusive to XB1. Hey, but MS want to sell as many Windows 8 as XB1, so making it free on both platforms will surely help in doing that.

Godmars2901499d ago

If that were true then they would have used a standard plug w/Kinect for PC use.

mhunterjr1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

The best thing about this game is that content is shared between the win 8 versions and the Xbox version. You can create something on your pc, then instantly test it on your xbox one. The folks who have both will be the ones who have the best experiences.

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