‘Rime’ Looks Like ‘ICO’ Meets ‘Windwaker’ on PS4

Sony’s Gamescom conference unveiled a lot of creative new titles for PS Vita and PS4, almost two dozen in total. One that caught a lot of peoples attention was Rime from Tequila Works, makers of last year’s PC and 360 shooter Deadlight.

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ShugaCane1703d ago

The trailer hypotized me, just like that of Murasaki Baby did. Sony's indie library is shaping up to be amazing.

forcefullpower1703d ago

This game looks really good. Definitely on my list to purchase.

MWong1703d ago

Agreed, this game looks amazing. I love the look and concept of the game. This is a huge step from Deadlight.

wingman32x1703d ago

This was the game that grabbed my attention during the show. All of the other games tried to stand out in their own ways, but this is the one that really made me take notice.

Can't wait to hear more info on it. I hope it's going to be a big game with a good story to it. The art style and environments are great, though.

Hicken1703d ago

I'd agree if it added SotC to the mix. A lot of the designs- that bridge, particular- evoke memories of epic battles against enormous stone adversaries.

user74029311703d ago

i liked shadows artwork. it had a paint style to it. it was humble.

Enemy1703d ago

And it's open world. Had no idea this one even existed until Gamescom. Looks gorgeous.

Sevir1703d ago

its quite impressive! I love the look and it was one of the best looking indie titles that they showed off, and I can't wait to play it next year!

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