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Submitted by africanos23 906d ago | preview

Shadow of the Eternals – Different and Challenging

HardwarePal: Shadow of the Eternals is a psychological horror survival game based on a lovecraft genre. It is a spiritual successor of GameCube’s classic Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. (Dev, PC, PS4, Shadow of the Eternals, Wii U)

RAzieL1979  +   906d ago | Well said
Man we really need this game to be made.
Just one more week left, don't wait till the end folks!
sutekiB  +   906d ago | Funny
Just look at the artwork. No not the naked chick - the candles! With Cryengine 3 this is gonna be beautiful. No other game like it, I hope more people pledge this week.
RAzieL1979  +   906d ago | Well said
People just need to take a look at what Precursorgames is offering here.
Games like this don't get made nowadays, this is your chance to change all that.:)
thezeldadoth  +   906d ago
hope it does well
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africanos23  +   906d ago
Theres only 6 days left hopefully the n4g community will help
Basse_Ex  +   905d ago
This game needs to get made.
Miskonius  +   905d ago
Well I hope they make it, there are not a lot of games out there like this one. If any...
Yattering  +   905d ago
Lots of great deals to be had through their kickstarter! Snap it up folks, only 6 days left :D
This game looks really good. Surprisingly the pledges aren't much for the quality of the game you get in return. I hope it gets funded.
Tobito  +   905d ago
Horror games are a rare thing these days. This one looks amazing for such a pre-development stage. I hope people will fund this!
MHK  +   905d ago
Everyone: this is the time to pledge. The campaignis in it's crunch time now.
kruul12  +   905d ago
If you want a horror game that's outside the current trend then this is worth a look. Has a really good community involvement and worth the pledge
MatthewVenner  +   905d ago
Please just come and look at how amazing the artwork is and read the comments left by fellow backers. Just by having a look you can see the enthusiasm everyone has for the project and rightly so. There is NO game like it in terms of gameplay and it breaks the 4th wall with the gamer and plays tricks with your mind. Just have a look at the insanity effects video in one of the update and you will see:)
Please do come and hopefully pledge!

Thank you!
Chibidraco  +   905d ago
I'm super excited about this game. The community driven content is a really fun way to go about making the thing and what I've seen so far in the concept art etc. it's going to be great. I'm hoping more people spread the word and if people are still curious they can tune into the upcoming twitch broadcasts to see it in action.
Nowherealessa  +   905d ago
Rather than sit around and complain about "yet another sequel" that we don't need, let's try to get this done,,,,it's a sequel for a game that truly deserves one. I know that not everyone has played Eternal Darkness but if you haven't you're in for a treat. I've watched the Twitch broadcasts and looked at all the videos and concept art and this game is going to be awesome sauce. Plus, how many of you can say you've helped design a game? Well here you get a chance to do that because they're asking for input on loads of stuff. The sanity system is a great mechanic and I think we can all agree the WiiU needs some more "serious" games. (But its also for ps4 and pc)
Go donate! It's the last week.
MHK  +   905d ago
It really is an amazing value. 25$ for a full AAA game featuring David Hayter, running on the CryEngine 3. Take one look at the demo and artwork, and you will see how amazingly high quality the game is.
KumquatOfDarkness  +   905d ago
I agree with MHK that demo is sweet. The Kickstarter only has five days left and I, for one, am ready for a horror game that'll actually scare me. Let's fund this thing already!
davetherave1337  +   905d ago
So many of us really want this game to happen and it looks amazing. We need to get as many pledges as possible as soon as possible. If you're reading this PLEASE HELP and pledge - this game deserves it!
wassup2021  +   905d ago
This game has such potential, I'm really glad a news site noticed tye fact that it will be a great challenging game to play! Please any help you can give to the kickstarter please do!
groze  +   905d ago
Just go fund this game if you believe in it.

That's all I have to say.
Concertoine  +   905d ago
I dont even think it'll make it halfway, personally. Its been getting 1,000 bucks a day for a while now. Hope they get some other means of funding, this game is way too big and niche for a kickstarter.
davetherave1337  +   904d ago
Honestly, it still can. Kickstarters are unpredictable like that! There are several examples where projects have funded crazy amounts in the last few days and been successful. Sounds to me like you just want it to fail. Which is sad because many people want this game
ViktorNY13  +   905d ago
I think it's funny all the people saying things like this game has so much potential and how awesome this game is going to be. This is from some of same people that gave us Too Human and X-men Destiny.
KumquatOfDarkness  +   904d ago
So because a couple of the same people are on a team that's largely new and a huge part of which is community driven you're just going to naysay?
I know mistakes were made in the past. I'm painfully aware of them. But I'm willing to take give it a shot to give a sequel to a game that actually deserves one.
davetherave1337  +   904d ago
Bad attempt at trolling - do you need a hug or something? Either way, those two games - especially Too Human weren't the worst ever. In fact if you actually bothered to play it, which clearly you haven't, Too Human is actually really rather good with a few flaws.
ViktorNY13  +   904d ago
wow the backers of this game are really the most overzealous of any kick starter I have ever seen. I questioned the quality of the game and it seems since your not even close to meeting the goal everyone else has to. Could it be a great game? sure, but everything they have done recently has failed miserably.
MHK  +   904d ago
You just said it. Everything "they" (this is a completely restructured company afterall) have made recently failed miserably. Well how about you look at the game, and compare it to the three other fantastic games "they" ALSO made?
To line it up, "they" made three fantastic games, one mediocre one, and one bad game. Not too bad of a track record, right?
If you look at the talent of the new company, you now have a guy who previously developed games for Ubisoft Montreal on the team, and the track record keeps improving.
That aside, the only thing worth focusing on is just how legendary and unique Eternal Darkness is, and how good a new game, the modern tech and the combined ideas of 2500 people who are passionate about the project, can make.
Stickmode  +   904d ago
This will be a great game, I hope all of you guys help fund this project on Kickstarter. Also, you can raise your pledge and aid spreading the word to everyone...
Yattering  +   904d ago
I understand the uncertainty of backing an unproven development team. However, if we stopped buying game from every company that had a flop, we'd never buy games ever again. Besides, backing this isn't that big of a gamble, if it doesn't fund then you don't get charged. Congratulations, you win.
TheRantingRobots  +   904d ago
We robots fully support this game. Go donate now, humans!
Namkrow  +   904d ago
There's not much I can say about this game besides look at the state of the video game industry today and ask yourself "Am I happy with the same game being re-made over and over again and no input or say about what goes into them?" Ask yourself, when was the last time a game company offered you an opportunity to help make the game? Did BioWare ask for fan feedback about the ending of Mass Effect 3? Did Capcom solicit fans for ideas of what would make a good endgame for Resident Evil 5? Hell, has Capcom done anything good or original with their longer-running franchises recently? Ask yourself this: what was the last game you loved and wanted more from, but the industry did not see as selling well enough to bother with a sequel? And while you're busy talking to yourself like a lunatic, ask yourself if you like scary games, and how many actually scare you.

I know there's a lot of negativity surrounding Denis Dyack and Silicon Knights, but you have to ask yourself, how easy was it for others to forgive your biggest mistakes? We all make them, so what makes Denis, whom I have spoken with online and does not seem to me to be nearly as terrible as certain articles would have him seem, any less deserving of forgiveness than you? Yes, his mistakes were bigger than and different from your own, but it doesn't change the fact that he's just as human and capable of mistakes and learning from them as you. Also, Denis is not the CEO of Precursor, Shawn Jackson is. Denis is the Chief Creative Officer of Precursor games, so whatever people think he did to Silicon Knights and the people of Canada, he won't have the opportunity to do so now, will he?

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