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Submitted by PrivateRyan 933d ago | news

Xbox One To Support Mods? 'It's Up To Developers' Says Major Nelson

NowGamer: Following news that Xbox One can be used as a devkit, Major Nelson's comments suggest the console will be open to mods as well. (Major Nelson, Microsoft, Xbox One)

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allformats  +   933d ago
Now that would be a game changer right there.

I'm no Xbox One fan, and will never buy the machine because of Kinect, but making the console modable is a win, no doubt.

I suspect PS4 could do the same thing, 'if developers so choose'.
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TimmyShire  +   933d ago
The PS3 had that option too, though it was rarely used sadly. I'd expect the PS4 will be the same.

I won't be buying an Xbox One either for the same reason, but I'm not a hater necessarily.
slimeybrainboy  +   933d ago
The PS3 did? What few games used it?

How would modding on console even work?
Thegamer41  +   933d ago
Unreal Tournament has mods on the PS3, I remember having to transfer them from my pc to the PS3 using a flash drive then loading them from the game. Was a good feature which I think more games should include.
I hope next gen consoles see more mods in games.
JokesOnYou  +   933d ago
"It's up to developers to support that," answered Microsoft's Major Nelson. "These are two very different things."

Edit -Cool but I almost thought he meant retail non indie games. lol, anyway this is good, really good news....but I'm still wondering if this has any bearing on big publisher retail games, cause I don't see why they would given all that great DLC they want to sell us.
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cleft5  +   933d ago
Would be cool if it happened, but I don't see developers allowing it to happen. Still this is yet more good news from the Microsoft camp. I am happy to hear some good news from them. It doesn't change anything for me, but I do have friends that are getting the system and I want it to be nice for them.
creatchee  +   933d ago
The biggest problem with mods (or any other user-generated content) is the potential for the new data to have malicious content unless there is a specific checking/approval system. And even that isn't foolproof.

Consoles have been closed to outside viruses and stuff in the past, both because of incoming data control and the architecture of the console itself. Over the generations, consoles have gotten more and more like PC's, which means they are getting more and more familiar to a hack/virus friendly environment.

Could you imagine booting up Halo and having penis enlargement ads pops up, or Uncharted and being told that your PS4 is infected, click here to buy VirusKill3000? I'm not saying that that is exactly what will happen, but the more you open up a closed system, the more you open it up to attack.
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millgate1  +   933d ago
@Slimeybrainboy, Borderlands 1 mods. However, they were very basic. Things such has raising stats on guns or shields. Nothing noteworthy
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   933d ago
XB1 is looking better and better...

"You think devs are going to let you at freely available mods of all kinds on consoles instead of the DLC you pay for to extend a game's lifespan? No chance, completely unrealistic.

The context in which the comment was made and the way it was offered in reply to the specific question - this isn't an announcement of intent or any reason to get excited."

Devwan brings up a good point but if the gaming community is as vocal about allowing such an option from the dev as they are about everything else in the industry, then I think more devs would be on board for such a feature for their games.
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WeedyOne  +   933d ago
I remember playing Unreal tournament 3 on my PS3, with mods I was able to play as Halo's Master Chief on my playstation! Also I had a mod where you could play as Cloud from FF7 and I think Bowser from Nintendo.
Scholla  +   933d ago
True story? PS3, modding capabilities?
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andrewsqual  +   933d ago
Exactly. The only game Epic Games Studios made for PS3 fully this gen was Unreal Tournament 3 and.... shock horror, it supported mods. Shame they wasted all that talent since then. Such a fall for a once respected old school PC developer. Gears of War on PC also supported mods and free online play but Microsoft regretted that and soon put a stop to it before people realised of its existence.
SegaSaturn669  +   933d ago
I installed the facing worlds map from UT 1999 to UT3 via ps3. There's quite a bit of content available on the UT forums.
NegativeCreepWA  +   933d ago
Unreal had mods on the PS3, though I believe they had to pass a verification process so you didn't see many make it.
starchild  +   933d ago
This is no different than the PS3/360 generation. He is saying that if developers build in an infrastructure to support such a thing in their game then it would be possible, but the simple ability to use the Xbox One as a dev kit doesn't mean you can suddenly get mods on the console.

That's what he meant by "These are two very different things."

There are lots of reasons why developers are not going to generally want mods on consoles. It's technically possible, just as it was on PS3 and 360, but it probably won't be used much at all just as it wasn't on the PS3 or 360.
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FamilyGuy  +   933d ago
There was a mod to make the Unreal Tournament 3 into Gears of War. Third person view with skins. Mods were pretty cool but no other dev allowed it because they wanted to sell DLC. All those SFIV costumes wouldn't of sold at all for example had Capcom allowed it.

In the story of this case it's more like a way for indie devs to update their games without calling it a patch. Cool if they add some nice stuff. Basically free DLC.
badz149  +   933d ago
mods are pretty much a pc only thing for now. the PS3 fully supported mods and UT3 proved it but nothing else come after that because that paid DLC juice is just too tasty to pass up! thus many AAA multiplats are no even mod compatible even on pc lately, which is a shame! LBP still support some kind of mod though. you craft items, and put it as prize bubbles in your levels and people playing your levels can get that item.

talking about hardware, PS3 also support native kb+m setup but that's not getting dev support too for some reason. MS' policy, maybe? where dev can't make the PS3 version superior if they want to sell the same game on 360. we never know.

with native kb+m support, screenshot button works too but no dev support and the only game I can recall using it is Resistance 2. custom soundtracks are supported on PS3 too but only some games have it.

so, of course consoles support mods but more importantly, do devs and publishers support it?
Bigpappy  +   933d ago
This is all being done on X1 due to the cloud. If there is one thing that is universally known about the cloud, is that it provides huge online storage banks. Having users use some of that space to store mods for all can easily be implemented.
ShwankyShpanky  +   933d ago
@NegativeCreep: They didn't need to be "verified," but they needed to be "cooked" through a converter program to work on the PS3. Any level/skin/mod made on PC could be "baked" and loaded on the PS3.

And you could download them off the web onto a thumbstick, but someone also came up with a really easy way to download and install from the PS3 browser. UT3 had an in-game mod browser, but I forget if that was just to load mods or if you could download as well.
iamnsuperman  +   933d ago
Sony really need to announce that this can be done too. Otherwise this is a big plus for Microsoft. Mods are cool and very useful. The only issue I see is how many mods will be made for console games? I can't see it being like the PC in quantity
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jimbobwahey  +   933d ago
Sony has always allowed it. Microsoft is just playing catch-up yet again, is all.

Case in point, Unreal Tournament 3. The PS3 version of the game allowed all the mods from the PC version to be copied over and played. The Xbox 360 version didn't allow mods though, Microsoft blocked them.
dcj0524  +   933d ago
As everyone is saying. PS3 allowed. Developers just didnt put it in except for unreal tournament 3. A shame to. tf2 on console is crap but with the pc updates and mods it could still be relavant.
ALLWRONG  +   933d ago
"Sony has always allowed it. Microsoft is just playing catch-up yet again, is all."

(((Windows PC))) <-- that just blew your mind didn't it?
twinspectre  +   933d ago
@yosp , @amboyes , @rohdescott
let them know we want #Ps4ModSupport

and i don't understand all the disagree seriously.
Microsoft took everything what Sony doing , and the modsupport on console was already available on PS3 with Unreal and i've played Unreal SideScrolling :)
slimeybrainboy  +   933d ago
"It's up to developers to support that. These are two very different things."

I think that means that you would have to build in mod support, like how sports games allow you to create edit and share team rosters, I don't think this means literal PC style mods coming to the XB1. It means that a developer would have to build some kind of Little Big Planet engine within their game to create and distribute the mods, not modders using consoles as devkits. That's why he said that they are two very different things. That's how I took it anyway
Cuzzo63  +   933d ago
Whoa! Now this! This is definitely a plus on Micro's side. Nice. Im gettn a little jealous now lol. Hmmm. Wonder if Sony got word yet lol.
Cuzzo63  +   933d ago
Okay then. Maybe I shoulda said... This is boo boo. Ps4 ftw!... Xb1 sucks nuclear balls!!!

Naa, im a Sony supporter, im a Playstation supporter. Not a Sony fanboy. Sorry kids
Snookies12  +   933d ago
Yeah, sometimes you'll get agrees or disagrees just for mentioning Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony...

Anyway yes, this is a very positive thing. Although it wasn't used much on the PS3 unfortunately. I loved that Unreal Tournament 3's PS3 version allowed mods. I was really hoping that would be a trend on PS3, but alas it was not. I'm sure PS4 has the capability to do this as well. We'll just have to wait and see how far it pans out for both Microsoft and Sony. Mods would be a console game changer for sure. They are what primarily keep me a PC gamer! So no doubt, I'd be extremely happy if they were embraced more openly on consoles. :]
fossilfern  +   933d ago
Yeah PS3 had modding but the only game that I know of that used it was Unreal Tournament 3.
scofios  +   933d ago
This was already the case with PS3 Unreal Tournament 3.
Sure this will be the same with PS4.
medman  +   933d ago
So you're telling me the company that has tried to restrict consumer rights at every turn is now a champion of open platform gaming? Uh..yeah. I'll believe it when I see it in action.
tuglu_pati  +   933d ago
Xbox One is in a roll this week.
Scholla  +   933d ago
Yup this would be HUGE!!!
avengers1978  +   933d ago
If its up to the developers, then there probably won't be many games that have modding available... For either system PS4 or XB1.
webeblazing  +   933d ago
ill doubt any of the consoles will do it. seeing how people blindly buy dlc and theyre not gonna give up that money going up against free content. did you know devs use to give free content and you get unlockables just for playing the game, but now yall want them back. man how the sheeps changed the face of gaming
MicDude  +   933d ago
Could you imagine something like Project Nevada on these next gen consoles? It would be awesome!!!
iMixMasTer872   933d ago | Spam
cl1983  +   933d ago
Sorry not trying to be a jerk but to clarify to make games mod able not the console is that what you where saying @allformats?
Ashunderfire86  +   933d ago
But but but Kinect with mods would be sick!
aquamala  +   933d ago
How would it even work? Mods work on pc because it's a pc, you can modify any files you want. Console code have to be signed, I suspect "mods" they refer to here are very limited , something like custom maps
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BuLLDoG909  +   933d ago
maybe on games like fallout. but alot of publishers wouldnt want to give mod access, not for free at least.
it would cut into their dlc,
TimmyShire  +   933d ago
I'm all for it - providing it can be done properly.

I remember playing the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 and being able to download maps from the internet, transfer them over with a USB and play them on the PS3. I dunno if the Xbox 360 version did the same - but I never saw X360 version so I'd expect not.

Either way, that was brilliant and I'd love that kind of support. Whether MS will enable as easily as PC games can be modded (highly unlikely) will remain to be seen, but I'll stay sceptical for now.
devwan  +   933d ago
You're correct, the 360 version does not support mods, unlike the ps3 version.
kwyjibo  +   933d ago
They need to do it properly.

The user experience on the PS3 is awful if that's how you did it, through a USB stick after having downloaded it from a PC. How many people do you think ever did that? That's why UT3 was one of the very few (only?) games which supported it.

Consoles need something like the Steam Workshop. A place that everyone can access and download and install mods from their console. That would be a game changer.
nick309  +   933d ago
Only ut 3 had it.but if someone wants to put mods in their games in current gen consoles, they will need to hack their consoles, not for piracy just for mods.
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vega275  +   933d ago
I'm glad I reserved my pre-order for the xbox one first. I really like what they are doing with the system and cant wait to play the games at launch
JohnCartenper  +   933d ago
TES:VI workshop for XBOne, system seller right there.
LordSane  +   933d ago
You mean Creation Kit?
JohnCartenper  +   933d ago
No I mean like the Steam Workshop for Skyrim but on the XBO.

The Creation Kit would be on the pc side, or you think mods would be made on the console itself??
devwan  +   933d ago
You think devs are going to let you at freely available mods of all kinds on consoles instead of the DLC you pay for to extend a game's lifespan? No chance, completely unrealistic.

The context in which the comment was made and the way it was offered in reply to the specific question - this isn't an announcement of intent or any reason to get excited.
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iamnsuperman  +   933d ago
You make a valid point. Consoles are built with DLC in mind. They are becoming the go to thing in console games. Modding could potentially eliminate the need for DLC. So good for consumers but bad for publishers which could mean we will not get it at all
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theWB27  +   933d ago
The fact that it has the capacity to allow mods is what you get excited over. He didn't state they would force developers to allow I don't think that's what people are getting excited over. Just the fact that it CAN happen....the pessimism people are showing to legit, decent, new information is just stupid.

At least there is one next gen console we're getting info about instead of just specs and the triangle.
devwan  +   933d ago
Well it's an improvement over the 360 in this respect, but the ps3 was open to this but only one game ever supported it (Unreal Tournament 3).

Just think realistically and sensibly, from the devs' perspective. The only games that are likely to support game content that is not DLC or does not come in the box are those with user generated content like Project Spark or Little Big Planet.

As for info from console makers, both have been offering plenty recently, just not the fine technical detail some would like from certain parties, but that's OT.
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theWB27  +   933d ago
I understand that devs most likely won't do it...but it's cool the ability is there. I just don't understand why genuine decent news is always met with so much pessimism. It's always a but, then followed by a downer.
devwan  +   933d ago
Maybe Sony and MS should both report that they support dispensing free cash money from the bluray drive slot, but it's up to publishers to support it.

It'll never happen, but it'd be great news and worth getting hyped up about!
JohnCartenper  +   933d ago

Bethesda could.

On PC, even though there are thousands of mods available, its DLC still got bought by a ton of people.

So the next Elder Scrolls installment on console could have this feature, why not?

Devs need to learn that if their DLC can't even compete with user-made mods, they either need to step up their game or just avoid releasing them, as they are just cash grabs.
SpideySpeakz  +   933d ago
I just mentioned something like this over at a blog. The next-gen consoles need mod support, and it's own modding community with it's own workshop. Skyrim developer mentioned something about bring the full experience of mods that's on the PC to the console.

Think about this way as well, it will sorta solve own "used game" issues, by making the individual software more long-lived. Yeah, DLC helps a bit, but there's nothing like freedom of creativity. Face it, there will always be DLC because of the quality they bring. Most DLC are based off other community-made mods, so it will likely improve the quality of DLC even more. The PS4 and Xbone NEEDS this BADLY. This was one of the reasons why I started playing on PC instead of console.
Agent_hitman  +   933d ago
Well, that's a good idea for Xbox one. Moddable consoles will lure PC gamers to buy a console, not necessarily abandon PC gaming. It's just that it's good to see some mods on a gaming console for next gen...

I just hope that MS will let gamers to create mod, not leaving the decisions to game developers and lock that feature..

And lastly, I hope tat SONY will do the same thing for PS4.. Please allow it sony
AndrewLB  +   933d ago
PC gamers only buy consoles so they have a good blu-ray player for their home theater and so more than one person can get their game on. Allowing mods is not a potential feature on consoles that would get even a single PC gamer to buy PS4 or Xbone.

I hope they allow this though, but by allowing mods they're opening the door for 3rd party code which can lead to pirated games and other "non-profitable" changes.
Fishy Fingers  +   933d ago
It would be nice to be able to transfer over mods from the PC, but with official mod support becoming less and less (on PC) and the temptation of income from DLC I question how much we'll actually see them. But either way, it's about time mods got some console love, they can really add longevity to your games.
kwyjibo  +   933d ago
While mod support may be down from the Quake 1 days, there has been a resurgence with the likes of the Steam Workshop.

It has made Skyrim mods a lot more visible than non-workshop Oblivion mods for example.

A lot of the reasons that modding is less at the forefront is that indie developers are just producing indie games now. You used to have to make a Half-Life mod to get something on your CV, now you just download Unity and get on Kickstarter.
christocolus  +   933d ago
Why are there so many ps fan boys here again? Making so many ignorant comments.
macethedon  +   933d ago
How is it ignorant? no one's dissing Xbox are they, no ones calling it PoS, so what's the problem with people discussing whether or not the competition has this feature or not? the fact that you can't handle a little bit of constructive criticism, screams fanboy frankly.
christocolus  +   933d ago
your so wrong, what your definition of a fan boy? i hate that every positive xbx article opens a floodgate of negative comments from ps fans. i also post comments on positive ps articles bcos i plan to get both and any positive is more reason to invest on both consoles. just go upwards and you will see some funny comments anyways a little constructive criticism never hurt anyone and i applaud the fans who actually did such..macethedon are you happy now?you see i aint a fan
omi25p  +   933d ago
So people literally saying this

"Couldn't care less im buy a PS4"

Is that no a completely pointless comment to write.
MasterCornholio  +   933d ago
I'm just saying that most developers won't allow mods with the console version of their games. And I base this off the fact that Sony allowed modding on the PS3 yet Unreal Tournament 3 was the only game to support it.

Motorola RAZR i
SpideySpeakz  +   933d ago
Anyone who criticizes MS is a ps fanboy? Got ya.
christocolus  +   933d ago
Dude that's not what i meant at all.
ALLWRONG  +   933d ago
MassEffect23 this is N4G who are you trying to fool?
christocolus  +   933d ago
#8.3.3 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
ninjamonkey1982  +   933d ago
Dev's are lazy tbh and getting them to release mod tools are neh to nil they would have to do similar on console and that means extra work. That's why PS3 only ever saw UT mods and that's it. No money in it for Dev's so why try. Don't wanna go trying busting your bubbles people.
WitWolfy  +   933d ago
Gamer:"Major Nelson will Xbone support mods?"
Major Nelson:"Have you seen Titan Fall?!?!? Enough said!!! NEXT QUESTION!!!"
#10 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
dcj0524  +   933d ago
Only next-gen games that i think will allow mods: The witcher 3, All the Valve games (whatever their doing), The Elder Scrolls VI and Fallout 4. Maybe unreal tournament 4 ( I need to see that on unreal engine 4).
illtownNJONE  +   933d ago
here we go again....this article is about xbox one we dont want to hear about ps4 or what ps3 could of done etc....gtfoh with that
Cherchez La Ghost  +   933d ago
The only thing I see not happening when doing mods in games is the actual names for things like cars, clothes @ etc. A good example would be GTA using real cars like Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Ford, Chevy. For legal purposes.

Give us the PC version of GTA4 w/ ICEnhancer 2.0!!

Related video
SaveFerris  +   933d ago
It's a great idea for sure. But would MS charge for it?
SirBradders  +   933d ago
Its just bullsh*t advertising they say support mods developers wont support it because the console market rapes consumers for dlc its outrageous that 99% of games now dont come complete for the 40 quid price tag.

Am i the only one who thinks that sony and microsoft should be pushing for mods to not just be supported but for developers after a year or so to release their tools for full customisation of their games that technically you own the rights to anyway.
Crazay  +   933d ago
If they do allow for mods, I would absolutely kill for a port of Left 4 Dead 2 over to Xbox One just for the community created levels alone.
SIX  +   933d ago
'It's Up To Developers' Says Major Nelson. So pretty much, no modding then.
Wikkid666  +   933d ago
Then there would be no modding on the pc side of things then too.
SIX  +   933d ago
That's a good point but consoles are way more restrictive. Mods have a tendency to break games. I just can't see MS or Sony allowing that. With PC's it's not that devs allow it. It's more that they can't do anything about it.
#17.1.1 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
Wikkid666  +   933d ago
True... but One is very close to pc programming. All it would take is a few tweaks and they could port it over. Mods add huge amount of life to games.
GentlemenRUs  +   933d ago
This feature reminds me of the PS3 and Linux... Hackers/Modders used the Linux feature to run pirated copies of games.

If the XBONE is getting the devkit part, Expect to see the same ;)

Glad they fixed that with the PS3, You hardly see many hackers on the PS3 then the XBOX as of today.
#18 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
WeAreLegion  +   933d ago
I hope this is a full attitude change for Microsoft. It looks like it might be. That would be great for everyone.
Darkfist  +   933d ago
didnt sony allow that in the ps3? so im sure the ps4 will too
AceBlazer13  +   933d ago
good to see good news more frequently from microsoft heading back to how it was last gen with the console u choose being the one with the games that appeal to u. as much of a ps fb i am the fanboyism from some of the more....eccentric guys so far was out of hand.
lgn15  +   933d ago
Does this means games could get mods like skyrim pc mods?????

If yes then fuck ps4 im getting a one. I have always hated consoles a bit, even tho i have a 360, because I just can't play games like skyrim with mods and it is sooo anoyiinggg.
sovietsoldier  +   933d ago
if it was like steam works i could see if being very very successful.
XboxFun  +   933d ago
Hopefully we will see a lot more mods for games on the Xbox One.

very excited to see what games utilize this.
Funky Town_TX  +   933d ago
I dont want my console hacked. Or even worse, I dont want to get a virus . I hop someone checks this stuff. The last game I played with UGC was Trials Evolution and the downloads were smooth and the content was great.
DOOMZ  +   933d ago
I cant wait to get my XBOXONE!!!!
twinspectre  +   933d ago
and i can't wait to get my PS4 and in the near future a Wii U
kingduqc  +   933d ago
It won't, not on a pc scale. Remember when unreal 3 used mobs and there was so little of them on consoles, yeah same thing here.

Dev want money, releasing 4 maps for 15$ is their style and console pleb love them stupid maps
JokerBoy422  +   933d ago
Just another promise planned to be broken just to get your dollar and when they dont keep that promise they will just say its the developers fault for not supporting the idea. Also can't wait to see the new RRoD!
evilhasitsway  +   933d ago
that would be a game changer to let us do mods like on pc Im one of the most anti xbox guy there is but hey that would be awesome.
FRAKISTAN  +   933d ago
PS3 was the first console to do mods (Unreal Tournament) and PS4 being more open will have this feature i am sure but the xbox one is recently doing everything it can to be like the PS4 more. Its kind of embarrassing
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