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Battlefield 4 Collectors Edition outed by Czech Retailer

Battlefield 4′s multiple editions can’t seem to be kept secret by any retailer. First, a Czech retailer has outed the full information on Battlefield 4′s Collectors Edition – basically it includes lots of plastic. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Credit url: bf4central.com
BadboyCivic  +   680d ago
I buy special editions when they include exclusive content not plastic
Mr_Nuts  +   680d ago
You do realise the whole point of collectors edition is stuff like that among statues and other goodies.

When collectors editions are just packed with DLC and exclusive in game content it's not really a "collectors" edition is it. That stuff should be included aswell but not just buy it's self, thats more of a limited edition.
MWong  +   679d ago
It would be cool if they put the; game, bracelet, steelbook, DLC (gold battlepacks & China Rising DLC), postcards all in the brief case. Don't need the mug, it won't fit in the case.

I just can't wait to play the game.
onyoursistersback  +   680d ago
lol....then just buy DLC.
BadboyCivic  +   680d ago
WolfLeBlack  +   680d ago
Each to their own. The digital content is never exclusive for very long, so I'd rather have some cool physical stuff in my special/collector's editions. Something I can hold in my hand, and, if need be, utilise as a weapon should the zombie apocolypse happen.
lsujester  +   680d ago
Should? Don't you mean when?
Mounce  +   680d ago
Whether it is plastic, digital, metal, how is it not 'Exclusive Content' when it is exclusive in the quantity of them that exist? Aka - Them being:

Limited Edition, because they are Limited and Collectible. If it has any form of subjective value, then it can be collected....BadboyCivic.
dasbeer88  +   680d ago
That's the issue nowadays. Limited editions and collectors editions...don't really live up to their names anymore. Hell go on Amazon and check on the Halo 3 Collectors edition and Limited edition. They're more or less the same price as they were released back in 2007.
Mounce  +   679d ago
@dasbeer88 Probably because they over-produced what should've been limited and made it a pretty common possession.... Companies feel they can milk out giant versions of the game with cheap crap in it and call it Limited when there's huge quantities of it being made. Eh. I'd not know what game can be considered Limited, TRULY, atm.

It's still especially easy to find MGS4 LE.
xtremeimport  +   680d ago
I love all the extras they come with, but i love even more when they come with a season pass or something like that. Just an extra bonus from the devs to say thank you for supporting our game.

I was pretty rattled when i bought Bf3 premium only to see a Premium edition game come out for $59 like the next month. could've saved me $50.
Flavor  +   679d ago
Children like toys.
Mr_Nuts  +   680d ago
When they said a while back that it would include a hat I kind of thought it was going to be an army/military hat...not like what we've got
friedricr  +   680d ago
Your avatar is adorable!
friedricr  +   680d ago
I guess things can't be cute on N4G >.> ..
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   680d ago
200$ later..............

Wait what..............
FanboyCrusher  +   680d ago
I like that it's getting a bit of physical items, getting pretty sick of DLC special editions. I'd put that grenade cup, and toque to good use. I'd also like to see inside the brief case, It probably just fits everything, but it would be nice if it fit some other stuff after.
theEx1Le  +   680d ago
Would actually buy this just for the coffee cup... yes im sad i know. Still using the little big planet mug i got from access two years ago :D.
FITgamer  +   680d ago
I'm with you on that. The first thing that went through my head was "That coffee mug is awesome!" lol I wonder if it's plastic or ceramic? Probably plastic, but still cool.
benzopil  +   680d ago
Ceramic if you read the text near this cup :)
FITgamer  +   680d ago
Thanks I glossed right over that. Not English, but still pretty obvious it says ceramic lol.
romancer  +   680d ago
Hush, it's a secret?
"Battlefield 4′s multiple editions can’t seem to be kept secret by any retailer."

Why would any company or retailer -- interested in making sales -- WANT to keep any game edition a "secret"?

Is there any point to such articles?
kingmushroom  +   680d ago
sweet i always wanted nuclear suitcase
WolfLeBlack  +   680d ago
I just want that mug! I wonder if they'd consider actually turning those into a full production piece of merchandise, because I'd love to get one but don't really want to pay for the complete edition to get it.

Mind you, it is a pretty nifty edition. The prices of these kinds of things have been getting a bit mad over the past few years, though.
General Shrooms  +   680d ago
Ya, lets waste our money on some useless crap!
ExCest  +   680d ago
Well, in reality games are pretty useless. If you look at it realistically, it's just entertainment and well, you can entertain yourself by getting some "useless crap" like that sweet little mug.

So what you call useless, others call awesome.
Smoey  +   680d ago
Why have all this when you can have a dog?
finbars75  +   680d ago
How come North America and even the US never get these types of collectors edition for anything BF related?We all know that NA and US buy that stuff up like crazy.I would love to have the Czech BF4 edition,it looks sweet as hell.
kingmushroom  +   680d ago
i know right
fattyuk  +   680d ago
As some who went through a stage of buying collecter editions, press kits etc... and spending alot of money of them

there worthless in the end just a fad at the time of release, then people buy them and keep them sealed as they think in 10 years time "collectors" will want to purchase sealed itmes... yet every1 has sealed items for sale!

all these sort of editions just drop in price after the. "excitement and "must have" edition"
Mr-SellJack  +   680d ago
This might be the worst special edition I ever saw for a game
RE_L_MAYER  +   680d ago
I would pay 100 bucks for it...any more and its a deal breaker
MyBullet  +   679d ago
It is around $110 for pc version and $130 for ps3/xbox360 +post service.
I think that owner of this shop (also part-owner and co-founder of czech branch of eurogamer) do this on his own like he did it many times before. And you will have in states diferent collecotor. But who knows :-)
Xenomorph  +   680d ago
This isn't very food for a premium edition. Killzone 3 came with a full Helghast mask bust, and I still have it sitting looking awesome in my room. What's with adding DLC as the collectors edition when it could come on the disk?
Goro  +   680d ago
Terrible collector's edition, bunch of cheap shit...Plasticy looking briefcase, cup and a fucking hat with a 4 on it
super_cuddles  +   679d ago
Looks sweet, not a fan though and these collections are waste of time.

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