The 20 Funniest Video Game Parody Twitter Accounts

Given the convoluted lore and ridiculous connections in both video games and the video game industry at large, parody accounts of characters and key members of the industry are rife with hilarious insight and effective satire. From Donkey Kong to Resident Evil, here's the top 20 video game parody Twitter accounts from around the web.

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majiebeast1286d ago

Molydeux and Fake Kaz way too low on the list. They are always spot on comapred to the others.

minimur121285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

fake kaz is my favourite, along with collarduty ;)

Wasn't aware of P-Molydeux however, this made melaugh because it's like him so much:

Imagine a game world where every single entity looks like Ellen Page (Even chairs and trees) How would this change society?

ChrisW1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Aside from the rest being horribly boring and not worth reading, I only got down to #14 when I realized which side of the fence this tard craps on... And marked this article as "WTF?".


Bob Dole1286d ago

What about Cookiegaki and Pizzagaki?

Pieman5231286d ago

Zangief made me laugh pretty hard.