Videogamer: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Review - 'Good ideas don't always make for good games'

Videogamer writes: "Take a hugely successful genre (FPS in this case), use a well established and advanced game engine (Unreal Engine 3), throw in a storyline with a twist to make it different to the norm (a world where the Germans invaded America during World War II) and you'd expect good results. Sadly Codemasters' alternate history WWII FPS Turning Point from developer Spark Unlimited falls a long way short of its potential and finds itself languishing near the bottom of the currently available next-gen shooters.

Things start off interestingly enough. You're working as a builder atop a tall skyscraper in New York, 1953. From the sky suddenly comes a German assault, with planes zooming in and giant zeppelins soaring above the New York skyline. Despite the less than spectacular visuals on display, it's exciting enough and sets the tone well. You're just an ordinary guy who's been flung into combat, so soon you meet up with the military guard and become part of the resistance. Turning Point's biggest problem is how inept you are with a gun, something we presume wasn't a deliberate design choice made to add realism to your plight."

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