Lightning Returns Producer Compares the Game to Dark Souls

Is there a little bit of Dark Souls in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII? Apparently so. Producer Yoshinori Kitase told Famitsu this week, “If I were to describe the gameplay, I’d say that there are some elements [in Lightning Returns] with the severity of [a game like] Dark Souls.”

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Hellsvacancy1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Yoshinori Kitase should give up on smoking crack, how else could you come out with something so stupid

Maybe when he says "some elements" I think he means *push L1 to block*

We all know its going to play nothing like the awesome Dark Souls

gamedebater1919d ago

i wish we could get a breakdown on combat. Nobody clearly explains it.

kalkano1919d ago

How about this: give us a Final Fantasy, that has elements of *gasp* Final Fantasy. It's a shocking revelation, I know.

NioRide1919d ago

What I don't understand is how this guy was the Director for FFVI, VII, VIII, X and then put this thing out...How do you even fall off the horse that badly.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1919d ago

He only produced XIII and its sequals he did not direct.

NioRide1919d ago

I never said he directed those did I. Way to put words in my mouth.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1919d ago

Chill out dude. It just looked like you were implying that. You didn't say that he was only the producer either so maybe you should be more clear as to what you meant. Toriyama is why the XIII series are the way they are not Kitase.

NioRide1919d ago

Kitase pushed the game out as something its not, He is in charge of advertising the game and setting it up.

So yes, Actually I still do blame him.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1919d ago

What are you talking about dude? Kitase doesnt have his hand in the developement of the game. Also what do you mean he pushed the game out as something that its not? what the hell did he advertise that made you think it was going to be different than what it was? Toriyama is responsible for every facet of FF XIII and its sequels not Kitase. I think Kitase should go back to directing.

El_Assenso1919d ago

NicoRide that's the bizarre thing. This man was the producer of several GREAT FF games, and yet him and his team muck up big time.

Squeenix should have left FF13 to crash and burn after the first 1 in the failed FF13 trilogy, but instead they decided to go on and on. Lightening is not a memorable character and the story telling is so bad its...its...yeh that bad!

Kefka, Squall, Cloud, Sephiroth, Aeris et al. Now they were awesome!

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El_Assenso1919d ago

Kalkano spot on. Squeeniix needs to give us amazing story telling, memorable characters, a great combat system. But they seem to have lost that ability right after FFX. FF1-10 were amazing, 1 blockbuster after another.

Comparing Lightening Returns, an emo s*** FF to Dark Souls is stupid and disrespectful to the devs of Dark Souls who have produced games of a far greater quality than Kiatse and his butt kissers at Squeenix this gen.

solfol1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Did he just compare it to Dark Souls??? This guy has 0 humanity..

Grave1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

And he's cursed.

1919d ago
DragonKnight1919d ago

The Darkmoon Blades are teaming up with the Darkwraiths and the Gravelord Servants to invade and gank him.

Fishermenofwar1919d ago

cocaine is a hella of a drug...

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