Final Fantasy XV Director Tetsuya Nomura Impressed by Titanfall, Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 4, MGS5

Legendary Director Tetsuya Nomura Inpressed many at E3 with Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, but what games impressed Tetsuya Nomura himself? Quite a few, as he said during an interview for the Japanese gaming site Dengeki Online. Interestingly, none of the titles he mentioned was a RPG.

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Snookies121555d ago

Lol, just because he makes RPGs doesn't mean he can't be impressed by other genres. :]

Abriael1555d ago

I don't think anyone said he can't. Actually we know he loves shooters :D

Godmars2901555d ago

Its when he tries to copy and implement features that he sees into his games that's the problem.

Abriael1555d ago

If every time someone took inspiration from other games in this industry was a "problem", it would have already imploded.

Septic1555d ago

Well said Abriael.

He is free to do so and you never know, final fantasy could benefit from importing the better elements of other genres into it.

_QQ_1555d ago

As long as his games don't become musicals.

Abriael1555d ago

@lopez_josue: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy was damn good though :P

wishingW3L1555d ago

@Abriael, @Septic

like FFXIII benefited from copying Call of Duty's linearity right?

Qrphe1555d ago


If CoD had influenced FFXIII in any way it would have had multiplayer. Its linearity had no effect on it.

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Need4Game1554d ago

Final Fantasy XV will be an Action-MMORPG

the Game Development is so expensive, it can no longer be a Single Player Game.

MultiConsoleGamer1555d ago

I was impressed by everything Square-Enix had to offer at E3.

Abriael1555d ago

Same here, they had the best E3 in ages.

NovusTerminus1555d ago

If Type-0 would have been announced for US and EU release it would have been perfect!

Abriael1555d ago

I'm starting to doubt we'll ever see that one.. :(

Alexious1555d ago

There are some great games coming up, for sure.

Belking1555d ago

I think Titan Fall impressed almost everyone who witnessed it.

miyamoto1555d ago

as huge MS Gundam: Battle Operation on PS3 fan I agree.

Titanfall is like Killzone3 and Halo and Armored Core rolled into one.

Freaking Fantastic!

I am sure this game will be a huge hit in Japan. Is XBOne launching in Japan?

Anyways there is PC and the rumored PS4 version coming.

FantasyStar1555d ago

I think Respawn would've done better if they got a hold on the Gundam license and ran with that. Why reinvent the wheel?

rhap1555d ago

No wonder FF is crap now, even the game directors and producers are into action games.

NihonjinChick1555d ago

Square has always been into action games. Play some of their earlier PS1 games.

Parasite Eve 1 and 2, Threads of Fate, Bushido Blade etc..

-Gespenst-1555d ago

Don't forget both the Musashi games, also Nier and Dissidia.

AdmiralSnake1555d ago

Yeah...right, because the Directors and Producers being into the action drama is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD, oh the agony....

j-blaze1555d ago

Crisis Core was an action rpg and it's one of the best FFs, same with Kingdom Hearts...FF15 trailer was simply stunning, gameplay, graphics, characters everything!

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