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Japanese users want a PreCure Warriors game

11d ago - The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has the results of a recent poll conducted by the magazine reg... | Industry

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII To Release Around December For PC

42d ago - Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was supposed to release on PC for sometime in fall 2015, bu... | PC

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Square Enix Working Through Trial And Errors For Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Battle System

96d ago - “As far as its visual direction goes, we already have a good idea. On the other hand, we’re advan... | PS4

Everything we know about the man behind the Final Fantasy 7 remake

107d ago - Edge: Over the past decade, many of Square Enix’s best-known designers have left the company – a... | PS4

What Does Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Committee Do?

614d ago - What Does Square Enixs Final Fantasy Committee Do? screenshot Last year, Square Enix formed a com... | PS3

Final Fantasy's Producer Asks: What Makes a Good (or Bad) English Localization?

621d ago - Jeremy Parish of usGAMER writes: Over the weekend, I spoke to Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Ki... | Xbox 360

Interview with Final Fantasy Director Yoshinori Kitase and Art Director Yusuke Naora

623d ago - Grant from Denkiphile: "We recently took a field trip to Gallery Nucleus in Southern California f... | PS3

Yoshinori Kitase on Final Fantasy XII HD: “If They Think it’s a Good Idea They Might Opt for It”

650d ago - Ever since the announcement of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, there has been some chatter as to whether... | PS2

Final Fantasy 10's Blitzball was 'inspired by football and Star Wars pod races'

659d ago - games™ chatted to veteran Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase about the origins of Final Fant... | PS2

7 Questions With The Producer Of Lightning Returns

683d ago - Game Informer - The final installment of the Final Fantasy XIII saga is nearly here, and many fan... | Xbox 360

Final Fantasy X’s Original Idea And Other Reflections From Yoshinori Kitase

751d ago - Yoshinori Kitase also explains why Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Reamster took so long to develop and wh... | PS3

Fabula Nova Crystallis & a decade of Final Fantasy XIII - an inteview with producer Yoshinori Kitase

766d ago - ShackNews - "We've been working on the entire Final Fantasy XIII series for ten years now," produ... | Xbox 360

LR: FFXIII - Yuji Abe and Yoshinori Kitase Discuss Challenges, Expectations, and Looking Ahead

775d ago - Last week, Square Enix was in town showing off a handful of their upcoming titles, and among them... | Xbox 360

Interview: "Final Fantasy" Developers Yuji Abe and Yoshinori Kitase Talk "Lighting Returns"

776d ago - CP:During Comic Con in New York City got to sit down with two of the developers for the upcoming... | Xbox 360

Final Fantasy boss thinks European games are "confined to an American style"

780d ago - OXM UK - "Long-standing Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase wants to know what we all think r... | PC

Final Fantasy 10 & 10-2 HD: 'These Games Have Something Forgotten By Modern Games'

782d ago - NowGamer: "Final Fantasy 10 HD and Final Fantasy 10-2 HD have been in the works for a while. Prod... | PS3

Looking Backward and Forward with the Final Fantasy Team

867d ago - USgamer: "Kitase and Toriyama reflect on the series' changes and the path to reinvigorated success." | PC

Square Enix announces Japan Expo 2013 schedule: Lightning Returns, remasters and "other surprises."

892d ago - Square Enix is coming to Japan Exp in France next month with current-gen Final Fantasy, Kingdom H... | Culture

Where In The World Is: Final Fantasy Type-0?

1040d ago - In 2011, Square-Enix has released Final Fantasy Type-0. Many fans have waited excitedly to get to... | PSP

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Will Have DLC Scenarios, Maybe Downloadable Characters

1449d ago - At a Square Enix Members event, producer Yoshinori Kitase fielded a few questions about Final Fan... | Xbox 360

Forza Motorsport 6 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out the latest numbered Forza title. | Promoted post

Team Final Fantasy XIII-2 Shares Some Final Words with Dengeki PlayStation

1455d ago - Dengeki PlayStation has a final pre-release interview with Final Fantasy XIII-2 producer Yoshinor... | Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XIII-2: remaking FF7, Kinect RPGs and killing the "girly" feel

1461d ago - Square Enix talks us through its second "proper" Final Fantasy sequel | Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XIII-2: New Features Video Interview with Yoshinori Kitase

1471d ago - Learn more about the new different features such as the combat system, open-world feeling, and du... | Xbox 360

Kitase on how Western influences and Japanese mythology have shaped FFXIII-2 [Interview]

1472d ago - IncGamers chat to Yoshinori Kitase, the legendary and long-time director of the Final Fantasy ser... | Xbox 360

FF13 Producer Admits Game Had Problems

1473d ago - The producer of Final Fantasy XIII, Yoshinori Kitase, has come to terms with his own game it woul... | Xbox 360
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