TheSixthAxis: Unreal Tournament III Review

TheSixthAxis writes: "Unreal Tournament has always been a flagship multiplayer FPS for PC gamers, with its terrific pace and innate playability providing one of the best FPS multiplayer experiences on the PC. Now, Unreal Tournament has been bought to the Playstation 3, complete with next gen graphics, new vehicles and weapons, but with the core gameplay still intact. And we at TSA have to say, 'good lord, this is fantastic!'

Before we go ahead, forget everything you know about console FPSs. This is not a generic console FPS, it is, as the name implies, Unreal. It is not meant to be realistic, so it doesn't even try. However, Unreal Tournament has never been a game that is supposed to be played single player, and it still isn't. There is a storyline, one of those 'aliens are invading, fight them off' storylines, but the single player missions themselves are essentially multiplayer matches against bots. The storyline justifies this by saying 'they respawn when you kill them, you must kill them a certain amount of times so they run out of respawners' and throws you into a team deathmatch. In UT3, you play as the leader of a four man (three men, one woman) mercenary team called Ronin, who are fighting for humanity's survival. Before each mission, whilst the screen is loading, your leader will give you a reason why you're about to do the mission in a gruff, manly voice, which provides a small back-story to the area you're fighting in, who you're fighting and why you're fighting them. It should also be noted that you can play the campaign via online co-op for 4 players, also."

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