Epic patches UT3 on PS3

Eurogamer writes: "Epic Games has popped a plaster over the bleeding bits of Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3.

The bulk of the healing was done to mods, so they should be easier to install and you can expect less errors. There should also be less problems with voice chat, and you will be able to see who is holding down the talk button to play Gunther songs.

The US version of the game has a much lengthier list of updates, but this is simply because it came out earlier - us Europeans had those fixes from launch."

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spandexxking3742d ago

i installed the patch like last week. this is old.

3742d ago
Qwagy UK3742d ago

No lag using the ntsc version and the ability to connect to the euro severs.

Delive3742d ago

It does not even state what version it was updated to.

spandexxking3742d ago

it updated to 1.10 if that helps?

Delive3742d ago

I had already updated a day prior to this article. My point was that the author should have specified more. I read and was thinking there was a new update pushed.

k2d3742d ago

The game will still freeze up on me though..