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The last work of Naughty Dog is the ideal closure of the current generation, a job that does not treat you like an idiot, and does not bother to disturb him and abuse him in order to fully convey its messages.

Disintegrates barriers narratives of video games, proposing a structured campaign with an incredible skill, supported by technical marvels and found brilliant game design.

No matter what your media belong to or who the author is, anyone who wants to tackle issues of this kind will have to deal with this masterpiece in the future and are unlikely to come out with the bones intact in comparison.

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TheLyonKing1654d ago

And another 10! I dot even like these types of games but I am getting it day 1. Can't miss out on the game of the century!

cell9891654d ago

the decade to be more precise

babis19741654d ago

i pre-ordered it 30/4 and iam very happy with the reviews

jjb19811654d ago

I can't wait. Hardest difficulty day 1

Enemy1654d ago

Same here, man. I want to take as much time with it as possible, even if it means dying a thousand times. Gonna be hard to avoid spoilers but nothing's gonna break this game for me anyway.

MikeMyers1654d ago

Naughty Dog has proven to be one of the best development teams this generation. Can't wait to see what they can do on the PS4.

cell9891654d ago

exactly, without all the limitations from the PS3, I cant began to fathom what awesome title will they cook next

italiangamer1653d ago

This is an italian gaming site and it's the FIRST 10 THEY EVER GAVE TO A GAME