5 things developers should avoid in new Star Wars games

PSU looks back at old Star Wars games and lists 5 things that should be avoided in the development of new Star Wars games.

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yugovega2040d ago

omg I had no idea it was that bad. lol aww starwars how far you have fallen

mondofish2039d ago

Yeaaah, that is definitely pretty terrible :)

OpieWinston2039d ago

MY EYES!!!!!!!!

I don't mind Kinect/Move support in games but no more exclusives that involve shit like this....

FITgamer2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

I laughed so hard, then i realized this was actual game footage and that feeling came over me like when they show those feed the children commercials.

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MysticStrummer2039d ago

Jar Jar made Ewoks seem pretty damn cool in retrospect.

DasTier2040d ago

"Not many Star Wars games have been successful without a strong narrative"

The BEST Star Wars games, the Battlefront series, was never known for its 'strong narrative' or story.

yugovega2040d ago

the best was jedi knight: dark forces 2. had a story but didn't follow the movies. that's how to make a successful sw game. don't base it in the major storyline. with or without a story. unless of course its another pod racer. id buy that.

MysticStrummer2039d ago

Best SW games for me were X-Wing and Tie Fighter. Never played X-Wing vs Tie Fighter but I used to fantasize about it coming to PSN. SW Battlefront would be second for me.

CourierSix2035d ago

No, best Star Wars game was KoTOR 1

hazardman2040d ago

Star Wars Jedi Outcast 2 would like a word with you.. one of the best SW games ever IMO! Story wise and gameplay.

LightofDarkness2040d ago

Everything about the prequels, basically (over reliance on Jedi/Sith, OP Jedi/Sith, lack of strong narrative, playing it "safe", fear of going in a more "mature" direction). They're objectively terrible movies that have irrevocably marred the lore. Like it or not, they are canon, but we can simply adopt the "let's never speak of it again" approach.

While it originally seemed to cool, turning the Jedi/Sith from space monks to power rangers kind of ruined them for a long time. I don't want to see another story focused on them for a while, which is why 1313 seemed like a nice new direction. Pity it will likely fade away.

yugovega2040d ago

1313 just looks like a bounty hunter sequel. and that game was very fun.

Jek_Porkins2040d ago

Don't turn Battlefront into an FPS, we have enough of those. If you want to make a Star Wars FPS, make Republic Commando 2, because the first game was amazing, and maybe even better than Halo 2 at the time.

Alcohog2039d ago

I'd rather see a new Jedi Knight/Dark Forces man.

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