Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - TV Spot 2

Feel the power, coming soon.

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Lord Anubis3656d ago

me no likey

too short, don't like the song either.

MaximusPrime3656d ago

TV Spot meant to be short.

btw it is a great TV Spot.

Lord Anubis3656d ago

perhaps, i did like the previous tv spot and i really like the Japanese tv spots. Just not this one, it doesn't show much .

eagle213656d ago

Ratchet had a 30 sec. and 60 sec. spot. This gets the job done, I got pretty

LSDARBY3656d ago

Crap commercial tbh, they could have advertised it way better than that. It looks like a lame fan made video.

Sevir043656d ago

In real life then crossing over into game play with that cool high pounding opera song playing, That was awesome, still This could have better. either way it looks cool. and all it needs to say is Now availible on TV and it's a done deal.

level 3603655d ago

What the...

Not the best GT5:P advert.

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