Where The First Mass Effect Failed, And Succeeded, According To Its Head Writer

Kotaku - Drew Karpyshyn was there at the beginning of Mass Effect, but he still hasn't played the end. He was lead writer on the first two games in the series, but has yet to see the third game through to its conclusion. He knows about the the controversy, about the cupcakes and the Extended Cut. But he just hasn't gotten around to setting down and saying goodbye to his Shepard.

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whamlollypop71958d ago

Good read, cool to hear about the mind behind the master piece. ME2 maybe one of the greatest games ever made.

Greyslash1958d ago

You obviously haven't played many games then
It was alright, 1 was the best of the 3.

rpd1231958d ago

Well that escalated quickly.

ShabbaRanks1958d ago

I agree ME1 all the way, after that it went downhill

SJC1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I think ME2 was the best because of the way it ended and because of the way how Drew Karpyshyn gave you enough information to satisfy, and yet left you wondering how the third game could possibly end. But I do think think the third Mass Effect suffered greatly from the absence of Drew Karpyshyn.

FreakyFox1958d ago

ME1 here too, when they took away planet exploration and had you scan the planet from orbit in 2 and 3, and took away team customization, well it made ME1 seem like a more complated package to me.

I would think that it was somthing to do with hardware limetitions in consoles, more to the point... RAM.

Maybe they sacrificed exploration and team customization for a better combat system and Miranda Lawson virtual butt, who knows.