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Submitted by Phil32 1042d ago | opinion piece

Always Online Would Be the Least of Our Problems With the Next Xbox

SuperPhillip Central writes, "Things have been a bit messy with the Microsoft camp. If you're reading this site, you know doubt heard or read about it. A creative director for Microsoft's gaming division spoke out on Twitter, defending the idea of a console that is always online. That means that an Internet connection is always required to use the system's services and features. Well, unfortunately, Mr. Adam Orth said his comments in an incredibly rude and disrespectful manner. This not only insulted gamers, but even Xbox fans are up in arms. You can see an example of Mr. Orth's tweeting below. Now, we are in the stage of damage control for Microsoft.

While an always online next Xbox would be a bad thing to us, it's not the worst thing that we can think of that Microsoft could do with their third console. Here are four troublesome and worrying things Microsoft may have for the so-called "Nextbox."" (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Xbox One)

StrongMan  +   1042d ago | Well said
Great read. The author is right, MS have a lot more problems with the next Xbox leaks of always requiring an Internet connection to play games even offline. Your silence is only hurting you, MS. Your employees are defending the always online thing so that pretty much confirms it's true.
lastofgen  +   1042d ago
"Your employees are defending the always online thing .."

correction: one employee.

edit: for those who disagreed with me, is my statement incorrect or are you just disagreeing with me for the heck of it?
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sengoku   1042d ago | Trolling | show
iGAM3R-VIII  +   1042d ago
@lasyofgen #DealWithIt #ItsTrue #AdamOrth #MS #Why lol

@StongMan I have to agree with you, this article really states some problems that are true. MS really do have to change their direction by E3 but I doubt they can do that in that amount of time.
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amiga-man  +   1042d ago
I have no doubt the always online is true, after the huge outcry M$ may be having second thoughts and are back peddling as we speak, if not especially if the other rumours are true as well, M$ really are taking the pee out of it's users.

All that and you are still charged for online, it's a joke but it's not even funny anymore.
chukamachine  +   1042d ago
You can put lipstick on a pig, yes it's still a pig. But a hot pig.
lastofgen  +   1042d ago 18 people who disagreed with me believe that one employee = employees.

I see what this community is turning into...
thechosenone  +   1041d ago
For those who may have missed it, another confirmation of MS going the always on route.

"Developer on Xbox 720 always-online: "All I can say is be sure to pay your ISP bills"
user7693958  +   1041d ago
what about the troolls employers who are in n4g and any other gaming webpages?
who are defending it? I bet m$ pays them to do so.
silenius  +   1041d ago
I wish
all this articles about the next xbox to be gone...
I'm tired of them, and clearly in the end, they don't say anything new.
People... either wait and see what MS has to offer to show in E3, OR stop flaming on that f**king "unanounced" corpse of the Next Xbox.

Suddenly everybody has "an inside source" that knows EVERYTHING! and suddenly everybody has an opinion on something THAT IS NOT EVEN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED!

Seriously though, N4G starts to look more like a site in which 2 fanatic religious groups are trying So hard to prove that their religion is the only and rightful one...
DylnCox  +   1041d ago
@lastofgen You can't just assume that he is the ONLY employee in all of MS that supports the idea. The reason you believe that is because he's the only one that has come out and said something about it.
IK IR Y IP T  +   1041d ago
they are disagreeing with you because it has to do with microsoft atleast when u support microsoft that money goes back into the us economy unlike the sony who's money goes straight overseas no wonderthey love there dumb lil fanboys...
nosferatuzodd  +   1041d ago
what about the troolls employers who are in n4g and any other gaming webpages?
who are defending it? I bet m$ pays them to do so.
Zodd the immortal said its not impossible it does happen look! they paid this guy 134million that's million folks to discredit Google with the scroogle add Microsoft is a very cut throat company i know if they cant win they'll do anything Sony better watch it if Microsoft cant have their way..

like i said the only thing xboxlive do that PSN don't is cross media chat that's it i have both and that's the only thing my Xbox friends can talk to me about when we have a discussion
Gaming101  +   1041d ago
What are you delusional? Devs have come out and said that "You better pay your ISP bills". If you can't understand from all the evidence that you always need to be online, from the mountain of evidence in front of you, you're a typical delusional fanboy living in a bubble with your hands over your ears screaming "LALALALALALALALA"

And for those of you delusional enough to think that Msoft pays internet trolls, they have bigger things on their minds. Internet trolls are just that - saps with nothing better to do, who will fanboy it up for free.
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BattleAxe  +   1041d ago
I totally agree with the author of this article.

1. The idea of a console that is always online is a bad idea.

2. Blocked used games are a bad idea.

3. Let's talk about their extensive lineup of compelling first-party exclusives, or lack thereof. Between Halo and Forza, that's pretty much all that excites some people, myself included.

4. Then there's Kinect which is turning the XBOX brand into a casual games machine.

5. Microsoft's attitude with Xbox Live, I'm sorry, but having to have a subscription to play online with your friends is total garbage. Microsoft essentially became so arrogant that they raised the cost of their service from $50 per year to $60 per year. That's for the privilege of playing with your friends, various chat services, Netflix and YouTube (both free on other platforms).
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S2Killinit  +   1041d ago
I disagreed with you even though I agree that it is the first time that at least I, hear an MS employee defending the decision for 'always online'. Honestly though, I think the main reason why I disagreed with you is because you are (rightfully in this case) defending a company that seems to be taking the industry in a direction that just somehow doesn't sit right with me. I feel that MS's decisions are part of a bigger picture that I'm not quite certain I look forward to. I donno you are entitled to your opinion but thats just me.
Ritsujun  +   1041d ago
It could be the last 'next' box for Microtendo. =)
whoyouwit04  +   1042d ago
Nothing is confirmed until Microsoft them selve come out and say's it, You are just hoping with all your Sony heart that it is true.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   1042d ago
The fact a MS employee said it, you still think that it isn't true. That's like an police employee saying on twitter someone killed a guy and you don't believe it because you want the chief policeman to say it in piblic.
Saigon  +   1042d ago

It has nothing to do with being a Sony fanboy...but it has everything to do with being a gamer...

I totally agreed with your statement until the last bit. You are right it is not confirmed, but creditable sources such as Edge Online and sad to say Kotaku are coming out with information that usually is spot on. That is the reason for the hoopla. It has nothing to do with fanboyism...

My biggest issue is that this strategy is more aimed at the casual gaming market versus the hardcore gamers. The sad part about it is that no one has recognized that yet. Everyone is complaining about the concept without looking at the true meaning or intentions behind the move.
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lastofgen  +   1042d ago
the employee was merely expressing his opinion.
and always online could mean anything. most likely, it's something akin to sony's sleep mode or never again having to sit through "connecting to xbox live" again because it always remains connected to xbox live even when you turn it off.

you can hold me to my word. I am 100% confident that the always online requirement is false and ms has nothing like it planned.

and when all the rumors are conflicting and never really correctly align, you should realize that something is up with the sources, which are most likely fake.
amiga-man  +   1041d ago
No but I am pretty sure most xbox owners are hoping with all of their heart that it isn't true,

If it is are you seriously going to defend it?
xxLuckyStrike  +   1041d ago

And personally I would never buy a console that doesn't work as a stand alone gaming device. See it's my option if I so choose to get online for multiplayer or movies!!! It's my decision if I want to loan my game to a buddy. I paid for it!!! I should be able to do what I choose.

*I'm not going to pay $400 for a console with restrictions, requirements, fees, and or devices I deem unnecessary.

The way it sounds is pretty ugly!!

*Kinect Required
*Always online Required
* DRM required
*Block used games

What's wrong with the current business model in place? Why not continue to Build on it!! Don't restrict it.

Gamers/world aren't ready for the all digital console. Always online so you can always update monitor. And MS is/was considering forcing the issue down our throats upcoming gen. NO WAY!!! Maybe when Xbox 4 and PS5 come out that may be. Better make sure you get there first!!!

This rant was based solely on rumors and means absolutely nothing
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fermcr  +   1042d ago
"Always Online Would Be the Least of Our Problems With the Next Xbox"

OUR problems !!! ???

If rumors are true, then it's not going to be OUR problems. The problems belong to the people that purchase the next Xbox.
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iGAM3R-VIII  +   1042d ago
I would say Microsofts instead of Ours, it makes more sense too
Saigon  +   1042d ago
Bubbles, you are so right...if we as gamers or should I say casuals buy into this, it is OUR problem...
Jakens  +   1041d ago
I still think that this is OUR problem. This doesn't affect you? Yes, sadly it does.
rainslacker  +   1041d ago
I wish that were true. However MS has become a force within the gaming industry. Whatever they do has the potential of becoming a norm for gaming, and if this type of thing gains momentum and sees positive results for the company, it could soon become every gamers problem as the other console providers take notice.

I know it seems everyone that wants to turn a blind eye wants to call those in the Sony camp against the idea a fan boy, but I can look at the situation realistically and see beyond just one or two years how this may affect me, and other gamers, as well as developers. I don't speak out on this issue(or others like it from any console maker) because of console preference, I do so because I'm a consumer, and I like having at the very least the illusion of choice in my game purchases.

There are some issues that are simply bigger than console preference. And the console wars should stay out of it. It only makes the debate less effective because it becomes to easy to discredit those who have perfectly valid reasons for not liking the idea.
Peppino7  +   1042d ago
I do believe the rumored blocking used games would be the worst of the 2.
Freedomland  +   1041d ago
Hmmmmmmm! that's why they are choked and lost for words.
Dee_Cazo  +   1041d ago
I am sure this very credible news site and your opinion has sealed that this is fact, and has nothing to do with the fanboys on n4g.
SCW1982  +   1042d ago
Good points
MikeMyers  +   1041d ago
Yes they are. Three main issues stand out that will kill the next Xbox.

1. It will require a constant connection at all times to run games.

2. It will block used games.

3. Too much emphasis on Kinect.
majiebeast  +   1042d ago
LOGICWINS  +   1042d ago

I find this hashtag to be hilarious for some reason LOL
RyuCloudStrife  +   1042d ago
The_Infected  +   1042d ago
Below are two great points in the article.

"We love Halo as much as the next site,
but MS as a first-party needs more interesting I.P.s."

"We'd love the person who invented Kinect to see
how "large" most people's gaming spaces are."
Why o why  +   1042d ago
Nah dude. Ive been asking for more and more varied ips from ms since I signed up. You'll get shut down and hit with excuses pretty much every time. I want more from sony and that may sound unreasonable for some but sony dont pay my bills if I hit hard times. I've always known im just a punter to them...all I ask is that they provide me with more reasons to own their console, more choice, more variety ON TOP of the multiplatform games. I seldome hear the louder 360 fans agree with this. I've got zero shares in sony ms or nintendo so their bottom lines isn't my main concern or theirs. Games..more of them....its why we buy consoles. We shouldnt be making excuses for any multi million/billion $/€/¥/£ company
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swishersweets20031  +   1042d ago
Microsoft. The ship that started sinking before it left port.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   1042d ago
They lost their first gen.
Came in dead last in their 2nd attempt
And they seem to be in for a rocky start nextgen.

Just stop already with the shameful xbox nonsense microsoft.Come back to PC gaming, where you should of stayed.
whoyouwit04  +   1042d ago
No sony is dead last this gen, nowhere ever did read or hear them officially come out and said they out sold Microsoft. The only time they said anything close to that was when Jack Trenton said something like, we sold just as many as them, PROBABLY more. Not his exact quote, but close enough. Anyways, if they really out sold the 360 there wouldn't be a probably He would've just came out and said it, and gloated when he when he did. Show me where you have undisputed proof that the PS3 actually out sold the 360, and I'm not talking about some bullshit IDC numbers. I want a direct quote from sony them selves saying yes they have out sold the 360 with no probably nowhere in the quote. Probably is not a definitive yes.
GribbleGrunger  +   1042d ago
You're probably right.
wantonGamer  +   1042d ago

Oh but it's definitive enough for you to say they absolutely haven't outsold the 360 !? And even to claim Sony is dead last ? Why don't you look it up yourself, it was a pretty big deal some time ago.
Lifebanisher  +   1042d ago
You mean microsoft go back to pc software your windows 8 is not selling and your money grabbing pay 2 play online console could have the same fate.
S2Killinit  +   1041d ago
@ whoyouwit04
you say you want proof that Sony outsold MS but your own knowledge about which company had sold more up to this point was the same statistics that you whole irrelevant or insufficient. Sony had outsold MS for a while now, you can see it in the numbers. It would be a stupid idea for Sony to come out and gloat about having sold more units because (due to many other reasons I can think of) that could result in a response from MS that is bad for both companies (as in a economically disparate move on MS's part) for example, dropping the cost of Xbox significantly in order to save face. Not to mention that it would put Sony in the same position where many people criticized them for being 'arrogant'. well Sony is not going to make that mistake just as MS didn't make that mistake when they were ahead.
Cam977  +   1042d ago
Even if it does flop MS won't be affected, they're stupidly wealthy.

It may however make them leave the console market for years.
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StrawHatPatriot  +   1041d ago
It's they're wealthy, but it doesn't help that Windows Phone is flopping, Windows 8 has a very slow adoption rate and mixed reviews, and Bing hasn't caught on as much as Micrsoft would hope.
wantonGamer  +   1042d ago
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Cocozero  +   1042d ago
More fear showing again, and more attention for the 720
wenaldy  +   1042d ago
Yes, all of them are NEGATIVE
clintos59  +   1042d ago

Fear what? Despite all the success microsoft has had with the 360 true "Fact" is they have the least library of quality of exclusives out of the big 3. Name me one new quality exclusive microsoft has released for the 360 in the last 3 years? Oh thats right u cant because all of the quality games your getting can also be played on every other system lol. Im sure Sony & Nintendo are shaking in fear by the almighty 360 haha. Get real.
Objective  +   1041d ago
Yes fear. Smell it a mile away from the people talking the most trash on this site.
urwifeminder  +   1042d ago
Not long now we get some official news looking forward to the next ms action.
Lifebanisher   1042d ago | Trolling | show
ufo8mycat   1042d ago | Trolling | show
headblackman  +   1042d ago
I have complete confidence in the brilliance of the Microsoft company that they will do the right things that will continue to keep them at the very top of the console war. they are the best and the brightest of the 3 console makers and I'm sure the e3 along with actually playing the new Xbox will continue to prove what we already know and have experienced with gaming with xbox. the best of the best. just be patient fans as well as PlayStation haters. e3 is soon to come shock and aw the world into the new area of gaming in the best way. Microsoft is and I repeat is the smartest at this whole gaming and console wat thing.
prettyboy12  +   1042d ago
dude i dont know what your smoking but pass that joint on down.soooo many things wrong with your comment its not even funny.the smartest as in betting how dumb americans can be then yes!outside of that no.the best?!!!im sorry but did we experience the same xbox experience because mines eas the complete oposite of what you just said.i feel dumb had just listening to you!!!i award you no points and may god have mercy on you
headblackman  +   1041d ago
spoken as a Sony fan should. everything I've said is completely valid. Microsoft is the best and the brightest. no other console company can say that. Microsoft also has the money to showcase its brilliance. no other console company can say that or compete for that matter. Microsoft is the only console company with time. no other console company can say this because they have all released a good portion, if not all of their hand in order to try to take what they know that truly and eventually will be claimed by Microsoft (the throne). of course Sony has what appears to look like a nice system (on paper) I have yet to see a developer come out and say something good about the system from actual use of it. every claim of the system was based off of spec claims. this is the samething that happened with the ps3 (but we all know what happened with that :-/). this will be another generation that Microsoft will take and hold onto (and yea I said another. I say another because the Xbox outsold ps3 but the ps3 out shipped the Xbox. what you ship isn't what's been sold which is sad on sony's part for trying to pull a fast one). but I continue to say this, just wait till the e3 and see for yourself that Microsoft will win. but remember this: there is no power greater than x ;-)
Jakens  +   1041d ago
What you said...It even hurts MS fans.
Gamer-40  +   1041d ago
There is no power greater than x..?
Sorry, I dont understand.

PS4 better and powerful hardware than new Xbox.
Multiplatform games better looking the PS4, exklusive games much better looking the PS4.

No power greater than x..?
headblackman  +   1041d ago
did Microsoft say that the new Xbox was weaker than the ps4? no. so until the official specs are released, please spare me the who's system is more powerful bull. but let me guess? you already know just like every PlayStation fan, that Microsoft is the only company that's brilliant enough and rich enough to create a gaming console that can totally crush anything that the ps4 can or will ever think to be. but this scares you along with your PlayStation bretheren. Sony is not what people think they are. Sony use to be like the king zurcies on the movie 300. even a god king can bleed. and with the Xbox 360 destroying the ps3 from every angle, the Xbox 360 displayed that the PlayStation so called god king can be taken down as it was taken down. this console generation will actually seel the deal and put the nail in the coffin. both the first Xbox and the Xbox 360 had a purpose. the first Xbox was to be the name out and to display the capable power. it was never about the win with the first system. the Xbox 360's job was to complete with both Nintendo and Sony at both of therir strong points. and it did and took one of the mighty kings down while learning something very special from the other. and the lesson showed them how to take the other down while its efforts was a little too late,the motion will be carried out in the next gen war (get it? motion!). now the next war will be to take on all comments and to defeat them all at their best strategies. and I repeat. only Microsoft is the only company in the game right now with the funds and the brilliance to pull this off. and one last thing that I should point out to everyone is how Sony has already lost because of its single focus. Sony truly believes that its only competing with Microsoft while totally disregarding the other competitors. even from the rumors that are released about Microsoft's next console shows you that they get the bigger picture. but that also validates and confirms the brilliance of Microsoft that I speak of. the xbox console won't be the only thing multitasking in this new console war. and I'll say it one last time in case you PlayStation fans didn't get the first time I said it. there is no power greater than x (for all of you who don't know what this is from. its the promotional statement that was used for the first Xbox)
Burn_BR  +   1042d ago
Agree totally. Mr.,I do not wanna know his name, must be fired and put away to game market. Like Vaz says " This Is insanity"
Supermax  +   1042d ago
This is sparta
KillrateOmega  +   1041d ago
No. This is madness!
S2Killinit  +   1041d ago
as a Persian I agree with you lol
HonestDragon  +   1041d ago
I know rumors and speculation can ultimately hurt, but I think I'll wait on seeing what Microsoft has to say before I offer an opinion. Granted, I totally agree with a lot of his points, though. The Kinect is a disaster, the online service fee is insulting, and Microsoft's current IP list is the smallest it has ever been. If any of the things I've been hearing about the next Xbox turn out to be true, then Microsoft's future in the industry will be at best questionable and at worst finished.
dcbronco  +   1041d ago
Another clown that could have cut and pasted any number of fanboy articles and save himself sometime writing. First and last visit to that site.
Phil32  +   1041d ago
I was going to give you an actual response to your PM you sent me (which actually had some good points to it), but then I saw this incredibly rude comment. It seems no matter what I'd say you'd dismiss me like you've dismissed our site. I'm sorry you disagreed with my article, and I'm sorry you will not be returning to our site.
dcbronco  +   1041d ago
Actually I apologize for the comment. I made it before I looked at your other articles. This being N4G there are way too many sites crowding the space with junk articles. When even Forbes is trolling gamers it's gotten out of hand. It's my fault for commenting without checking out more of your articles.
#15.1.1 (Edited 1041d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report
Phil32  +   1041d ago
It's okay. Apology accepted. My intention was not to come off as a troll. There's enough of that in the industry, in the media, and on message boards as it is. I don't want to contribute to that. Our articles on SPC try to be as rational as possible, but sometimes we do get a little crazy. I hope this article is not viewed as more crazy than rational.
dcbronco  +   1041d ago
Looking at your history it isn't for for me. But there are a lot of people here that believe those things to be true. Never looking at the big picture and realizing the consequences of that mentality. They believe a company can walk on water as other go out of business for the same things. Sony is no longer the big money making machine it was in the Walkman days.

They never look at things like Kinect Fusion and see what the device is capable of and being geared for. Kinect 1.0 may be more of a gimmick, version 2.0 should allow for a lot more and is moving in the inevitable direction of the controller.

And developers and publishers will protect themselves. And places like Gamestop will naturally disappear as we move to digital systems. Lack of Internet speed won't last forever for the majority. And as we move toward a service economy and away from a products economy.

But I guess most gamers are in the moment people. I think this generation will be a complete shock to them.
Hicken  +   1041d ago
Way to backpedal there, dcbronco. I'm impressed.

Here's a poll from over at GameFAQs:

I guess that site's also full of Sony fanboys, since a ridiculous amount wouldn't support this crap, as opposed to quite a few here.
dcbronco  +   1040d ago
Hicken, it's not called backpedaling. It's called character. When you realize you made a mistake you apologize. One day maybe you will develop some of it.

BTW are you stalking me. You seem to use your bubble to comment on my comments a lot.

No one argues that always on in some instances. Like if it prevents you from playing a game period. But lots of devices are always on and still work when not on thew Internet. Like your computer. You and many other fanboys have taken always on as meaning games won't work unless they are online. You all are also ignoring that the PS4 will be the same way. Sony said it was a always on device themselves.

I think this is a publisher right if they choose to use it to stop a game from working if not online. But I believe these games have to be marked on the box as being that. Mainly so that I can avoid buying those games. Though I will say that there are many games(most)that I get strictly for the online component. In those cases it won't matter.

I don't buy Battlefield for the single player experience. It's useless to me offline. Skyrim or Dragon's Age would be different and I would avoid them like the plague if they had to be connected. And I reallly, reallllly want another Elder Scrolls.
dcbronco  +   1040d ago
The reality of blocking offline use is that it degrades the value of the product so much that no one would do it. MS says they have 46 million Gold subscribers, but they've sold 76 million consoles. Blocking offline use may kill 30 million sales. No one would do that.

I think that online may register a game for consumers. And it may be a way to keep games from being leaked from developers early. Game can't play until a certain date unless online and won't work unless attached to machines that they know should be using it at that point. But I don't believe they will do this on AAA titles. It would cost them too much money.

I have no problem with blocking used games. There are ways around borrowing and giving away games like license transfers and temporary licenses. There used to be disposable DVD rentals that had a temporary license. You can already do that with the 360 when you transfer the license of Arcade games to a new console.

But if MS does this, Sony will too. If publishers think it is to their advantage they will force it. If it causes low install bases they will drop it. But it will be tried.
GraveLord  +   1041d ago
-Console becomes brick when not connected to the internet
-No used games
-Too much focus on Kinect
-Pay to Play Online

Each one of these "Features" individually is enough to make me go with PS4, just think about what these features would do if they all end up being true.....
prettyboy12   1041d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
DivineAssault  +   1041d ago
I know its the least of our problems.. The types of games it gets are the biggest issue.. If its all multiplats & casual exclusives, it will be even worse off..
BitbyDeath  +   1041d ago
It's pretty much confirmed MS will require you to be online with the next console. Next question is do you need to pay to be always online?
Gamer-40  +   1041d ago
Yes, 100% true, always online need to play games.
hellvaguy  +   1041d ago
And Im guessing its no coincidence that you provide no link with MS confirming this....
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DopiestGhost   1041d ago | Trolling | show
GamerzElite  +   1041d ago
After angry and negative reaction on this leak MS must thinking about removing this feature. Means delay in launch due to changes in their Next XBox system. So Next XBox come in store around end 2014 or 2015.
jaixvx  +   1041d ago
Can't wait to hack this next xbox.
ArtificiallyYours  +   1041d ago
As someone who goes way back with their consoles (including Halo), this makes me dreadfully ill. "Always Online" is like "destroying matter", Microsoft, do you science.
#23 (Edited 1041d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
sdjoijsdf   1041d ago | Spam
Pillsbury1  +   1041d ago
Always online? Heavy kinect integration? Still charging to play online? These rumors do not bode well for the next Xbox.
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hellvaguy  +   1041d ago
Not to play devil's advocate, but aren't most people's console already always connected to the internet at all times?

And for another thing, all this doom and gloom, where did MS ever say the 720 will require the always online? Last I heard they haven't announced anything confirmed specs
ziggurcat  +   1041d ago
it really all depends on how always on is implemented.

if it's required to be online just to be able to play single player games, that's not such a good thing.

and you're right, they haven't said anything about the next xbox, but it's pretty telling when your creative director openly defends such a feature on the internet.

personally, i'm waiting to find out from MS before i pass any judgement because there are some pretty scary kinect-related rumours that i do not agree with at all, and i hope that those rumours are false.
Ravenor  +   1041d ago
I'd rather scream "the sky is falling" and make wild gestures, it's fun.

Could we please, please, PLEASE stop speculating on rumours as if they are 100% confirmed? I am all for discussion about what an always online console could do, and what would be the negative and positive aspects of the device? The clearly brand preference driven back and forth between people is getting back to that 2007-2008 level of drivel and childishness.

I won't be thrilled about an online only console, but if it turns out to be true I would be interested to at least see how they rationalize the feature. It's not like we are starving for choices, between the PC, PS4 and Wii U you have plenty of places to throw money at instead of Microsoft.
Orionsangel  +   1041d ago
Do games literally stop working if you lose your Internet connection? That's my worry.
BitbyDeath  +   1041d ago
Agent_hitman  +   1041d ago
Always online policy is only applicable in North america or Europe. But in other Asian countries, it flops..

Goodluck selling that Xbox720 on those countries. I'm pretty sure sony will dominate lol.

History repeat itself again, but this time on MS's side..
Legion  +   1041d ago
Lets cut to the chase. I am assuming most of you have a computer... well because you are reading this. (though I know other devices might give you access)

Why would MS do this with the XBOX 720 and not do it with their software for computers? Windows 8 needs to be online to work? Excel, Powerpoint, MS Office in general... all needing to be online to use? That would be very unrealistic wouldn't it?

You wouldn't be able to work on anything if your internet was down. No pulling out the laptop on flights to work on your latest work project.

No doing school work without being able to connect to the internet. No playing solitaire without hooked up to the internet.

Sounds a bit crazy doesn't it? So does the thought that I can't use a system without internet connectivity. Why do I even need a console if I am required to be online? Why then wouldn't I just get Steam and play online?

When my connection goes out... I toss in some Skyrim and enjoy some adventuring until it comes back-up.

With the new XBOX 720 policy of needing to be online all the time then maybe I will be forced to go outside when the internet goes down? Isn't that dangerous? Aren't their animals outside? What is that bright light in the sky that almost looks as bright as the sun in Battlefield 3? ;)

Online all the time? As it is now my kids are playing some arcade games and the internet keeps having issues and logging them offline. And with the current games it forces them to log back in to play the game. So every few minutes they have to keep logging back in just to play. (we have 2 systems in our house... my kids no longer have XBL Gold)

I could imagine this being with all games on the XBOX 720 and I would then be forced to move to an area that has better internet connection or move to another system?

I hate moving... so I guess I would have to start computer gaming again? That is until MS makes my Windows online only.... then I am screwed again!
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kennyng1026  +   1041d ago
Come on MS, come and challenge all the gamers.

Always online would guarantee me to jump ship to Sony.

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