Developer on Xbox 720 always-online: "All I can say is be sure to pay your ISP bills"

GC: "Xbox 720 rumours are flying thick and fast, and it seems the always-online rumour is getting more credibility."

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Godmars2901843d ago

This is quickly turning into MS's, "You have to work more to buy a PS3" comment. They have to be trolling at this point. Either themselves or their fan base.

Then again, its not like gamer community has ever really stood by its online protests.

sengoku1843d ago

this is going to cost M$ customers for sure..

sithsylar1843d ago

Not sure if it will cost them. 3rd parties love the whole anti piracy bullshit move. What if microsoft gets more support from them because of this move which in turns gets people to buy the console because its where the games are.... All i want is for them not to be rewarded for this shit move if true.

Skips1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )


And ignore the MASSIVE install base the PS4 is sure going to get (even helped more so from this VERY inconvenience to consumers)???


Dee_911843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Kaz's response

after this backlash if MS dont change or alter this, they are done.I mean a delay to the release is well worth not having this .... "feature"

Dee_911843d ago

^^ thats not actually kaz btw

nix1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

it may not be Kaz but that was funny.


this is funny too...

Bathyj1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Damn funny but

Dammit nix, I was saying that.

NewMonday1843d ago

guess it's true then, only thing left is for Ballmer to dance around in a big stage yelling "always-online".

stupid and crazy, someone needs to tell MS core gamers are a tough crowd, just ask SEGA, Nintendo and Sony.

oh well, many will be saving 400-500$+ years of Live subscriptions.

BitbyDeath1843d ago

Saw this on GAF brilliant.

vet_medic1843d ago

Whoever is behind that fake Kaz twitter is one brilliant individual.

ps3_pwns1842d ago

@sithslyar the ps4 will have all the games and then some with better quality and better everything. at this point the only actual related game thing ms has is halo which is the only thing. one game which is no longer good should not make you pick a system thats trying to make you a slave to the system especially when the alternative is far better in ever single way. let go of your crap achievements everyone will be gaming on the ps4.

why are people fighting the ps4 and still trying to protect ms? do you work for them because as a gamer at this point it doesnt make any logical sense. id like somone who wants the next xbox to tell me why so i can show you why everything you say will be on the ps4 and better except for halo thats not even being made by bungie anymore.

Army_of_Darkness1842d ago

Apple drove Microsoft mad I tell ya.... who else is expecting an iBox 720??

nosferatuzodd1842d ago

like i said i told you so just doesn't cut it anymore I TOLD YOU SO lol
what if everything we heard has rumors and hear say is true damn

DatNJDom811842d ago

I hope you xbox guys learn ur lesson. This is what you get for supporting their sleezy ways. No surprise here all.

Pixel_Enemy1842d ago

EVERYONE remembers when PSN was down for an insane amount of time. Stuff like that happens. Internet service providers have service problems and so do the consoles with their services. Xbox Live went down for a week during christmas one year.

What everyone is seeming to forget is that while PSN and LIVE and your ISP are down, you could still play single player games on both consoles. MS is going to make it so you can't even do that next gen. It is pretty sad and unfortunate.

badz1491842d ago

So I guess if the rumors are indeed true, they must be thinking like "why not go a bit further this time around?"

Just think about it. There are xbox gamers still defending their "pay-to-play online" policy with just "xgame chat is worth the $60 a year fee!" Sony has proven that online can be offered for free and the Vita can do xgame chat with ease over a FREE network!

So...I can see that this is something that MS would do, knowing that they are dominating the US market and what can't ads do to help sell their next console to those unknowing masses? After all, they spent millions upon millions on ads every year. Remember the $500m budget for Kinect's ads. And then remember the XBL commercial with the LBP song? They lied in the face with that ad and THAT is definitely how they will market their nextbox.

JohnnyBadfinger1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Bullshit! What is with the PS community? How fucking dare any of you try and dictate which console anyone buys. I'm buying the next Xbox now solely out of spite of ps fanboys.

And as far as I'm concerned the next Xbox is still a good year and a half away. But I bet you there will be multiple levels to the Xbox live service. Gaming will most likely be the lowest level but will still be pay to play. I have never used my 360 for anything else other than games and watching tv and movies off the computer. This will not change wheb the next box comes out. Plus 90% of the apps and partnerships the Xbox live services have aren't supported in Australia. So the drm is pointless. Apart from foxtel cable tv, which if I did have is unmetered usage through my ISP.

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SOD_Delta1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Microsoft should call the 720 "Zune Box", because If this rumor is true I believe it will turn out disastrous.

hesido1843d ago

The difference between the arrogant "You have to work more" comment and "Why would you live in a place without reliable internet anyway" comment is that, the former is simply arrogant and nothing else, but the second tells up how the platform is intended to work and affect the platform through-out its life cycle.

Zechs341843d ago

Adam Orth?!? Is that you?

Saigon1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )


Do you hear yourself? Seriously the the comment about why would you live in an unreliable internet connection area is more arrogant. Mainly because some individuals can't help where they live. Its not there fault basic cable can't get to them. People own farms and such would have this issue because of that. This also affects individuals that live on hills where the only connection is satellite based. The comment about working more is not arrogant at all; why you might ask, because if it was a new phone, or new speakers, or TV, or such; most people would work a little extra to get what they want. Its harder to move than to work a little extra.

hesido1842d ago

The disagreers did not get it: (I don't think anybody got it)

"You have to work more" is arrogant, and bad, but it does not affect anybody's experience of the console.

"You have to live somewhere else" is indeed MORE arrogant, and for places with problematic internet access, it signals that people will have hampered experiences throughout the life-cycle of the console, and it is WORSE.

hesido1842d ago

I'm expecting too much from people to read between the line.

Saigon1842d ago

seriously, it didn't sound like sarcasm...and if that was the case I take back what I said...

T21842d ago

The comments were obvious trolling if this guy was really a ms employee maybe he was disgruntled ... But going all elitist about where people live is beyond stupid ... Society needs farms, rural development, etc ...WE cant all live in the city ... What are we all gonna eat mcdonalds ? Lol

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AngelicIceDiamond1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

No not really? I'm sure the internet bill will be the same. I dunno why or how it would go up. I use my internet heavily and no surge in the bill.

But the rumor is stupid nonetheless and its even stupider MS is defending this.

I think its time for MS to come clean, and enough BS'in.

EDIT: Ok wait a minute this technically coming from MS. I hope they are trolling or playing mind games, Because its getting dumb.

DragonKnight1842d ago

It isn't about your bill going up, it's about you paying your bill so you have internet period. Meaning if you don't have internet, you can't use the Nextbox.

JeffGUNZ1842d ago

@ DragonKnight, how do you know you can't play it off line? That makes no sense. I'm sure the system will be designed for internet connection, meaning better features, better smoothness, etc. We still haven't seen anything saying you can't play offline.

Sideras1842d ago

@ JeffGUNZ, that's true but if that was the case why not just defend the "feature" by saying it won't require it instead of being a smart ass?

Zha1tan1843d ago

Millions of morons will be lining the streets to buy this piece of crap anyway so online protests will be a vocal minority and gamers are to good at arguing amongst each other to come together and protest crap like this.

Cupid_Viper_31843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

"are to good at arguing amongst each other to come together and protest crap like this."

Hey man, gamers on the PS3 have, for 6+ years now, been telling the Xbox 360 gamers to stop paying for stuff that is free EVERYWHERE else.

So in my eyes, they've made their beds and now it's time to sleep in it. Or get a PS4.

They've defended every single thing Xbox 360 related. From RROD, to Disc Scratching, to Overpriced hard drives and Wifi Adapters, $500 millions for Kinect advertising, lack of exclusives, $50 million for GTA timed exclusives DLCs. I mean, the list goes on and on....

So what better ways could MS possibly thank them, than by doing this?

Kinect was the ultimate proof that MS needed to show them once and for all that they can sell "sh!t on a stick" to millions as long as they advertise it. Kinect's budget was $500 millions, Expect the Xbox 720's budget to be close to 4 times that at a cool 2 billion.

Hercules1891842d ago

So the people who've got the money to afford both are morons. Be a gamer, not a hater, plus we need to invest more money in american products anyway. And the Ps2 was just as faulty as the 360 but that didnt stop people from buying it over the original xbox.

T21842d ago

@ cupidviper - you make some good points ... I bought my 360 used so I never thought about all the extras but the noise of it, no wifi and xbl bills still pissed me off ... That and they do not let you remove your own credit card online... Fn bs

nosferatuzodd1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Zodd the immortal like that well f#cking said man i add some bubbles for that one

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GribbleGrunger1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Microsoft MUST respond to this and quickly. Even if it turns out to be untrue, there will be millions of gamers out there that still think it IS true. With no reply from MS thus far, we can only assume there's some truth to it though ... I wonder if it's too late to change their policy? I'd imagine MS have managed to strike some pretty sweet exclusive deals with devs because of this (if it's true of course)

Septic1843d ago

MS conducted a survey recently and the results were a resounding NO about this always on malarkey. If MS do go ahead with it, then it really does speak volumes about Microsoft as a company.

But you're right; a response needs to be forthcoming very soon.

MikeMyers1843d ago

Why would the same people who read these rumors not read the hard facts when it does come eventually? There will be plenty of time to get the truth out before people make their purchases.

JANF1842d ago


Boy your are making too much sense. Oh, i forgot "sense" is not a word in the N4G dictionary.


GribbleGrunger1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )


Because everyone will have heard this news now, even those that don't come on sites like this very often and those that have friends who will tell them. Once it's out there it's almost impossible to take it back. People will still believe it even if it's not true. Then you'll have people who will preorder a PS4 based on this between now and when it's finally admitted or retracted. Not ALL of those people will cancel that preorder.

This needs an official response from MS because if they don't it gets more and more likely it's true. And even if MS don't go this route, people will assume it's because of the stink this is creating ... which of course will lead them to believe that MS may reintroduce it at a later date.

MikeMyers1842d ago

I understand what you're saying Gribble and there is probably some truth to that but likely on a very minor scale. Those who are already per-ordering the PS4 were likely to do it anyways regardless of these rumors.

Microsoft wont comment because they don't want to even announce its existence yet. Everything seems to be in secrecy. So if they say its not true then that admits there's a new Xbox. We all know its coming but Microsoft no doubt wants to make a big splash when they do announce it. Likely not until E3. This isn't helping matters, you're right, but it the end if its not true then it's likely not to matter.

This E3 will also have mainstream media and known TV coverage. So anyone who still believes these rumours if they end up not being true after that will have to live with whatever they pre-ordered without knowing the facts. We don't even know all the detas yet on the PS4, and more importantly the price.

It's amazing how frantic the forums get over anything.

GribbleGrunger1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

It's gone viral now though. I can't totally disagree with you on some of those points of course, but I do believe just a simple statement from MS could stymie any serious fallout from this. Here are some of the sites that have now covered this story:
Digital Spy
Eurogamer Portugal
Eurogamer Sweden
Game Informer
Game Revolution
GameReactor Sweden
Huffington Post
IGNth It'
Jeux Video
Metro UK
Official XBOX Magazine
Penny Arcade
Power Unlimited
Shack News
The Escapist
The Verge

GraySnake1842d ago

@ Gribble

Not to mention memes are starting to be made from the situation.

MikeMyers1842d ago

What MS could say is they have no interest in creating a game console that must require an online connection at all times without mentioning the next Xbox.

I'm starting to think they will have some sort of validation code or the game disc having a handshake so to speak with the hardware. We all know the Xbox 360 was pirated and we also seen the rise in online codes to try and curb used games sales now. The worst case scenario for me is that MS comes out and says it needs to be online at all times and will not be offering a free way of playing multiplayer. That would be an instant no buy from me.

But again I' not going to jump to conclusions and write if off until I know for sure. If people want to believe everything off the net that's fine.

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RyuCloudStrife1843d ago

Yes M$, bring the Xbox into extinction HURRY!!!

Syntax-Error1842d ago

If any of this is true, say goodbye to my Gold Membership. PSN+ will get my money!!!

otherZinc1842d ago

Again, M$ has announced nothing, period.

brave27heart1842d ago

Thats kind of the problem.

A simple "We are not considering implementing always online for future hardware designs at this time" would minimise the damage.

Now its too late. The big issue is that if they are going down this route releasing that information on their terms in their own way could have lessened the impact. Instead we hear it from the mouth of an arrogant obnoxious toss pot and thats how people are taking it.

If MS make no comment before the end of the weekend its going to cost them millions in lost sales. They need to do some serious damage control right now.

negative1842d ago ShowReplies(1)
CoryHG1842d ago


It's called the crash of the gaming industry.

imdaboss11842d ago

you dont need 2 jobs to afford the xbox720 you to move to another dam state for great internet access.

Nilemonitors131842d ago

All I know is that if this is true, and people still buy the new xbox, it'll prove that people will let anything or anyone stomp all over them, let us Ps fans enjoy our console, and let xbox people "enjoy theirs" there's only so much we can do to warn them to avoid M$ dirty business practises, in time they will realise their mistake, stubbornness cannot be cured. Let's only care for our future as gamers and support our company.

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a_bro1843d ago

Something tells me that the reason why Microsoft isn't talking about the 720 this early in the year is because of this crap. They know this is going to cause controversy

Godmars2901843d ago

Which has now officially - whether they say so or not - exploded because of this.

Ezz20131843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

really ?!
then what the hell is happening right now ?!!

majiebeast1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

1 big PR nightmare for MS. Also they cant fire the guy cause it will only fuel more rumors.

I think he has learned not to tweet about his job in such a manner even if its against a friend.

The internet where your stupidity is recorded forever.

clintos591843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

It always ran in my mind why microsoft never ended these rumours because they are always quick to debunk rumours & are always 1st to it when it comes to sales but these rumours have been floating around for quite some time now. Also the guy who got arrested for durango info is more proof alot of these rumours maybe true & is why microsoft is so quiet.

Software_Lover1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

They are not quick to debunk. They usually say we do not comment about rumors or speculation. That is usually their response.

No FanS Land1843d ago

Sony is the one famous for this type of response.

Ms tries to spin most of the time, but it is still true that MS is NOT saying anything, shying away from something.

clintos591843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Yet they havent even said anything which leads me to believe these rumours are true.

Software_Lover1843d ago

Well there goes his future, since they found him out. It would be funny as hell if they are just feeding the trolls. But it would be sad if they weren't