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Submitted by xHeavYx 975d ago | news

The Last of Us TV Spot on The Walking Dead Season Finale

We are now just three months away from the release of Naughty Dog’s newest franchise, The Last of Us. The team is working extremely hard on putting the finishing touches to the game. It’s exciting to see all the different aspects of the game finally come together into the vision we’ve had in mind all along. Joel and Ellie’s journey is turning out to be something truly special that we can’t wait to share with our fans. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

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xHeavYx  +   975d ago
Glad that Sony is doing some advertising for this game
Crystallis  +   975d ago
And doing it at the most perfect time too.
Peppino7  +   975d ago
I think a better TV spot would be during the Oprah show. You know.... when a bunch of moms are watching. /s
Reverent  +   975d ago
Peppino, I respect the sarcasm, but that wasn't very funny either way.
FlameHawk  +   975d ago
Such a bad use of sarcasm lol.....
Peppino7  +   975d ago
lol, sorry. didn't think it was THAT bad.
Washington-Capitals  +   975d ago
Is that not the same day Game of Thrones starts up again?
Dlacy13g  +   975d ago
This is smart on Sony's part. I too am glad to see them supporting the games that deserve support.
Belking  +   975d ago
What do you expect? They financed the thing. That's support too.
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JohnApocalypse  +   975d ago
It should be if its getting a global release
Knushwood Butt  +   974d ago
Looks like one person is not glad.

Does Greenberg read these forums?
refocusedman  +   975d ago
Its the perfect show to advertise the game. Not to mention the walking dead is AWESOME and has millions upon millions (in the rocks voice) of viewers.
refocusedman  +   975d ago
Yeah maybe I should have toned that down a bit.... I sounded like a groupie.
LOGICWINS  +   975d ago
LOL, imagine talking like the Rock everywhere you went.




brettyd  +   975d ago
You're right it is a great place to advertise the game, A LOT of Walking Dead fans bought Survival Instinct and have convinced themselves that it's good. The Last of Us will blow their minds.

Pretty excited for the finale.
refocusedman  +   975d ago
I truly hope that your wrong about people buying survival instinct. If so thats pretty unfortunate.
brettyd  +   975d ago
@refocusedman, I wish I was. I follow one of the The Walking Dead instagrams and TONS of people were going ape shit over the game. Im glad that I am in the know when it comes to games. Those poor saps spend $50 on that garbage.
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TheOneEyedHound  +   975d ago
It is good.
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imsocool1234  +   975d ago
Can you smell what Naughty Dog is cookin!?!
refocusedman  +   975d ago
now that was funny logic
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   975d ago
That's a brilliant move by Sony bc 10's of millions of people will watch that! Good job Sony finally some advertising
CGI-Quality  +   975d ago
Sony hasn't always had moderate advertisin. Both the PS1 & 2 eras had plenty of it, and this gen had it too, just not at their best.

Still bugs me to see people say they "finally advertise something".
imsocool1234  +   975d ago
Well played.
Rezka  +   975d ago
Damn clever move by Sony
KwietStorm  +   975d ago
Sizzon  +   975d ago
A smart move by Sony :)
Oldman100  +   975d ago
So it's going to be played during the repeat after Talking Dead, where there's usually less people watching compared to the first airing?


My cable box is telling me that the first airing is running from 6:00pm pacific to 7:05pm pacific.

And the rerun starts at 8:05pm pacific and ends at 10:10pm pacific.
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Riderz1337  +   975d ago
"the first official television spot for the game will air on the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead this Sunday, March 31st at 9:00pm Pacific Time and Eastern Time."

What the hell are you even talking about lol?
Oldman100  +   975d ago
Okay I think I just got confused here lol. So it will be played during both the original airing and the rerun then?

9:00pm Eastern Time/6:00pm Pacific Time - First Airing

9:00pm Pacific Time/12:00am Eastern time - Rerun after Talking Dead
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Nitrowolf2  +   975d ago
9PM Central Pacific is when the new show airs, They meant Central Pacific,
Riderz1337  +   975d ago
I've never watched the Walking Dead. I guess I'll have to watch this episode just to see that trailer for TLOU.
refocusedman  +   975d ago
Youve never watched the walking dead???!!!! if you have netflix then you need to enlighten yourself to the greatness that is the walking dead.
trenso1  +   975d ago
ive recently started watching the first 2 seasons on netflix at first i was like "what is the hype for this show?" but a couple of episodes in im like "this show isn't half bad"
Conzul  +   975d ago
You should give The Walking Dead a shot.
I've never come across a show that invested me so deeply in such despicable characters.

Except for Daryl. Daryl's the SHIT!
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Rumplebumpkin  +   975d ago
"I've never come across a show that invested me so deeply in such despicable characters."

Game of Thrones.
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xHeavYx  +   975d ago
I never watched the show either, but I heard it's good, so I'll give it a try
Reverent  +   975d ago
I've always HATED my last name... That is, until I found out that I share the same last name as Daryl :)

(I don't mean this in a gay way. My last name is Dixon is all. Just thought it's cool that I have the same last name as the most badass character in one of the greatest shows of this generation lol)
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KwietStorm  +   975d ago
I've been really over the zombie love fest for a while now, but The Walking Dead is a really good show, because the zombies are just catalysts for portraying what some would call human nature in a post apocalyptic society. This and The Flesh do a great job of putting a fresh spin on the zombie norm.
clintagious650  +   975d ago
Thats really smart way to advertise TLOU because TWD is one of the highest watched shows. I still cant believe its the finale already. I love TWD. Hope TLUO sells alot. I already know the game will be amazingly scary. Cant freakin wait.
Y_5150  +   975d ago
When that Clicker gameply released I decided to wear headphones when I first watch it...It was freaky
clintagious650  +   975d ago
I know what u mean. Ppl just watching off screen videos wont get scared but trust me. U play at night when its all quiet & u hear the surround noise of the clickers it gets pretty scary. Keep in mind if u play like I do, im not trying die so ill be definitely taking these fungus monsters out with stealth & tactics. I love how u can draw them to certain places using bottles & other things to draw them away or set them up. This game will be amazing.
imsocool1234  +   975d ago
Smart MOVE, Sony! See what I did there lol? Tut tut tut .....
TXIDarkAvenger  +   975d ago
Walking Dead and Last of Us! awe yeaaaaaaaaaah.
KingofGambling  +   975d ago
Sony is doing a great job in marketing right now, just last week I've been seeing GOW:A Kratos trailer on FX and AMC. And last night I saw Bioshock Inf. on Comedy Central and FX advertizing for the PS3.
Man I hope Kevin Butler comes back, maybe for the PS4.
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Sandmano  +   975d ago
Need to catch up didn't whatch the last 2 episodes...
Y_5150  +   975d ago
I don't have cable or netflix, am I screwed on watching it?
Ace_Pheonix  +   975d ago
Cucirca . com, man. That site is awesome. I watch all my TV on there because I couldn't care less about 98% of cable TV and refuse to pay for it. All I watch is The Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Dexter and Archer.
Sevir  +   975d ago
Thats awesome, the walking dead has a huge following
And since the walking dead is less about the Zombies and more about the Human element of dealing with an outbreak on a massive scale, it lines up perfectly with the premise of The Last of Us. Sony and ND are definitely doing it well with this marketing ploy. I'm definitely gonna be tunning in to this Sunday to catch it.
Zizi  +   975d ago
nice move, pals. I think I know the reason why Sony decides to stick this tv promo when The Walking Dead is airing; TLoU has a similar background as The Walking Dead. which is APOCALYPSE.
plaZeHD  +   975d ago
you don't say
StreetsofRage  +   975d ago
Zombie game confirmed.
want to see it now
TheOneEyedHound  +   975d ago
Nice move Sony.
TheOneEyedHound  +   975d ago
Now next is a GTA V TV Spot on the breaking bad season 5 finale.
JackVagina  +   975d ago
Breaking bad...the show that takes a 1 year mid season break.

plaZeHD  +   975d ago
My favorite series of all time. And Grand Theft Auto 5 just fits well.
sourav93  +   975d ago
Ah damn! This means the finale is gonna be a snore fest. Why? Well obviously Rick and the Gov are gonna be watching the TV spot instead of killing each other XD
Moac  +   975d ago
I got my copy already pre-orderd. :D
cant wait to play this game.
I hope this helps this game to get the attention and sales that it deserves.

tagzskie  +   975d ago
Wow am i the only one thinks that TLoU advertise the last episode of walking dead? XD, either way nice move by sony

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