How and Why Star Wars Force Unleashed 3 should feature Darth Maul Apprentice

Star Wars the Force Unleashed is one of my favorite Star Wars kind of games, so why not give Star Killer and Darth Vader a rest? Let me walk you through a new apprentice and a new Sith Lord Master.

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Snookies121916d ago

It would be pretty badass having a dual bladed lightsaber.

coolbeans1915d ago

When considering the additional lightsaber Starkiller's clone used in TFUII, it would be most excellent to see this proposed protagonist carry a double-bladed lightsaber in one hand and a normal one in the other (like that Jedi Master used in one of SWTOR's CGI videos).

Perhaps that's just me.

Conzul1915d ago

They're called "saber staves" or a "saber staff"


Snookies121915d ago

Ah, I did not know that. My knowledge had become greater because of this. XD

SheaHoff1916d ago

Could be a cool addition

TheSuperior 1916d ago

I think that would be a great addition to the game!

stuntman_mike1915d ago

i really enjoyed the force unleashed games, even tho the second game felt unfinished i would like to see a third personally speaking.

Conzul1915d ago

The third was good but it could be completed in under 2 hours.
And they had the gall to charge full price for it. Let's have Battlefront 3 FFS

SpinalRemains1381915d ago

Anything relating to Force Unleahes series has to forget everything else, and solely address the disgusting ripoff that these games are.

Any game which has 4 hrs of gameplay is a POS. It doesn't matter who is in the game. If it's over in a few hours then you got ripped off and the game sux.

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