Forget Xbox 720 and PS4, go next-gen in your living room now with a small form factor PC

The PS4 will arrive by Christmas this year and you can bet your bottom dollar that the Xbox 720 will as well. But that is a long time to wait and every trailer or confirmed title shown on YouTube makes that wait just a little bit harder.

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The_Infected1678d ago

I agree and plus I want my exclusive games!

Army_of_Darkness1678d ago

There's no uncharted or god of war?! or any other Sony first party exclusives for that matter?!?!
Maybe if I only cared for multiplats and MMORPG games then sure, pc would make sense... But this is not the case.

maniacmayhem1678d ago

PC has a lot of exclusives also.

TXIDarkAvenger1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )


Is this what gamers have become? Being exclusive to one system for exclusive games? It's like multiplatform games don't even matter anymore.I feel sorry for you bro, your missing out on a lot.


"Maybe if I only cared for multiplats and MMORPG games then sure, pc would make sense... But this is not the case."

You sir have a very broad view of PC gaming. I don't think you have ever even gamed on PC nor bothered to look up any games on PC. Whatever, be a console elitist or more so keep dick riding Sony.

Bottomline, Why don't gamers enjoy all consoles and PC? Why do you have to dick ride one company?

inveni01678d ago

Yeah, it's not next-gen if there are no games or the games are just the same games but with a little less pop-in and better textures. There's more to next-gen than that.

MikeMyers1678d ago


That's true. What is next gen, Killzone 12 with better particle effects or Halo 16 with more enemies onscreen? I want to see more innovation. The Witness could be very cool.


Considering the bulk of software sales stem from multiplats I'd agree. The PC has the largest library and it also doesn't suffer as much from things like backwards compatibility. The thing is PC gamers and consoles gamers can co-exist and there is no need to attack one or the other.


Yes they do and they also have games in every price region much more so than consoles.


Where's Starcraft? What about Halo? Mario, Zelda, Forza, Faster Than Light, DOTA 2, Total War games. Nothing wrong with Sony's exclusives but there are many games that are not on the PS3.

gta28001678d ago

Will this PC have Infamous, Uncharted, Killzone, Last of Us, God of War, Gran Turismo, Last Guardian or any other Playstation exclusive? No? No thanks then.

darx1678d ago Show
ZombieNinjaPanda1678d ago


The hilarious part is that there are a plethora of people out there who do not care for those games and would say something along the lines of "Does the playstation have Gears, Halo or Forza? NO thanks then" or "Do the consoles have Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, ARMA III or Command Conquer? No? No thanks then."

In other words, what you're saying is a frivolous attempt at belittling other games platforms.

CyberCam1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

ArmA 3 is the one game I really can sink my teeth into! It's a game that has a plethora of other free games within the game... via modding community. As well as other moddable games such as Skyrim, GTA 4 and a number of games that allow modding. For the cost of my initial purchase, I get endless amounts of experiences for my dollar. Something the consoles just can't do!

Console gamers are at the mercy of the developers. They have to wait for paid dlc to any sort of new experiences from a game... and in most cases it's usually a few maps & maybe some weapons, which bumps the cost of the game by up to 50% depending how many dlc's there are.

Also I can have LAN parties with friends without needing to be connected to the internet. Again, something that definitely will not be allowed on consoles! I learn my lesson with the PS3 when trying to do a LAN party, even with a good connect, having 10 or so consoles trying it, is not ideal.

The funny thing about many of the exclusives is they are stuck in a sequel rut as this moment in time... not all mine you but many of them are. I must admit I love the Uncharted series, but I'm going to wait for at least 3 or 4 years before getting the PS4, that way I'm not buying a $400 to $600 console for a few exclusive games, they'll as least be a few I can choose from.

guitarded771677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Not trying to argue here... just want to point out that PS4 is x86, so we will probably see a lot of once exclusive to PC games end up on the PS4. It would be a very simple port process, and the devs will probably want to make some money. So if the install base is there, we may see ArmA and others end up on PS4. Diablo 3 will be the litmus test of PC -> PS4.

shoddy1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Pc is for super nerd.

I hate upgrading videocard.
Last time I upgrade my videocard is for starcraft 2 wing of liberty for $150.

Now with heart of the swarm, it's lagging on high setting.

I was thinking should I spend $100 every 2 years for cheap card or spend $300 every 3-4 years for a good one?
And all this just for a couple of games.
I do admits PC games have the best awsome graphic but
It's a messy business with technical issue.

Mariusmssj1677d ago

List of all exclusives and multiplats for all platforms that was known 6 months ago. I wonder who has more exclusives now???

Lisica1677d ago

Your life must me miserable...

buddymagoo1677d ago

Just out of interest when was the last time a PC game has won a Game of the year including all platforms??

chaos-lockheart1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Not just exclusives, a lot pf the games on consoles are not on PC, like JRPG, and some of 3rd party games, demon souls, castlevania, metal gear, dynasty warriors, etc.

crxss1677d ago

Go next gen now with no next gen games lolol

loulou1677d ago

only on n4g does a game thats "exclusive" equal greatness.

in the real world a good game is a good game no matter what its paltform or platforms are!

DA_SHREDDER1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

truth is, pc has the most games, but most of those are mostly shovelware. And the ones that matter, besides Total War and WoW, are on consoles, or will be on consoles. Sony has already came out and gave us the specs. Most people I know who game on pcs don't even have that much power. Nor would they even care to have that much power. I honestly think 8 gigs of RAM is over kill. I was expecting 2 gigs, 4 at the most. So ya, pc gaming will always be here, but it was always be a niche market. Unless you playing Zynga games or facebook games, you are already in the minority. Just accept this already. There's no need to have a who can urinate the longest contest.

1677d ago
Dee_911677d ago

This is too funny.PS4 and 720 really got the PC elitist shook.
Had to pull out that overkill $1000 card out.

Point blank period PC will never be my goto gaming device.Some of the same reasons why this gen xbox360 wasnt my goto gaming device.Friends and exclusives but mainly friend. None of my friends game on PC.

FYI when someone says it doesnt have certain exclusives that in no way means the pc doesnt have any.It means PC doesnt have exclusives that person cares about.So all this "pc haz exclusivez too" is beyond the point.

Army_of_Darkness1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

"Bottomline, Why don't gamers enjoy all consoles and PC? Why do you have to dick ride one company?"

..... My apologies, I'm gonna go SLUTASTIC and dick ride every company now;-)

BTW, I enjoy multiplats as well(Dead space series being one of my favs), but what I'm trying to say you don't seem to understand... Does PC also offer exclusive games that I recently mentioned not to long ago?? NO. So this is why I choose Sony cause they are very versatile and I am also on a budget bro, Got bills to pay.
And yes I played a couple PC games... Like plants vs. zombies:-D LOL! ain't paying a couple hundred for a graphics card just to play a few games.

Rivitur1677d ago

One word "emulators" fanboys mad yet?

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ATi_Elite1678d ago

Just make a custom build case for the living room. It's not hard and it's very fun.

My HTPC is in a wooden Jewelry Box and most people do not even know it's a PC until the flash drive on the side lights up.

My Level 10 GT or my Haf X look good no matter where they sit.

ZoyosJD1678d ago

LOL, a wooden box...use any special heat resistant materials or coatings in between the mobo and wood?

A Haf X would be too big for the living room, would stick out like a sore thumb...or it would need a custom paint job.

Level 10 just looks to segmented for my tastes.

SilentNegotiator1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Wood? Pfft. I'll stick to my custom-made used-oil can rig lined with rags, thank you very much.

Why not just a smaller tower? Nothing negative about the look of a regular desktop.

Aceman181678d ago

yea no i'll stick to my consoles. much easier and comfortable for me.

TheXonySbox1678d ago ShowReplies(2)
fr0sty1677d ago

I would, but if I bought a PC that small for the same price as a PS4, it wouldn't be anywhere near as powerful. Nowhere near the bandwidth, not in a closed environment (having much more OS overhead and such), and it probably would still consume more power.

Plus I'd miss out on all those amazing SCEWWS exclusives.

Baylex1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Basically they want a 1800$ compact pc (not so compact) just to play crysis 3?
For them (author) money doesn't matter... but you see.. you're just 0.0000000001% of the world population that thinks like that..

wsoutlaw871677d ago

Lol the authors reccomending i buy a 1,800 pc over a 400-600$ console. Console vs Pc for me comes down to the fact that consoles are gaming machines from the ground up. I like a real gaming controler that works on every game and is comfortable to sit back and hold. The games are optimized and i will be able to be play any games that come out on the system. It has a gaming dedicated os and a universal network and store for games. Honestly the only thing i like better about pc gaming is mods (and the total war series), so spending more on a pc is just pointless.

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ShugaCane1678d ago

"Keep it small" but the picture shows a thing at least 5 times bigger than the 360. Please someone helps me, I'm stupid.

wsoutlaw871677d ago

I was laughing at that picture. He said its only 2x the thickness and a little bit taller i believe but then you see the picture and its way bigger.

TheSauce1678d ago

That thing looks more like a radio than a PC.

mushroomwig1678d ago

It's funny how some people just can't grasp the concept that not everybody cares about the power behind a system. I own a console because of the ease of use and the exclusive titles.

It's a shame that storytelling and game-play seems to have taken a back seat to "oh my god, look at that the detail of the grass!" visuals.

Capodastaro1678d ago

It's funny how some people just can't grasp the concept that some people care about the power behind a system. I own a PC because of the ease of use, the exclusive titles and its wide range of uses.

mushroomwig1678d ago

Well done for completing missing the point I was trying to make.

die_fiend1678d ago

PC isn't exactly great for sitting on a couch and relaxing whilst you game though

ChickeyCantor1678d ago

"PC isn't exactly great for sitting on a couch and relaxing whilst you game though"

What is this ? 1995?

Do you even know the possibilities?

Oh_Yeah1678d ago

@die_fiend you can use your 360 or ps3 controller for games you know...Also there are wireless keyboards and mouse.

McScroggz1678d ago

No offense, but if you are actually a PC gamer "ease of use" is not something you can hold over a console gamer.

N0S3LFESTEEM1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

McScroggs - and everyone else for that matter.

On both PS3 and 360 you still have to install some of the games to the hard drive to be able to play them. 360 players will argue that it's not the case with them and that it's completely optional excluding a few titles... well you still have to worry about how much space you have on your proprietary hard drives that are still overpriced to this day 3/21/12... 6 years later. You also have to get up and swap disks if it's a larger game like LA Noire or Max Payne... that alone puts the 360 at the bottom of the list in terms of "Ease of use" for consoles.

PS3 has it a little easier simply because you can upgrade the harddrive to anything up to 1tb so that alleviates the space problems... Unlike 360 though your stuck installing mostly all the games before you can even play them which can take anywhere from 2mins-1hour maybe longer in some rare cases.(MGS 4 Multiplayer for starters)

WII would by far wipe the floor with PS3/360/PC when it comes to ease of use... my grandparents can use it without any help.

I don't know why people say PC is hard to use... sure you have drivers and what not but there's this little thing called automatic updates. My asus board prompts me when there's a driver update and with 1 or 2 clicks it installed... same for my Nvidia drivers. On the gaming side the most grueling part is waiting for the games to download and that's completely reliant on your internet speeds. Once it's downloaded though installation is a simple process... and then I'm playing it.

rainslacker1677d ago


PC gaming has become much simpler for sure. However it still has issues which many people can have problems with. They can be rare, but when they arise they are frustrating. It may not be that way for a lot of people on here since we tend to be more tech minded, but PC's still have a ways to go to match the ease of consoles. Even with all that stuff you mentioned about installs or updates, on a console they are simple and require just a button press. God forbid you get a new game on the PC and there is some driver that isn't compatible with whatever current version of windows you have. Not a problem for the tech minded, but how many "regular" people do you know that can go find the proper driver online, or know that there is even a compatibility mode.

PC gaming isn't for everyone...and it doesn't help that the majority of games that appeal to the more casual tend to screw up a PC system's efficiency making it seem like it only gets slower over time...because again, people don't know how to maintain their PC's.

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AngelicIceDiamond1677d ago

@Mushroom exactly. "The grass looks more green and the sky looks more blue." ___<<<< Insert next gen title here "GOTY!"

I fear for next gen now, is it gonna be about how things look, or about how to tell a story or how innovative the gameplay is.

If its only about graphics next gen then its gonna be a short next gen for me.

I'm not buying a game for graphics, I'm buying it for the whole entire package.

rainslacker1677d ago

GOTY is a pretty subjective thing. Looking at last year the one that received a lot was Journey, and it wasn't a graphics powerhouse. It was up against a lot of really great looking titles. It was unique and innovative in it's own way though, so to me that bodes well for gaming.

Some people are graphics whores but unique and innovative titles will always be in the mix due to the nature of development. If people want pretty graphics instead of game play, then I say to each their own.

chukamachine1678d ago

I do like the way Apple's mac mini looks.