Vocalize Episode 1: Taking Down Michael Pachter

Playeressence’s Furious Francis discusses how Michael Pachter manipulates sales numbers and makes up complete BS to feed his egotistical mind. Using gamers as a resource to further his wealth, and promote his business. Michael Pachter is a poison to the gaming industry and to gamers.

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zerocrossing1951d ago

I really dislike Pachter, he does nothing but state the bloody obvious or pander to the mass gaming public by praising Sony and bashing Nintendo.

The guy just needs to, anyone with any sense stop taking that Pachter seriously long ago.

Godmars2901950d ago

Except the people he's actually talking fact check as well as he does.

zerocrossing1950d ago

Wow! that's the last time I comment past midnight, grammar fail on my part haha.

But yeah, Patcher does no good to the industry, even the people I've spoken with who like him just say "well at least he's funny"... He's not a clown! he's supposed to be a games industry annalist! Not some running joke...

nypifisel1950d ago

lol.. analist... O_____O

psp2roundup1950d ago

My only feeling here is that Pachter serves himself (or his "brand") first and in no way supports the industry. His job at Webush(advising big-league investors on gaming companies) should mean he isn't allowed to gabble on about games and publishers due to conflict of interest.

And by news sites publishing every dumb word he says, they are only helping to promote him and his brand.

DigitalSmoke1950d ago

Nobody respects this fool, but some paid for media.

ritsuka6661950d ago

Actually most around here (N4G) that i've noticed don't like him at all.I don't mind him, and he certainly know the business side more then I ever could. Even though his predictions tend to be great.

solinox1950d ago

This video, while well intended, just seems like a fanboy who is upset about the discussion of Nintendo sales. Japan is a very small region, so even if DS wins all of Japan, who cares.

Also, the WiiU and Wii combined are selling less than the PS3 and 360. These are also facts. Nintendo also has to face new competition this fall when the PS4 and the 720 release.

I don't agree with Patcher when he says that the 720 will win the next gen, but he's looking at it from a VERY casual gamer point of view. I do think he under estimates the amount of hardcore vs casual gamers, but thats a different discussion.

And dude, Nintendo is a console company...Sony is releasing another Spiderman movie next year. Microsoft is entrenched in the Windows 8 release. So does Sony have problems> Yes, but it's a MUCH larger company than Nintendo.

HiddenMission1950d ago


....wait what selling less...yeah...wait what...

Last time I checked the Wii has sold better than both the PS3 and yeah. While it's sales have dipped drastically it's still in 1st place by a good margin.

I'm a pro PS3/PS4 gamer and the content creator is spot on Pachter skews the info that he passes on which are pro MS.

When anyone calls out Pachter about his stats that challenge his pro MS/360/720 statements he goes in a I don't respond to any of those comments.

Reality is Pachter has an agenda and it's pro MS and pro America and anything or anyone who proves him wrong gets yeah he is a leech on gaming.

Tyre1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

@ Solinex Apparently you just watched the video till he started talking about Nintendo and stopped to post your comment about him being a fanboy. Guess what? This guy already anticipated gamers like you making such lazy comments. Look at 07:00.... I think this is guy is actually making a very decent point here. Pachter is the one attacking Nintendo a lot these days, why?We as a gamer community and the game developers should make this Pachter fool disappear. This guy constantly makes wrong & irrelevant predictions and makes a lot of money by 'trying' to manipulate public opinion. Again he's saying this the last console generation? Who or What on earth gives this guy authority? He's a nobody, get rid of this fool.

LastXeno1950d ago

It's not just the case of "reporting in on sales" it's him taking unnecessary jabs and being a jackass. He's been doing this even with the Wii.

Theyellowflash301950d ago

Yeah, In the video it says Sony has "huge overhead" but their gaming division doesn't make anything. They invest millions into games like StarHawk and PlayStation All Stars and got very little if anything back.

You can talk about how awesome Sony's overhead is, but the truth is their gaming division is in deep trouble.

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medziarz1950d ago

Yup, he recently overdid it - saying that Nintendo's Iwata is a poor CEO and suggested should be removed.

Patcher, it's you who is a poor analyst, and/or a liar.

PopRocks3591950d ago

Pachter sucks worse at his job than Iwata does at his.

Seriously, Iwata is a longtime developer and producer at Nintendo, worked his way up to presidency, helped Nintendo find its success with the Wii and took a 50% cut in his own check when the 3DS didn't sell at expectations in the first year. SO HORRIBLE.

What has Pachter done? Gotten his predictions wrong consistently.

"DS will fail."
"Wii will fail."
"3DS will fail."

I'd sing the same tune about the Wii U, but then I'm sure I'll get flack for it at this point.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1950d ago

Iwata is my Broham!

I like him because he seems very humble and approachable-

Unlike some CEO's it seems like he cares about the customers-
-And he cares about the burdens his decisions will place on his people, the industry, and the customers.

I used to tolerate Pachter more but I know that people like Patcher sadly have the ability to bilk shareholders into asking for Iwata's resignation-

-Iwata would probably step aside without a fight- because he is a Great Person-
-If he leaves I feel it will be a mistake not only for Nintendo but for the Industry.

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