DRM in the Next Generation

With rumors swirling about oppressive DRM features that could be part of the next-gen consoles, many people are starting to wonder about the future of console gaming. In an article on TechSpot, it has been reported that Sony filed for a RFID patent that would only allow discs to run on one console. If the disc is then tried to be used on another console it would block access to the game, or block certain parts of the game.

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ryandebraal2007d ago

I don't think this is even a possibility.

It sounds suspiciously like muckraking used just to scare people about the next generation of consoles.

showtimefolks2007d ago

with all these rumors of blocking used game sales and always online console, i feel like the company that stays on path and doesn't try to trick its consumers with DRM or block used game sales will gain huge benefits and other will most likely fail badly

rainslacker2007d ago

It is very possible. Probable is just speculation right now though. Given that both consoles have their rumors surrounding it, it may be more that these companies are trying to gauge if it is viable in the current market. Thankfully most of the rumors have gotten pretty negative reception so far.

gburns2007d ago

Hopefully your right, but looking at the PC landscape, I don't feel it is too far out of the realm of possibility.

DwightOwen2007d ago

No DRM is one of the last few remaining positives for console gaming.

DragonKnight2007d ago

Consoles have their own forms of DRM. Most of them are unnoticeable, others are online passes.

landog2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

consoles themselves ARE the DRM, no mods, no upgrades, stuck with paying for the online (on ms boxes at least) crappy peer to peer servers and no emulators

when you buy a console, you are buying the drm, agreeing to the policies and submiting to the rules and regulations

not nessasarily a bad thing, i will buy both ps4/nextbox eventually, but i know what im getting into, nowhere near the freedom, flexability, graphics or performance of a modern gaming rig

ziggurcat2007d ago


for the last time:

patents don't matter.

akaakaaka2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

not this again.. agree ^

gburns2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Sorry guys, until we know one way or the other this story isn't going away.

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