Wonderwallweb give Unreal Tournament III 9/10

We have been waiting a while for the highly anticipated and PS3 timed exclusive, Unreal Tournament III to arrive in the UK and now it is finally here, but the question is, does this first person shooter helps our next gen consoles to reach new heights or is this game just another dumbed down PC port?

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Fishy Fingers3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

A good review. Heres the score breakdown.

Story ~ 8.0 (not really an issue with a UT game)
Lastability ~ 9.0
Playability ~ 9.9!
Originality ~ 9.0
Graphics ~ 9.5
Sound ~ 9.5

If your an online shooter fan (like me :s) you should really go pick this up, it might be just the thing you need to crowbar you away from CoD4.

paracardium3940d ago

I like the menu set up for your buds better then COD4.Game is definately worth picking up.


i just added the freeze ray gun and its bad ass!ONLINE MADNESS!!