Playing video games might just be patriotic

Parents, if your children are spending an inordinate amount of time playing video games, stop yelling at them. They're preparing to defend our ...

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CommonSenseGamer1915d ago

You can't just present a 'games do good' argument without also accepting a 'games do bad' as well.

ZombieNinjaPanda1915d ago

"Games do bad"

Such as what?

CommonSenseGamer1915d ago

With all the talk lately about violent video games I would have thought that would be obvious. You can't support a games have a positive influence unless you're also prepared to accept that they may have a negative influence.

ZombieNinjaPanda1915d ago

Except they have no positive influence or negative influence. They're a media form of entertainment.

Skate-AK1915d ago

Well to be fair anything that anyone does may have a negative influence.

kma2k1915d ago

The future where one countries remote controlled robots fight the other remote controlled robots till the other runs out of money to build more!

ZILLA1915d ago

Nothing but the truth.great read,dont mind my kids playing fps of 3rd p s.even hack and slash cause when then shit hits the fan(soon)i wont be defending our home alone.

urwifeminder1915d ago

Screw patriotism im a son of earth not a country.