Gamespot's Game of the Year 2012

There was a noticeable change of direction for the gaming industry in 2012. As many developers shifted their gaze toward the next generation, the big-budget games that would normally fill our time were in much shorter supply. Thankfully, those that did surface often delighted, intrigued, or otherwise compelled us in some way, so there was again no shortage of diverse, memorable games. Don't think for a second that fewer retail releases dampened our enthusiasm during our heated Game of the Year discussions. Downloadable games have grown immeasurably in recent years, and the wealth of quality experience gave us ample opportunity to argue endlessly in favor of those that moved us. If 2012 is the last full year of the current generation, it certainly ended in a rising crescendo worthy of the technology that's finally being put to rest.

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Ezz20131853d ago

what really strike me is that even in a year where no HUGE ps3 exclusives
a ps3 exclusive still mange to win alot of GOTY award
this only show the quality sony ps3 exclusives always bring to the table
and the damage control in GS is just incredible

LOGICWINS1853d ago

What I find funny is how seriously people are taking if Journey being Gamespot's GOTY invalidates their own personal GOTY. Too many people out there are insecure with their own opinions to the point that they break down when IGN/Gamespot don't put their games of choice on a pedestal. Quite sad.

MikeMyers1853d ago


Guild Wars 2
Zero Escape
Mass Effect 3
Mark of the Ninja
The Walking Dead
X-Com - Enemy Unknown
Halo 4

Winner: Journey

What is happening more and more is the attention to smaller titles. I think with the cost of gaming that these smaller games will continue to grow and get better marketing. Services like Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and Steam are great places to find these hidden gems.

Timesplitter141852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Agreed, but my true GOTY 2012 is by far DayZ, even though it's a mod. There's nothing quite like it. You can't really understand if you havent played it.

I can't even go back to normal games anymore. DayZ is on a whole other level compared to everything else

isarai1852d ago


WTF are you talking about? people are just glad to see the game get the credit it deserves

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

hmm I am sure The last of us will get nominated next year. Then bam! ps4 announced with a Guerrilla Games debut..

I am suer gears spin off will win best reload time.

Journey again..

my fav game next to guild wars 2.

Good to see a pc game nominated.

MasterCornholio1852d ago

What i really like about Sony is their willingness to take risks with new ips. One of their programs that i support the most is their pub fund program because it brings to Sony consoles great new ips like Mutant Blobs, Sounds and Shapez, Journey (i believe) and many other titles from small studios.

bessy671852d ago

I don't get it. I thought with IGN and Spike making ridiculous choices for GOTY the gaming publications would have gotten it out of their systems and started picking real games for GOTY. Guess not...

1852d ago
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AKS1852d ago

Indeed. Journey was my pick as well, but I didn't expect so many to agree with me. Evidently people are not as biased against lower budget, smaller games as I thought. Journey has taken GotY from IGN and now Gamespot.

showtimefolks1852d ago

Gamespot earned my respect when they had the balls to give GOTY to demons soul and now they just built on that. I feel like when other are only looking at big games they have actually given some respect to niche games.

Well deserved

VGA made the right choice too with waking dead

Here is hoping this extra attention helps the game sales for bth journey and walking dead

dariux321852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

100% agree with you man. You said what i wanted to, glad that there are people thinking the same. ...and my congratulations ...:)..

AKS1849d ago

Even though I don't care much for GameSpot, I looked through their history of GotY picks, and it's a damn good list.

Their picks didn't coincide with my own choices 100% (they picked Gears 1 over Zelda: TP or Okami, for example), but a strong argument could be made for all of their selections.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1852d ago ShowReplies(1)
Apollosupreme1852d ago

Has anyone played Wipeout on the Vita? The graphics blew me away the first time I fired it up and the gameplay is outstanding. I feel it's underrated. Hell, I might not have ever given it a chance had it not been free to Plus members... What a gift from Sony!

PirateThom1852d ago

I have it, yes. I actually bought it, because I am a big fan of WipEout. It was cool that if you owned WipEout HD/Fury, you could use the DLC for free in 2048.

finbars751852d ago

Well deserved maybe it is a great game but what about FarCry3? Im sorry but this game has everything in a game that myself and most others want and it was even nominated.It came out before the end of the year so why isnt this game in there?Im sorry but the nominees for GOTY arent really that good at but also stale games.they need to rething there nominees next time and then you will get a different outcome.

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thehusbo1853d ago

Best game of this year by far.

SoapShoes1853d ago

It's a good game but my GOTY is Twisted Metal. Loved it and was so much fun!

Norrison1853d ago

By far, no, it's purely opinion

goflyakite1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Right so, in his opinion, it's the best game of this year, by far.

Norrison1852d ago

He didn't say
"By far, IMO"

MysticStrummer1852d ago

He didn't say
"By far, IMO"

Are you suggesting he's quoting information from some other source without crediting that source? That is a serious allegation sir.

It's clearly his opinion. The main clue is his name in a larger blue font right above it.

ritsuka6661852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Just got 100% of the trophies in this game and I found it to be... kind of boring.
I played on a big LED TV with my 5.1 surround system and turned off the lights and I wasn't interrupted by anyone or anything, so I don't think there's much more I could have done.There was no emotional bond for me whatsoever, I wasn't stunned by the visuals, nothing took my breath away and I guess if that didn't happen there's nothing in the game that's left for me.

Redempteur1852d ago

"I wasn't stunned by the visuals"

Really ?

"I wasn't interrupted by anyone or anything"

that's not the point , what matters is who you meet during your journeys...and did those meetings went

InTheLab1852d ago

I with ya. I just don't get it.

knifefight1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Re: "Just got 100% of the trophies in this game and I found it to be... kind of boring. "

It's not called Trophy's just Journey.

The beauty of the game is in how it communicates to the gamer. It creates an experience like few others in gaming history, complete with emotional power and attachment that most players won't soon forget.

THAT's what Journey is. It's not something you play to run around collecting trophies like a Dudebro. If you need some electronic tone to validate what you're doing, there are other services and products for that :)

NastyLeftHook01852d ago


finbars751852d ago

Sorry but FarCry3 was by far on another level to Journey.farcry3 should have easily won and runner up should easily be Dishonored.Journey is cool and neat but not that outstanding.

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OllieBoy1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Journey definitely deserves it. It's on sale right now too ($10.49, PS Plus: $7.35)

BUY if you haven't yet.