RUMOR: Behind the Scenes with First Party Hardware and Third Party Softwear Next Gen

Recently Dual Pixels has received word from Geno, the guy who delivered us the rumors, that came true, about Castlevania and the Kingdom Hearts HD collection, about Next Gen. This statement talks about the next-gen PlayStation, XBOX, and some of Nintendo's plans for upcoming E3.


New note from author: "I got this rumor about month ago and have been waiting to see if anything changed. I have not gotten any updates on this rumor yet, but please notice that this could all change from a very small percentage to quite erratically. We do not claim that this rumor will be 100% true, but we do see truth in this. So please keep in mind that in the end it will not be 100% true, but it could.

IN A NUTSHELL this could all be true right now, but all of it could change tomorrow because THATS how gaming development works. I am not in any way, shape, or form retracting my statement. The reason that I put this up is because I see truth in this, not so I can spread fake things just to get people excited."

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blue_cheese1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

link doesn't work... >.>

working link:

DeforMAKulizer1972d ago

The link in the N4G submission is wrong.

This is the proper one

FanOfGaming1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Thank you

BlindGuardian1972d ago

"Direct hardware Backwards Compatibility will be available by a $70 – $99 dongle that is plugged into the Omni that contains a PS3 on a chip with Cell to run games."

like like

AsimLeonheart1971d ago

I am a little disappointed if its true that Omni will be significantly less powerful than Durango. Omni should be at least comparable to Durango; even a little less powerful does not matters for me. Still, it is just a rumour so let us wait and see how it turns out actually. I should get upset so soon. :-)

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hakis861972d ago

So, how legit will this turn out to be.. interesting.

The PS4 (or "Omni"?) with glasses sounds plausable, considering Sony has released to versions of their 3D visor. So they will actually launch first?
Biofeedback is also interesting.
Omnicloud is interesting!

The Xbox being most powerful is a slight downer for me personally - just because I was planning on getting PS4 and not Xbox...hmm.
The new Kinect wil probably be good, for those who like that tech.
The prosjected stuff sounds WAY TO FAR FETCHED imo...
I mean, it _could_ be cool; but how will it work? Do you have to have an entire gaming room? Will you have to stand/turn around, or can the image be rotated around you? (I hope it can).
Flashy and fancy, useful?

Either Way, Wii U is going to S T R U G G L E... :)

I'm intrigued!

ronin4life1972d ago

If this is all true, or even partially so, the wiiu has the most support, the cheapest console(also the least complicated) and the best 3rd party relations.

How does that say wiiu will "struggle"? It looks to me to have the absolute best set up. You have to be being sarcastic or reading something different than me...

kneon1972d ago

The 360 degree projector idea was been thrown around a few times already, the problem is it will just never work well, unless you live in an Apple store :)

Most people have far too many dark objects and clutter in the room, you just can't see anything projected on something much darker than light beige.

hakis861972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

@ronin4life (and disagrees)

I can see that it might seem a bit immature to write it like that, sorry.
I am sure it will sell well for some years.
What i meant is that considering it is on par with or weaker than the PS3/360, the Wii U will struggle with graphics, and all multiplat games will have to be graphically reduced in quality on the Wii U, which is unfortunate.
Though I am excited to see which 3rd party titles exclusive to the Wii U we will se over the Wii U's lifetime!

I think the Wii U and the tablet can deliver some great experiences, but for me personally I am more intrigued by the other systems possibilities.

akaakaaka1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Yeah this guy clearly is a PLAYSTATION hater.
What the point on making a nexbox 2 or 4 times better then the PS4 (that is obviously using dx11or more advanced teach already and it makes it hard to beat) if most if not all multip. Games will look the sames just like last gen and this gen devs will try to match the less powerful consol, sadly is always this way. Ps2 stop devs from using the true xbox power and xbox360 stop devs from using true PS3 power.
If anything the difference will be small like always or they may even have a clone teach this time.

I hope some of the games rumors are real but going this by most of it is fake and I could have also made this out by all the rumors I know and most of you know.

SIREN next gen will be nice.
AND I'm The only one who want a next gen extermination game? The ip is owned by SONY and it will be a amazing good next gen game if is made right.

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NovusTerminus1972d ago

Ninja Theory having Onimusha is a very bad thing...

PSOmni sounds odd... But could be interesting.
Not a fan of Kinect, but we will see how they do.

DW8 better be on the other systems as well!
Again, Capcom will not make a Monster Hunter for Sony... WTF?
I figured Slant Six would get another shot with the games.
No mention of vsXIII... But I am interested to see what becomes of Agni...

Interesting way to do the SSB Beta if they do it...
Soul Calibur V with more content could be a good thing...
EA with more new IP's... Interested to see them!

Bungie's new game sounds... Odd...

All in all, I am nervous about a new gen. As dev costs rise, smaller games will not be as abundant.

But if this stuff is true... It could be a very interesting E3

Mocat1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Onimusha+ ninja theory Noooo for the love of god please ive been waiting for ever i even wanted an hd version of warlords why would capcom do something like this.

1Victor1971d ago

mocat to nickle and dime you 99 cents per stronger sword + costume

Skate-AK1972d ago

I don't like that Ninja Theory is getting Onimusha but I said that was gonna happen months ago.

Simon_Brezhnev1972d ago

I dont want Ninja Theory touching Onimusha. Why have a western dev do a heavenly japanese story game. They will ruin it then talk shit about the original. I know if DMC sells good i bet they get the great light for it.

DeforMAKulizer1972d ago

So overall that was an interesting read.

MS is going to be the big risk taker next gen like the PS3. The PS4/Omni will have the head start and cheaper model and assume more of the 360's role this gen and the Wii U will have Nintendo's publishing incentives.

Im interested to see the whole Omni initiative from both MS and Sony. The 360 display thing from MS might prove difficult. I mean in my room every wall is covered with closets said for one wall with a window.

Didnt really get how the Omniviewer works, but i figured its more of a wearable goggle?

Interesting ventures all around.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1972d ago

I have an MS insider on my site. Be ready for a screen in the controller like the Wii U has, and also the analog sticks will rumble in the new Durango controller.

I've post all this before, and nobody but a few believed. The closer we get, more and more info comes out, and paints my insider, like always... 100% correct. :)

Everything sounds interesting. Omni, Durango...

oh, and Durango will be rocking 8 gigs of memory as well.

MultiConsoleGamer1972d ago

Info taken from other sources, much of it is not true.